In fact, the authors of a 2016 study found that lower concentration gels had more negative effects on tooth enamel when they remained on the teeth for longer periods. Here's what you need to…. Do not swallow the liquid. Research source Then, thoroughly rinse off the paste by swishing water around your mouth. If you do choose to consume these foods and drinks, rinsing or brushing your teeth afterward can prevent staining. Rinse thoroughly with plain water, again taking as long as a minute to completely rinse the peroxide out of your mouth. This can become a problem if the peroxide comes into contact with the delicate dentin underneath as it is likely to cause irritation or sensitivity. Support wikiHow by In fact, it needs to be replaced frequently. Can gargling hydrogen peroxide really sooth a sore throat and improve oral health? Be careful not to swallow hydrogen peroxide during the whitening process. Rozenberg says in office whitening like Zoom, can help eradicate the nicotine stains on your teeth. Make sure to use the lowest concentration hydrogen peroxide possible to help protect your gums and oral cavity. Thank you! Berries such as blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Be aware that while these natural methods may be less expensive, they could cause damage that is expensive to correct. We then place a whitening substance of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide into the whitening tray and fit it over the teeth. Brush the paste onto your teeth in small, circular motions for two minutes. Mixing baking soda with lemon juice has become a popular home remedy for treating several conditions. Rinse your mouth with water. They include: The ADA do not recommend any of these methods and point out that there is research to show that some of these methods are not effective and may actually harm the teeth or cause other adverse effects. A simple hydrogen peroxide mouthwash may help remove mild stains. Make sure you remove all of the paste before moving on with your day. Some remedies may help. Swallowing minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide won't kill you. Follow all of the packaging directions and discontinue use if you have serious sensitivity. "I have been whitening my teeth for a couple of weeks now - I use a mixture of peroxide and baking soda. Learn more. Learn about nine different methods to get rid of a toothache at night here. [3] X Research source Buy a product with at least 3.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is the standard amount. You may find consuming hot or cold foods or liquids unpleasant after a peroxide treatment. Peroxide can partially penetrate the layers of the teeth, removing compounds that cause discoloration. Brush with the paste for a couple of minutes or leave it on your teeth for a few minutes for best results. Brush your teeth twice a day with the toothpaste. Good job! How long does it take to whiten your teeth? Purchase a whitening toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide at your local pharmacy or grocery store. However, while some anecdotal evidence may suggest that they are effective, many of the common home remedies for tooth whitening have very little scientific evidence to support their use. [1] But as we age or consume products like tobacco or caffeine that can stain tooth surfaces, our teeth may look yellowish and dingy. Cleaning the surface of the teeth will allow the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate the teeth uniformly. Once you see some results, discontinue using hydrogen peroxide for a couple of weeks (you may resume again if needed). Consider this option if you have sensitive gums — inform your dentist that you have sensitive teeth or gums. Because of my sore gum, I rinse my mouth with peroxide, and it helps my gum feel better. [2] Buy a product with at least 3.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is the standard amount. Hydrogen peroxide is a common home remedy for whitening teeth. Is Gargling Hydrogen Peroxide Effective and Safe? You can also make a whitening paste out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then dip your toothbrush in the paste and brush as usual. Brush with a whitening toothpaste. Approved. How do you use hydrogen peroxide as a teeth whitener? Trustworthy Source All rights reserved. If you do, it it will only whiten around the braces and when you get them removed you will have visible marks from the braces. Keep adding a little bit more peroxide until you get a thick — but not gritty — paste. This happens because peroxide can cause significant damage to the protective enamel of teeth if used too often or in too-high concentrations. In the meantime, you can preserve your teeth’s whiteness and prevent further staining by avoiding foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. This article was co-authored by Alina Lane, DDS. The dentist might ask the person to come in for a cleaning first. However, it does appear that the length of time that these products spend on the teeth is important. Some people may prefer to undergo hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening in a clinic. Allow the paste to sit on the teeth for a few minutes and then rinse it away with water. It is an ingredient in many teeth whitening solutions for use both at home and in the dentist’s office. The American Dental Association (ADA) note that products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance are safe and effective whitening treatments. The bleaching endpoint (that point at which no further lightening effect is produced) is typically reached after 6 weeks of treatment. use a very strong hydrogen peroxide solution, leave the hydrogen peroxide in contact with your teeth for a long time (longer than one minute if swishing or two minutes if brushing as a paste), apply the hydrogen peroxide to your teeth too many times (more than once daily), carbonated beverages, which may make your teeth more prone to staining. World's largest dental professional organization and advocate for proper oral health Spit water into the sink and rinse the sink with water. There are many other teeth whitening solutions that people can use at home. Avoid doing so for as long as you experience pain. And is there anything that could help build the enamel back up and strengthen it? Recognize that toothpastes only remove surface stains from activities like drinking or smoking. You should see results almost immediately. If you have cuts or scrapes in your mouth, you may feel a burning sensation when you use hydrogen peroxide. Learn more about its side effects and…. This condition is a severe inflammation of the lining inside the…, © 2004-2020 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK, a Red Ventures Company. There are many different products available that offer results such as quicker and deeper whitening or strips for sensitive teeth. But if used incorrectly — in concentrations that are too high or if used too often — it can cause serious and sometimes expensive tooth damage. check if I am doing it right and what else could I do to speed up the process. Talk to you dentist about whether or not you should continue use. But many of these products can be quite expensive, leading people to look for cheaper remedies. Hydrogen peroxide and products that contain it are available in many drugstores and online. 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