Vertical banding is a uniformity defect in the TV screen which arises due to manufacturing defects. They may not be noticeable when the TV is turned off or during general viewing, but they become visually apparent when the camera pans out across solid dark backgrounds. For instance, during a sports telecast when the camera pans across the green field, or when the camera pans out against a dark background. However, light may not be distributed uniformly across the screen due to a number of different reasons. A chart showing its capibilties is on the ks refund thread. If your TV is brand new then, perhaps, it may at times correct after about 100 hours of viewing. Does it show banding? Once i have seen it, i cant carry on, my wife hardly noticed it on the last one i had (only last week then it was repaired) but even she can see it on this one. Although, you may be tempted to check for these bands and, in case they exist, you would want to get your TV exchanged as soon as possible within the exchange period. Yes. Vertical banding refers to a uniformity defect in the TV screen. However, not all TVs have this issue. Vertical banding is a manufacturing defect. Further, the magnitude of banding also varies a lot. I am often joked about by my family and friends as a “pretentious know-it-all”. Vertical banding may be noticed while viewing content on the TV as well as by running some test videos on Youtube. This also helps in measuring other kinds of issues in screen uniformity as darker patches in parts of the screen. I cannt believe the shop is asking you to take it back, thats very unfair of them. This usage threshold is around 100 hours of viewing. Another method can be tried in TVs which provide for a pixel refresher in the settings menu. This will be my 4th change ( if they change ) i originally got the MU6400 back in October and paid for the upgrade due to issues with the banding. There is no sure way to fix vertical banding. I had a AOC panel 6 bits with close to no banding. Unfortunately, there is no sure way of fixing it. Rtings measures gray uniformity by calculating the standard deviation of color values of the pixels displayed on the TV screen. However, when I was asked the other night about a band-like persistent thing appearing on my friend’s TV screen, I was left stumped. Im based in the UK too, down in sunny old Berkshire. Your need to report it to your retailer as soon as possible. It is not a video artifact from the content side, but an inherent defect in the TV screen. For more information regarding what is vertical banding, how to identify whether your TV has this problem and whether your product warranty covers this, please read on. Well, it's a 6-bit TN panel, you're going to get banding. The scene showcases the camera panning out against the night landscape.

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