In some cases, such as when you’re resizing an image or pasting it, you will find that again, there is a difference in how the GIMP app prioritizes default functions. Notice that the Toolbox is right below Dockable

The first option in this area is to change the X and Y resolution. To resize an image with a freehand i.e., drag the corners of an image to resize it instead of entering a value for the new size, select the layer and tap the Shift+S keyboard shortcut.
So, I will click on the “Yellow” layer in my layers panel (red arrow) to make it my active layer. Below the image dimensions is the X and Y resolution. To do this follow these steps.

.jpeg), then click “Export.”. Ctrl+L for Windows.Notice that the Toolbox is right below DockableDialogs highlighted above.Select the toolbox or use the keyboard command.Ctrl+B for Windows.Your screen should look similar to this.Go to File > Open, and navigate to the image on your hard drive, in thiscase people_canvas.jpg.Do the same to open the image you want to adjust.The “M” key selects the move tool circled below in red, or use a mouse to select it.Click and drag the image layer circled in purple over to the people_canvas until a green circle with a plus signappears on a Mac.
Then release. Once I am in my Downloads folder (as you can see via the red arrow), I can scroll down until I find the image file I want to open. As I mentioned in the last step, if you already have your composition open and have created layers for your composition, you can skip this step. By modifying these dimensions and moving image against canvas, by trial and error, you can crop the part of the image …

you will get the same window as before but this time, you will see corners visible on the object for dragging.

This will also cause my layer to shrink. This will bring up the “Create a New Layer” panel, where you can adjust your layer settings (i.e.

This will bring up the Scale Image dialogue (shown above). For gimp resize image you can click on this unit dropdown to change the unit to any of the available units available within GIMP (I’ll stick with units for this tutorial).

Once my photo has finished scaling, you can now see that the new dimensions (1920×1280) are displayed at the top of the GIMP window (red arrow). Ctrl+L for Windows. If you would like another tutorial about Gimp here you can find many more, Gimp Transparent Background | How to make a transparent background. Set the quality of your image (I recommend somewhere between 60-75% if you are using it on a website), then click “Export” again. I’ll change the Direction to “Vertical” and keep the “Position (in %)” value set to 50%.

- Set the Canvas Size, Offset and Layers options as per your requirements and finally click the Resize button. I could then reposition the layer back to the left side of the composition when completed.

Photoshop has long since moved to a subscription format. When you resize your image, you are resizing the entire composition – including all of the layers within that composition (if you have more than one layer). Once you launch GIMP you will need two things for resizing: the Layers panel, and the Toolbox. Before I get started, I’d like to make the distinction between resizing a layer in GIMP and resizing an image in GIMP. Once your image file is open in GIMP, for gimp resize image you will see the current file size of your photo in the very top portion of the GIMP window (denoted by the red arrow in the photo above). But, how to resize an image in gimp?

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