With the bookplates of Arthur Swann (Sale, Parke-Bernet, 22 March 1960, lot 6); Mildred Greenhill; and H. Bradley Martin (sold for $1300 in his sale in 1990).

Strong and Steady; or, Paddle Your Own Canoe (Luck and Pluck Series), Philadelphia: Porter and Coates, 1871. J.S. First edition. In an influential, ground-breaking essay, scholar Michael Moon shows that this isn’t actually the tale that Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832–99) wrote, rewrote, and retailed successfully for years during the Gilded Age. The New Upper Class and the Real Reason We Dislike Them, Who’s Biggest? The concept of bootstrapping dates back to at least the 1890s, when Horatio Alger wrote novels about boys who worked hard and rose up the social ladder from poverty and is intertwined with that other mythical ideal, the American Dream. Horatio Alger’s American Fable: “The World Before Him” The ideology of success—the notion that anyone could make it with enough hard work—was widely promoted in Gilded Age America. ; Foreword by Ralph D. Gardner, Ragged Dick; or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks, Bertha’s Christmas Vision: An Autumn Sheaf, ABAA ANTIQUARIAN BOOKSELLERS' ASSOCIATION of AMERICA.

Slight lean. Ad leaf here contains two titles in the "Ragged Dick Series," plus three in "Campaign Series."

Inserted plate, p. 174.

The history of the guitar shows that musical instruments have been gendered—but just how changes over time. Hardcover. Specifically, the study found that while a large number of Americans (84 percent) have a higher family income than did their parents, those born at both the top and the bottom of the “income ladder” stay where they are from one generation to the next.

Nevertheless, his books were popular after the Civil War, and achieved a huge surge in readership in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. Ben Bruce; or, Only a Bowery Newsboy (Alger Series No.

It’s luck and patronage. Alger’s numerous books are actually about gaining petty-bourgeois respectability, not great wealth. Today, however, according to the recent Pew Study on the American Dream, social mobility between the lowest levels of American society and the middle class is increasingly difficult, if not impossible. Decorative brown cloth stamped in black and gilt. Withal, a pleasing VG+ copy.. 224, [2 (blank)] pp.

A trip to the West was organized by his publisher in the 1870s to rejuvenate his stale fiction, but only succeeded in introducing Western locations to Alger’s template. The epitome of this extraordinary accomplishment of the impossible feat of lifting oneself by the bootstraps was the Horatio Alger hero who goes from rags to riches aided by nothing more than honesty and hard work.

288 pp.

Segundo de Chomón made “trick films” that experimented with color and temporality, influencing the surrealist work of Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.

GROLIER AMERICAN HUNDRED 75. Very rare in this condition. BERTHA'S CHRISTMAS VISION: AN AUTUMN SHEAF, Bob Burton; or, The Young Ranchman of the Missouri, Bob Burton, The Young Ranchman of Missouri (Alger Series No. Read "Edward Stratemeyer: King of the Children's Series"... What to expect at the first Boston Virtual Book Fair Unlike a conventional book fair, which closes each night and reopens in the mornings, the Boston Virtual Book Fair will remain open from 11am EST o... [more about Boston Book Fair Programming], Browse the latest catalogs, newsletters, and e-lists of rare books, fine bindings, incunabula, print ephemera, and much more from the members of the ABAA below.
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About Very Good. [New York: G.W. viii, 248 pp.

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While his books have largely fallen out of print today, everyone is familiar with his main idea, because Horatio Alger, Jr. popularized the “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps” … Volume three only in the "Luck and Pluck Series.". Have a correction or comment about this article?
They crossed our path and we lived to tell the tale. It wouldn’t be publicly known until the 1970s that Alger was thrown out of a Protestant ministry in Boston in 1866 for pederasty.

After attending Harvard -- where Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was part of the faculty -- he published fitfully, and none of his varied early books really found an audience. Spine a bit cocked, shallow losses to ends; additional rubbing to extremities; soiling to textblock throughout.

A more-jaundiced reading of Alger’s oeuvre would assert that success for Alger was usually defined as social advancement or preferment, and it was usually achieved by finding a wealthy patron through performing a selfless deed or some service (returning a lost wallet or proving ones virtue in some way). Modern quarter brown cloth and marbled boards.

And the new ideal of masculine consumption was captured by men’s magazines. Boston: Brown, Bazin, 1856. Boston: Loring, Publisher, 1868.

What that means is that those who begin life wealthy pass that wealth, but those born at the bottom—in other words those who would typically be candidates for bootstrapping—are now more likely to stay there. Boston: Loring, Publisher, 1865.

Despite his prolific output — he published over 100 books and poems during his lifetime — Alger’s financial situation was often precarious, and his critical reputation ebbed and flowed. He employed several pseudonyms to try to spur interest or excitement and raise sales over the years (including Carl Cantab, Arthur Hamilton, Caroline F. Preston, Arthur Lee Putnam, and Julian Starr), and also applied his formula to the lives of famous Americans like Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Webster. Publisher's terra-cotta cloth binding with gilt stamped spine lettering & decorations.

A. L. Burt, 1888.

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