Once hibernation is over, these critters search for green grasses to eat but as soon as seeds, nuts, and grains appear — which is their favorite food — ground squirrels focus on them. Its definitely “low” quality but sells for a good price so if budgeting is a concern, try this trap as it will work.

As for burrowing, this is not just about damaging roots. Live traps are a minimum of 18 inches lengthwise. The best squirrel trap I’ve tried to date is squirrelinator from rugged ranch products. According to University of California you can use anticoagulant baits with diphacinone (like poison for rats and mice JT Eaton blocks) to control ground squirrels. Ground Squirrel Poison Bait, 5 lb Works by ceasing normal blood clotting. Modify their habitat.

Though it may be hard to tell these pests apart, knowing what each animal looks like and how they cause damage can help you practice the best gopher, mole and vole control methods and protect your home’s yard.

In case the damage caused by ground squirrels is limited, consider erecting metal barriers as a means of protection. Also, there are other devices killing ground squirrels such as box traps which should be baited with nuts and the like placed behind the trigger or attached to it. Make several holes three inches in size that will serve as entrances for these rodents but not the larger animals.Once the box is made, place it near the rodents’ dens and pathways. However, trapped animals should not be left in traps unattended to the extent that they are stressed from heat or lack of food and water; if live traps are checked only once per day, they should be in shaded locations to minimize stress to captured animals. Contact Terminix® today to find out about removal and exclusion services. His areas of interest include examining water quality, waste management, the efficiency of irrigation methods, and integrated pest management.

I've been dealing with an invasion since summer 2017. Since you have a mass invasion, I would hire an exterminator to locate and fumigate every single nest on your property. So, if the land is damaged or overpopulated with these critters, a set of control measures should be taken. Ornamental plants in your garden are also likely to suffer from their invasion. Must not be applied inside the house or to dens beneath it. Works excellant . They consume my poultry feed (burrow under the wire) and eat the chicken eggs. The more squirrels in the trap, the more it looks like a party and the more are attracted. Scientific studies show that fumigating with aluminum phosphide is a very effective way of ground squirrel control. A 48-inch spring device has a unique mechanism which does not allow ground squirrels to climb over the poles. Make sure the hole is wide enough to insert the cartridge. As we have mentioned above, when using poisons never leave them without a protective box preventing non-target animals and your kids from touching the hazardous substance. There should be enough poisonous baits in the box so that the rodent can eat them in stages. Never do it without gloves, hold the dead rodent with one hand and do not let kids and pets in the area until you are done with it. The most effective methods of getting rid of ground squirrels imply killing the rodents and these are fumigating, trapping, and poisoning. © 2019 The Terminix International Company Limited Partnership. They try but can’t get up the pole,” the customer wrote. Cheap. The first one kills the rodent while the second type of trap is designed to capture it alive so that the animal can be subsequently released somewhere far from your house.
Is not effective when ground squirrels are already present in the area, especially if their population is high. This allows squirrels to become used to taking food from the traps. The more common traps used for ground squirrels are the GREEN ECONO 5X5X16 and the LT5518RD.

The exception is the dry weather conditions or when a burrow is located beneath the building. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies. The young show up on the ground quite quickly, half a month after the birth. The former is a toxic gas and used in baits. However, some ground squirrels are so smart and crafty that they figured out how to get the bait through the bottom and top of the cage. If you are not fond of constructing devices with your own hands, this option is definitely for you. According to specialists from the UC Cooperative Extension, San Diego, the most recommended way of baiting ground squirrel is to place poisons in boxes because this prevents pets from reaching the bait.

When ground squirrels burrow beneath the houses or other human-made structures, the material damage can be particularly tangible requiring doing some repair works. You may be wondering, “What do ground squirrels eat that attracts them to my yard?” Most species of squirrels are vegetarians. There is a number of ways of getting rid of ground squirrels and each of them suits better for each and every situation.

I trapped and killed over 30 last year and 9 so far this spring. Depending on the number of ground squirrel in the area, you will choose the best solution for your particular situation. Trapping will kill those rodents which managed to survive. Nevertheless, do not let the pets into the treated area and remove the bodies of dead rodents as soon as you notice them. Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison claim that poisoning is the cheapest and most effective way of getting rid of ground squirrels in large areas. When treating a large population, this method is just a supplementary measure after fumigating and poisoning. The animal’s cells die, first of all, those of the heart and lungs. At such times, they close the nests’ entrances with the soil. © 2017 Regents of the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Vertebrate Pest Control Research Advisory Committee.

