Premium Pick: Honeywell RTH9585WF1004 WiFi Thermostat #5. 3Adaptive Intelligent Recovery™ allows the thermostat to “learn” how long your furnace or air conditioner takes to reach the set temperature. (856) 234-8803 Look on the circuit board to find the dip switch table which tells you what the dip switches are for. 2 Damage can occur if the compressor is restarted too soon after shutdown. Operator/Owner Materials-PRO1000, PRO2000 Non-Programmable (Vertical Mount) Operating Manual, English-French-Spanish. This feature forces the compressor to wait 5 minutes before restarting. To change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius (or Celsius to Fahrenheit), please follow these instructions, depending on your thermostat family model. Right = Celsius. If a 24-VAC common wire is connected to the C terminal, batteries are optional and serve to provide backup power. Help, Text in Help dialog, To be determined by the Business, PRO 1000 Vertical Non-Programmable Thermostats. The thermostat will determine when to activate heating or cooling so that the desired temperature is attained at the desired time. product.aspx?cat=HonECC+Catalog&pid=TH1110D1000, Configurable and Programmable Zone Controllers, Global Field Devices Application and Selection Guide. Also for: Pro 2000 series Incorrect jumper setting: An incorrect setting is noticeable in a gas or oil heating system. Competitive Cross-Reference o Separate the thermostat from the wallplate as per Figure 1. p Position the wallplate against the wall and mark hole positions with a pencil. This jumper is not available on TH1100, TH1210D and TH2210D. If this connection is not made, use batteries to power the thermostat. This connection is not required for systems that provide heating only. Welcome to ManualMachine. NOTE: This setting is necessary only if the thermostat is connected to a heat pump. Toggle the temperature setting according to your thermostat's controls to change the way temperature is displayed. Take the front cover off the stat off the wall. PRO 1000 Series thermostat pdf manual download. Gas, oil or electric heating and/or air conditioning (1H / 1C / 1H1C), Heat pump without auxiliary heating (1H1C). Owners Manual. NOTE: This setting is not applicable if a fan is not connected to the G terminal. View and Download Honeywell PRO 1000 Series installation manual online. In this position, the heating system controls the fan operation. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. If a 24-VAC common wire is not connected to the C terminal, batteries are necessary to power the thermostat. Here we show the steps on how to program a Honeywell FocusPro TH6000 series ... Change Honeywell Thermostat To Celsius, Honeywell 6000 Thermostat Fahrenhiet To Celcius, Honeywell Thermostat F To C, Focuspro 6000 Change To Celsius, Changing Honeywell Thermostat To Celsius, Honeywell 6000 Change To Celsius, Honeywell … ), •Central heating - gas, oil, electric or high-efficiency furnace (1H), •Central heating (see above) with air conditioning (1H/1C), •Hot water system (steam or gravity) with or without pump, •Heat pumps without auxiliary heating (1H/1C), •Heat pumps with auxiliary heating (2H/1C), Must be installed by a trained, experienced technician. Set it according to the type of reversing (changeover) valve used by the heat pump. The dip switches are the very small white protrusions on the top of the grey vertical box just the right of the table. When heating starts, you will initially feel cold air coming out of the vents as the fan is running before the furnace has enough time to heat up the air. Changing a Honeywell thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit requires placing the thermostat into programming mode. Answer / Solution. During the wait time, the message Cool On or Heat On flashes on the screen. I forgot to change the batteries in my thermostat and they corroded, short-circuiting my thermostat and shutting down my furnace. The exact location of this setting in setup mode will vary, depending on the make and model of your thermostat. Enter your thermostat's setup mode. Bear in mind that it probably needs to be programmed to operate correctly, we are in just so and too deep into this damn computer age,that I … PRO 1000 / 2000 Series 5 ENGLISH Follow the procedure below to personalize and configure the thermostat according to the heating/ cooling system. Material Number A jumper, located on the back of the thermostat faceplate, determines how the fan operates in Automatic mode. Upload manuals that we do not have and get. 3.To switch F to C (or C to F), Move dip switch #4  (the 4th one from the bottom) to the opposite position carefully with a fine-point pen, toothpick, or similar. Left = Farenheit. – any latin characters (a-z, A-Z)– any numbers (0-9)– special characters ("-", "_" and ". Describes the answer or the required steps that resolve the issue. ... to change the option. When the safe wait time has elapsed, the message stops flashing and the compressor turns on. Budget Pick: Honeywell TH3110D1008 Pro #3. Install 2 AAA batteries on the back of the thermostat faceplate as shown.

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