Now the networks finally have a new story to replace the shark attack stuff from last summer. Pa-POW! What's that? And he... (spit me out) and I go flying backwards. is the world's largest scuba diving online community. Or at least "grumpy" here has attacked again. Sort of. As I was dehooking the shark, the goliath came back and inspected but didn't attack him." and afterwards she was telling me of her exploits with duran duran and the rolling stones. This beast of a fish certainly shows the diver who is the boss of the bottom of the ocean! Swim up to a massive grouper on the reef and pet him right on the lips. Appearing like a massive snake or a worm, this glowing tube spans the distance between the two scuba divers from the Eaglehawk dive centre in Australia. The scene is a bit splashy, but yes, the shark appears to be swallowed in one bite! Fortunately, the diver was able to retrieve his equipment later. How to Hunt Whitetail Deer During the Rut’s Chasing Phase. I can only imagine the person filming this was just as shocked as he/she watched this big goliath come out of the blue and steal a free meal from the diver. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I am going to start submitting every article a second time.....That way I am sure to get a post. Follow. Communicate privately with other divers from around the world. Click here to read them. But before they could haul it up, a spiky, golden leviathan surfaces and snatches the shark. Other Farkers comment on the links. The story doesn't say what kind of silly grouper it was that mistook Ms. Diaz's affection-filled fingers for food, but she is quoted as saying "it was probably the size of a Volkswagen." Sign up today to get weekly science coverage direct to your inbox. Gimbb14 writes on reddit: "Had a 15lb goliath grouper take and brought him up, as I brought him to the boat, the monster goliath shown in the video came and tried to steal him. This is probably a "jewfish" a member of the grouper family. I don't recall my high school guidance counselor telling me that was an option for me. Thought it said 'grasshopper' for a second. 0 Share on Facebook. When contacted for comment, the fish said "eh, tastes like chicken.". It doesn't sound safe? Create memories that matter through fishing, Email: fish@saltstrong.comToll-free: (855)888-6494130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880. I'll shutup now. Eat this biatch. And I have, like, a (oxygen) tank on and everything and I'm, like, rolling backwards in the water. That place is f'ed up. In December of 2014, these two brothers shocked their clients, friends, and family by quitting their 6-figure jobs to start their dream focused on helping saltwater anglers: 2. Me would pee my swim trunks. This goliath grouper -- actually called goliath grouper (genus Epinephelus) -- is described as 4 feet (just over a meter) long. Not that anyone is still reading this, but check out. Ha ha. I definitely would not have been as composed as that guy had a grouper bit my hand. I bet they are still talking about this wild dive! Groupers swallow their prey whole … They might look fat and slow and oafy down there, but check out the video below. The fish was, according to the article, being "playful". The lesson here: Never turn your back on these greedy aggressive grouper… luckily the only thing hurt was the diver’s pride… and perhaps a soiled wetsuit…, Related Post: “The Top 10 Most Amazing Goliath Grouper Videos On The Internet”, Related Post: “How To Make A Grouper Rig That Saves You Money, Time, & Marine Life”. Engaging in beastiality with such an animal would bring new meaning to "group sex". No, no, it's cool. Very Strong performance indeed! Share on Twitter. Giant grouper attacks, swallows scuba diver, Sugar production company wants more people to consider the health benefits of sugar. If you’ve never heard of the Goliath Grouper it is the largest of all the grouper species, and as we se here it’s also a fish you never want to mess with out in the ocean. Grandpa was probably a record size himself maybe up to ten feet long and they had watched as he easily swallowed the four footer in one huge gulp.

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