The commit message is something I would not expect from a Gentoo contributor. I decided to give it a rewrite and added a few features. Lists all of your email addresses, and specifies which one is visible to the public. Management of email addresses via the API requires that you authenticate through basic auth, or through OAuth with a correct scope for the endpoint. For more information, see "HTTP verbs.". ok. we have a few email addresses. Recently I was asked to dig up an old script I wrote for finding email addresses to GitHub usernames. I decided to focus on the Gentoo breach. Many of the resources on the users API provide a shortcut for getting information about the currently authenticated user. is a tool for searching GitHub usernames via the GitHub API and returning data on that username. If no flag is provided, the script will lookup all email addresses in the public events for a given GitHub username. how to install and use the TVAddon / Indigo GitHub Browser. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Hey, the script returned data! Provides publicly available information about someone with a GitHub account. Requires that you are authenticated via Basic Auth or via OAuth with at least admin:gpg_key scope. hxxps[:]//wowana[.]me/files/005[.]jpg. If the authenticated user is authenticated through OAuth without the user scope, then the response lists only public profile information. Choose an option Want to learn about new docs features and updates? To learn how to install the add-ons, just click on the link for a tutorial. The Complete Guide to the Ultimate Kodi Setup, 17 Troubleshooting Tips - How to Fix Kodi "No Stream…, Ultimate List of GitHub Usernames for Kodi Repos & Add-ons (Updated Daily). When a user uploads a GPG key, it is parsed and the cryptographic public key is extracted and stored. I’m out of luck. For an example response, see 'Response with GitHub plan information' below". The Emails API enables you to list all of your email addresses, and toggle a primary email to be visible publicly. Use the Link header to get the URL for the next page of users. For commit 50e3544d, the GitHub username is dudeweedlma0 , the email and name are the same. Let’s move onto the gentoo/systemd repo. GitHub’s public events API only goes back 90 days or 300 entries. … and/or sign up for my weekly email update. How Safe Is Healthcare Technology From Hackers? For that reason, many Kodi repositories and add-ons are stored on GitHub. Lists your publicly visible email address, which you can set with the Set primary email visibility for the authenticated user endpoint. Open the link to the malicious commit for the gentoo/musl repo. Again, we are unable to gather a username from the malicious commits. Hopefully you learned some techniques for pivoting through GitHub API data. Requires that you are authenticated via Basic Auth, or OAuth with at least write:public_key scope. Required. … you can subscribe to push notifications This endpoint is accessible with the user:email scope. - jeanphorn/wordlist Provides hovercard information when authenticated through basic auth or OAuth with the repo scope. Save the username as we’ll use that later with the script. This is much easier than the previous method of having to add a file manager source for each repository in order to browse and install their repository zip file. Setting to application/vnd.github.v3+json is recommended. Required Let’s check out the dudeweedlma0 GitHub account. Lists the people who the authenticated user follows. The GitHub App must be authenticated as a user. While doing the searches below, if you cannot find the commits at the links provided, try paginating through older commits by adding ?page=2 , ?page=3 and so on to the end of public event links. Thanks! Doing a little further digging through that site, I found a direct link to the image used in this GitHub profile picture. The malicious commits to gentoo/musl and gentoo/systemd are notably different from the first set in gentoo/gentoo.

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