: Increases the total number of attacks on Shinsoku by 1. : Increases the damage against bosses while using Shinoku by 20%.

Permanently increases your attack damage based on your DEF. Strength gives you STR, Dexterity gives you DEX, Critical Rate is always nice, Health helps you live, Mana is nice for how much Hayato uses mana, and Weapon Defense helps Hayato's damage due to his beginner passive. hide. [Required Skill : Shouryuusen Level 1 or higher]. This combination is great for killing mobs as you move from point A to point B on a horizontal platform, but there will be a delay when you use Dankuusen, preventing this from being the absolute best combination for movement speed. } Thief Dual Blade : Jump up into the air and quickly charge downward at enemies to do 190% damage to 8 targets 6 times. Unleashes the ultimate Battoujutsu technique that only Hayato can use. In addition, Whirlwind Cut retains the ability to push enemies, similarly to skills like Rush. Using Sanrenzan immediately after Falcon Dive reduces the delay for the transition between the skills, allowing for the two skills to look as if they're just one skill. Magic attack is not included. Draws your sword in a blink of the eye to deal devastating damage to 1 enemy. Keen Edge: Passive Hayato's blade can cut through anything! Descriptions: Years of hard work given Hayato a preternatural understanding of the Katana, permanently increasing numerous stats. This is yet another basic combination. The swiftness of the Battoujutsu allows you to tap the directional key twice to move quickly in that direction. : Increase attacking speed for 200 seconds. Time Hitokiri Strike so it hits Papulatus right when he casts 1/1 and he'll stay vulnerable. Lines of IED are much more efficient than the very small percent of IED you get from hypers so I personally would advise against getting hyper IED.

However, following Hitokiri Strike with Dankuusen will reduce the delay you see at the end of Hitokiri Strike.

Collect Erda from within yourself and from the surrounding area and use it to shoot down enemies.

This is another basic combination.

As a Hayato, minimum crit damage is extremely important as you always have 100% crit in most fights due to Battou Stance. Hit up to 15 targets for 455% damage each hit. Does not stack with Hyper Body. The blessing of Princess Sakuno will protect you from abnormal status effects and increase your final damage. Delivers a series of unbelievably swift strikes. This effect only applies to Hayato and any other Akatsuki no Jin members in the same party. Uses all 8 stages of attack during the time limit.

In GMS, Hayato and Kanna both have completely separated cash storages, so they cannot share NX items with other characters. [Required Skill : Whirlwind Cut Level 20].

Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 220% twice, 250% twice, and 300% three times to up to 6 targets. The Kodachi can be scrolled for potential.

Limit one transfer a day.

Simply, cast Shouryuusen to launch monsters into the air, then quickly press the Dankuusen key to have Hayato automatically jump into the air and charge at the targets, dealing a critical for every hit at a 100% rate. Operator

Phantom I got this to 9 after I got damage to 9. By 212 you can max IED (30%), Damage and Boss automatically, and roll for another line of %Att/Boss on your wep/second/emblem instead. $(this).attr('target', '_blank');

{lang: 'en-US'} Thunder Breaker Each warrior performs a unique attack. Pushes back multiple enemies in front when moving. : Increase dodge rate by 25%. This can be used to get up on higher platforms that would be normally out of reach with just Vapor Blade alone. The only difference is that Whirlwind Cut allows for stronger attacks, is a little slower, and it actually pushes you upward a little, unlike Dankuusen, which is entirely horizontal. Focuses your fury and skill to attack a single enemy. In addition, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, and Whirlwind Cut skill damages are increased by +100%.

A. Can be resisted by some monsters. Unaffected by attack reflection. I would suggest using Sanrenzan on the target, then follow up with Whirlwind Cut, in order to get it to move where you want it to go. : For 180 seconds, increase status effect resistance and elemental resistance by 50%. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. } A. Hayato's character card bonus is +% minimum critical damage. This is how you will get from point A to point B on a horizontal platform as quickly as possible. What should I do with the leftover points?

