"uploadDate": "2016-02-10T12:00:00",

{ "embedUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/embed/2xL6K2xcoDo" They are all on the relevant products and can be seen at www.hattons.co.uk/14xx. Tidy up with files and fine grade sand paper. H1416 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1409 … Put to one side for later use. Here's a video of our running sample of the 14xx taken earlier today. The 95 locomotives were mainly built for mixed traffic work and the 14xx/48xx loco’s were fitted with auto gear allowing them to be used with autocoaches, simplifying branch line use.

This is slightly different to previous estimates but it is to get the models to us as soon as possible. Now the body. Widnes "@type": "Organization", The small details such as rivets are added at the 2nd EP stage but there is still plenty of detail to see in these. To construct, I started with one cab side, packed out the back of the tanks, made sure it did not foul the wheels and glued it in position. 17 Montague Road Today, we can confirm the delivery  schedule for the Class 14xx's. The pre-orders are being processed and should arrive with customers very soon. Find the cab roof and use it to get the right curve on the top of the cab front. "url": "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1042401130641276928/SMZxuOwL.jpg" They are on the ship as we speak and so the delivery on these is very accurate. This means that we only have the weathered versions outstanding. ", This lack of auto gear was the cause of earlier scrapping of the 5800 Class as there was no work for them. This includes H1402, H1406, H1413 and H1414. Individually hand signed and numbered by the artist. Click on the locomotive name - opens another window. "name": "Hatton's GWR 14xx, 48xx & 58xx 0-4-2T - Project Page", "duration": "PT1M23S",

Hattons Model Railways newest OO gauge announcement follows on from the GWR King with another product of Swindon works, the Collett 0-4-2T. Please note, unless pre-ordered with next day delivery, it will arrive just after Christmas.

The locos are still available to pre-order at, With testing of the running sample continuing, Dave Mylett has produced colour layouts for the 14xx's, 48xx's and 58xx's and I have helped him check and verify them all. H1408 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5816 in BR Lined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS (Gill Sans) H1410 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5819 in BR Unlined black with early emblem. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. "name": "David Mylett" Drawings of GWR Locomotives 4 Coupled Tanks The variations in the 19th Century classes create a positive minefield for modellers: a locomotive could go into the works for a heavy overhaul and come out looking as if it were of a different class. Not only do they include all of the rivet detail and small parts that were not included on the 1st EP they are also decorated showing the GWR liveries (BR to follow). 4mm 517 Class, converted from the Hornby 14xx Autotank. Another point to look at is the smokebox door with the bracket mounted number, a first for Ready-to-Run OO gauge. "dateModified": "2017-02-27" Designed by Charles Collett, 75 locomotives were built to the standard design, numbered in the 48xx series, with auto gear fitted for working with autocoaches. I need to locate the article by Roger Thornber about building the GWR 14XX In Gauge One.I have purchased the drawings but would like to see the article. "@type": "person", Drawings of GWR Locomotives 0-6-0 Pannier Tanks.

This is a basic description of how I converted a Hornby GWR 14xx class loco to a GWR 517 class. This includes H1402, H1406, H1413 and H1414. A Selection of Swindon Locomotive Drawings. Any body colour will do as it will be repainted. }, Drawings are approximately redrawn from Russell but are strictly representative and may contain errors. Monday - Saturday 7:30 to 18:00

Now with a good sharp modelling knife remove in small pieces the large lump on the boiler between the chimney and the dome. The GWR 14xx/48xx/58xx class 0-4-2 was the workaday loco of many GWR branch lines and local services. Another batch of models have now arrived with us and are in stock. "contentUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xL6K2xcoDo", ", "description": "Explore our exclusive GWR 14xx locomotives in OO and how the project came together. The 517 body is shorter then the more modern 14xx, the difference seems to be between the back of the wheel splashers and the front of the side tank so about 3 1/2 millimetres was cut from there and the two ends glued back together. Cut the cab roof to length. The loco, although small, shows a wealth of detail that really sets it apart from the previous models of this class as well as other small locomotives available at the moment. They can be seen below along with links to pre-order them. Next delivery of models confirmed As soon as we know when any following models have been shipped we will post an update here. These will be the following codes: H1401 Class 48xx 0-4-2 4825 in GWR Unlined green with Great Western lettering, H1408 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5816 in BR Lined black with BRITISH RAILWAYS (Gill Sans), H1410 Class 58xx 0-4-2 5819 in BR Unlined black with early emblem, H1416 Class 14xx 0-4-2 1409 in BR Unlined green with late crest. 'GWR CLASS 14XX - Horton Road, Gloucester - 1962', Click here for international postage details, © 2020 Artist James Green | Website By dimension6000. 13/02/17. Now look at your picture and decide how much cab and bunker needs to come off. First colour samples received (BR Versions). "datePublished": "2017-02-27",

"mainEntityOfPage": "https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=147",

"image": "https://hattonsimages.blob.core.windows.net/mediaimages/14xx.jpg",

"author": { "thumbnailUrl": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2xL6K2xcoDo/hqdefault.jpg?sqp=-oaymwEZCPYBEIoBSFXyq4qpAwsIARUAAIhCGAFwAQ==&rs=AOn4CLD6l7n3sUT_UWTTOKn_5ii6ZNQrcQ", Let us know what you think!