After that, plant dense vegetation and tall grasses in the area. When choosing a method of eradicating these rodents, take into consideration the season since it impacts their behavior. Close the hole instantly with soil and rocks to avoid gas escape. Any homeowner with a yard runs the risk of having their lawn terrorized by burrowing animals. The main downside lies in the high cost of erecting fences and other sorts of barriers. At the same time, the pellets are small enough to dump them down into the squirrel dens. Anticoagulants should be consumed by the rodent in multiple steps over the course of about a week to bring desired results. … One of its major advantages is its safety. In addition, if a gardener exploits birds as natural enemies against various pests, ground squirrels may deter them since they eat the eggs of birds whose nests are established on the ground. And yet, they have revealed that using aluminum phosphide as a fumigation method is the most effective one. You need approximately a dozen of them to obtain a meaningful result. The goal of an effective live trapping program is to capture most of the individuals in the population in as few days as possible. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework.

They suggest using zinc phosphide and strychnine to control this species of rodents. If handled not according the label may cause a fire. Incredulously, they also kill and eat small chicks. All rights reserved. For this purpose, Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait Station is the best bet. The traps need bait for luring the squirrels into the cage. Typically, such dens have several entrances looking like four-inch holes in the ground. If you want to get a model that will do its job right, take a look at these units that we have selected for you as you might find one that you consider suitable.

The live trap should be at least 18 inches in length and require baits to lure the animals in the cage.
This is important because pesticides always pose a hazard when handled improperly.

Since fumes tend to accumulate in the confined space, do not apply them under the building or in the dens located beneath the structures. While these pests are most likely to be active in the spring and summer when the soil is most malleable, they remain active in the winter by burrowing even further into the ground to escape the colder temperatures.

Rugged Ranch Products 100063928 Squirrelinator Trap, 5. That is why if you suppose that a handful of tiny nice rodents are not able to steal much from the garden, you are wrong.

Also, do not apply fumigants in the winter because ground squirrels close the entrance tightly before hibernating.

I set a trail of peanuts into the trap, and then sprinkled some all around inside and out of it.

This is important because encourages the rodents to eat the bait instantly rather than store it in the burrow. Once the critter consumes the poisoned bait, it releases phosphine gas upon contact with moisture and acid in the stomach.

Effectiveness: 8. Therefore, if you have come across just a single rodent, this means that dozens of its kins are somewhere nearby.

So, keep in mind that the more the grass is grazed, the more likely the land plot will attract these critters.

Itchy bites and illness may occur after exposure to some arthropods such as mosquitoes and ticks. Eliminate only a small number of ground squirrels. The critical part is to put out some corn or other material that's very attractive to a squirrel to lure it in.

Very effective for large areas. Mark Nelson is a Beaver County Specialist at the Utah State University Extension. Then, before applying fumigants, make sure that it is ground squirrels that occupy the den. More importantly, the box should be made of solid material and have a reliable closure. So we had to look at some different methods.

Trapped 150 total one year. The bait we have examined comes in convenient pellets and is attractive to ground squirrels. The main issue with ground squirrels is that they damage plants and trees, most of which bear fruits like apples, peaches, oranges, and others. And that is when we got to get busy on the baiting.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Bugs on Plants.

Then insert the fuse into the cartridge end. Most customers are satisfied with this gas killer and claim that it works well on rodents. Unlike their tree dwelling cousins, ground squirrels live in burrows in the ground, among rocks or in brush. The bites can cause discomfort and, in some cases, transmit pathogens (bacteria, viruses and protozoans) that can cause a variety of diseases. Mark Nelson, USU Extension, Beaver County Specialist. STEP#6. SQRTO Squirrelinator Trap Catches up to 25 squirrels at a time. What you need is a strong material, otherwise, the construction will not be safe for kids and pets. When encountering these nice rodents, we should not delude ourselves into thinking that ground squirrels are harmless. Also, do not let the fumes contact your eyes, skin, and clothes. Killing squirrels to be rid of them is another option with its own pros and cons.

Control Yard Invasions: Gophers, Moles, and Voles. Plus, anyone attempting to use any sort of trap for catching squirrels needs to be well-versed on their region’s laws regarding wildlife removal and control.

JT Eaton 166004 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, for Mice and Rats (9 lb Pail of 144), Green, Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole and Rat Killer - Pack of 2 4packs (8 Total), Rugged Ranch Products 100063928 Squirrelinator Trap, Wilco 100046603 Ground Squirrel Bait Station, Songbird Essentials Squirrel Proof Spring Device. Need to hire an exterminator? One of the most popular baits, believe it or not, is peanut butter. How should it be applied? One customer says that he managed to kill more rats than ground squirrels when using these pellets. Should be put in boxes which can be purchased or homemade. The most common anticoagulants are brodifacoum, chlorophacinone, difethialone and some others. Researchers from the University of California have found out that fumigating both with gas cartridges and aluminum phosphide is a very effective way of getting rid of ground squirrels.

Trap ground squirrels. Works great in the spring, before squirrels start breeding. How and where to place a bait.

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