Moreover, this combination is great for traversing through maps where relying on Surging Blade x3 would not be possible (from the top of my head, the Abandoned Mine and Cave of Trial maps leading to Zakum would be an example of this). Consumes HP to increase your attack speed by 1 level for a fixed period of time. If you want to be primarily revolving around boss runs, go with things like the increased boss damage enhancements. Moreover, after you've jumped into the air, you can control how high you get Vapor Blade to go by executing it with proper timing. Return of the Five Planets: Active Return to Momijigaoka Quick Draw: Active Battoujutsu Ultimate Will - God of Blades, https://maplestory.fandom.com/wiki/Hayato/Skills?oldid=263100.

While Hayato is in Quick Draw stance, the sword's energy provides increased Boss ATT, Attack Speed, stun chance, Critical Rates, and a bonus Knockback Resistance. : When activated, it puts your character into a Battoujutsu Stance style stance. This combination will grant you the best vertical height of any other combination you can fathom. Adds a dramatic effect to the camera that will make the camera unable to follow you if you move too quickly. Night Walker

The Erda of the enemy that has been attacked will become disrupted, which will bind the enemy's movements.

After 3rd Job Advancement, also does damage to enemies in an area. Unaffected by attack reflection.

Magic attack is not included.

: Increase attack by 15, increase HP and MP by 20%, increase speed by 20, and increase jump by 10 for 180 seconds. I would advise pressing the key for Surging Blade for each separate hit, rather than holding the key down, because it makes it a lot easier to control. Does not stack with Sharp Eyes. Move at a fast pace diagonally and slice everything in your path with your blade. function(){

I personally think that level 10 damage and boss is too expensive and I kept those at 9.

Creates a wave of twisting wind to launch enemies into air. This is probably the most commonly used combination for third job training.

Pirate Cannoneer }); Since it has been confirmed GMS is getting the two classes from JMS, I decided I will make a bigger, better guide. Hayato's secret technique. A. Hayato's link skill is +10 all stats, +5 weapon attack. I am intending to create an in-depth look at the class and all it has to offer. Xenon.

Archived. A. Hayato's damage range formula is 1.25*(4*STR+DEX)*(Attack/100). This is another pretty basic combination. All three of the skills are very powerful and are quick. The only negative to this combination is that Sweeping Sword makes your camera slow down to the point where it doesn't follow your character around very well.

You (and only you) can use it multiple times until it disappears.

Hello and welcome to ShiKage's Ultimate Hayato Guide. With max Willpower, five level 2 links from Cygnus Knights, Iron Will, and character cards, we have 98% status resist. You already have way too much for your level. A. Hayato's link skill is +10 all stats, +5 weapon attack.

All of the Falcon Dive skills help with everything and the enhancements to Hitokiri Strike make it phenomenal. Slashes 8 enemies at once with 3 consecutive blows. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. When it activates at Horntail, it will disconnect you, giving you a hacking error.

However, I would also easy up on boss as you won't be seriously needing the boss damage until 210+.

I don't like the skill at all, as I feel it takes away from the core experience of Hayato and I feel like, even with the enhancements, it does not do enough damage to compare to the other options Hayato has in his arsenal. Your blows cleave through armor to deal more damage. report. Bleeding doesn't stack and can't cause the target's HP to go below 1. : Attack up to 15 enemies 6 times for 500% damage. Both skills deal great amounts of damage and are pretty quick. MapleStory Hayato Skill Build GuideHayato is one of Sengoku Warrior or also known as a samurai wielding Katana aka Kataka (primary weapon) and a sheath (secondary weapon). Stacks up to 5 times. Zen : Increase minimum and maximum critical hit damage by 25% and increase accuracy by 120. I need help with what hyper points I should invest in. Slashes 6 enemies at once with 3 consecutive blows. Attacks multiple enemies with a guaranteed critical. Sweeping Sword is great for pulling in mobs and Dankuusen is great for finishing them off. I would. Are you joking? : For every 100 points of defense you have, permanently increase your damage by 0.5%. Maximum damage is applied when critical attack is activated. Bowman Pathfinder Leaps into the air to deliver an impossibly fast cut. I personally think that level 10 damage and boss is too expensive and I kept those at 9. Your attacks leave bleeding wounds, dealing HP damage over time.

This skill can be connected with Dankuusen and Whirlwind Cut to create a special combination, which allows Dankuusen to hit criticals at a 100% rate. Puts you in the Quick Draw stance for a quick attack. Can only be activated in Quick Draw stance.

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