This includes the codes: H1401, H1408 ,H1410 and H1416. Each print is supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Carry on around the cab and bunker, leave to set. 1 The Locomotives of the Great Western railway Part Six Four coupled Tank Engines, N J Allcock, F K Davies, H M Le Fleming, P J T Reed & F J Tabor, The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society. References. "name": "Hattons Model Railways", Today saw eight more colour samples arrive. We also offer a framing service so you can receive your picture ready to hang, choose either Gold, Silver, Pine or Dark Wood frame styles. }. I purchased sand boxes, cab and boiler fitting and glued these on as and when needed during the repainting process. Call Us This conversion is based the Iain Rice drawings in the January 1980 Model Railway News and a Hornby model 14xx as the donor. Once they are loaded on to the ship we will update here with more specific delivery dates. We're aware the late crest needs minor tweaking but it is in hand. 14/03/17, Another batch of models have now arrived with us and are in stock. "logo": { } This is a basic description of how I converted a Hornby GWR 14xx class loco to a GWR 517 class. First gather as much picture evidence and line drawings of your chosen prototype. 20 were built to the same design but minus the auto gear and classified as Class 58xx. Remove the cab roof. "description": "We have received the 1st Engineering Prototype of the highly anticipated 14xx. 05/01/17. 'GWR CLASS 14XX - Horton Road, Gloucester - 1962' From an original pencil drawing by Guild of Railway Artist James Green. First gather as much picture evidence and line drawings of your chosen prototype. H1401 Class 48xx 0-4-2 4825 in GWR Unlined green with Great Western lettering. We have just uploaded some illustrations showing what details will be fitted to each loco.
Remove the body from the chassis. WA8 8FZ, Store opening hours Delivery due late 2015/early 2016. Tidy up with a file, remove the wrapping and go over the motor with a large soft clean paint brush to remove any stray metal particles. We're really pleased with how this is performing (as I type its accumulating mileage on a dedicated test track) with a driving quality matching the level of detail on the loco itself. I think that is all the destruction there is. 13756 The 1400 Class was designed to work with the GWR design of autocoach, a specialist coach designed for push-pull working and which could also be used with engines of other classes such as the 517's, the GWR 5400 Class, the GWR 6400 Class and the older GWR 2021 Class. Hatton's GWR 14xx, 48xx & 58xx 0-4-2T - Project Page. These also came with pre-fitted etched numberplates. The toweling stopped the dust and metal fragments getting into the motor. The first 2 liveries have been produced with the others following on and in production at the moment. Phone lines open "name": "Hatton's GWR 14xx (1st EP) - Running Session", Deliveries are scheduled as follows: The first CAD drawings have been sent over to us and we are rather excited by how it looks.

(so not just rolled up in a tube!).

Embossed in the bottom left hand corner with a … The first Engineering Prototypes have arrived with us today and the hard work with the CADs looks to have paid off. Now start the construction.

}, {

Four 14xx’s survive into preservation, with 1466 in the care of the Great Western Society based at Didcot. "@type": "Article", Very carefully file and sand the top of the boiler to tidy up after this. Check that the motor still runs! The 48xx class were renumbered in the mid 1940's to avoid a clash with oil fired 28xx locomotives. The 517s went through many changes in their lives and you need to settle on one to model. "publisher": { We have received the next version of the CAD files and there is a lot more detail added to these. Hattons GWR 14xx, 48xx & 58xx 0-4-2T Locomotives. Last tip: I used Alan Gibson brass bearings to give a perfect beading to the cab front windows.
"@type": "VideoObject", Make sure your line drawings are to scale, one of mine was a little out and I had to recut the bunker sides.

STEPHEN TERRIS: 19/10/2012 15:09:45: 1 forum posts: Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. "url": "https://www.hattons.co.uk", Click the image below to read the full review, Hornby Magazine 116 - February 2017 - Available to buy in the Key Shop, Next delivery of models confirmed 99.5% of orders placed by 2pm Mon - Fri are shipped same day! Having said that, I wanted to capture the essence of the class in its early days, so my model is not an exact copy of the prototype. Registered Office: 17 Montague Road, Widnes, WA8 8FZ, Free delivery when you spend over £175 for UK Mainland. Delivery Schedule Confirmation View this project and more on our Project Updates page. Like this article? You will only have half a chimney as the top half comes off when you remove the screw holding the chassis on. Full-size versions are available to download from the stock detail pages and the models can be pre-ordered at. The cab looks like you could get in and drive it!

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