The Upside down Question Mark (¿) is not some evil twin the normal question mark has and is long lost; nor is it an aberration from what is normal. and have tried 3 different texting apps. This question is in the General Section. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. The exclamation mark emoji is commonly popular on iPhones. How about in Openoffice Writer? These few adjectives should tell you what this is for. double space. Thank you. You cannot finish any topics in symbolism without bringing in the increasingly popular ”emojis” that are popular with both the old and the young. Any of the above is quite straightforward; however, since it is quite hard for people to remember the alt codes for every symbol out there, the character map is the most convenient. Instead, producers include them as shortcuts. You can hold down the alt key, and type 173 or 0161, then release the alt key. // The transparent question mark does not hold any significant meaning, and is more often than not used for designs, or just because it looks cool. So, strap on your seat belt and explore the world of inverted symbols, and other smiley faces! Go to the Legal Help page to request content changes for legal reasons. To turn them on, go to. This is convenient since you get to be ready for a question even before reading it. 10 easy ways to make how to make money online faster, Why You Should Love The history of internet marketing, Google Effective SEO Ranking Factors 2016, Future of Online Freelancing in Bangladesh, 40 Tips to Get Success in the Freelancing Career, Online Outsourcing Income and Unemployment, How to Start Freelancing on Upwork in Bangladesh, The importance of youth in education and freelancing in Bangladesh, How to make money from Bangladesh by Outsourcing. Just use the site @mangeons found, but why would you even want to write upside down? There is a way you can type the Upside-down Question Mark (¿) in Microsoft Word, which is the most popular word processor on any computer. Please try again. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Are you sure you want to continue? We had trouble talking to the server. You have to use the number pad since holding down alt and then using the number keys above the alphabet keys does not do the trick. However, all in all, these descriptions should tell you how to type several other computer symbols other than just these two. Putting an upside-down exclamation mark on an Android device is fairly easy. (This is on the recipients end. This allows you to type languages other than English, or different versions of the English Language. The upside down exclamation mark and the inverted question mark are both available through a multitude of software and in-built keyboard shortcuts. Also, the smiley faces are readily available on many phones on the market today, and you do not need to remember the correct symbols to bring out the right face. I’d like to write upside down in a Google Document. The question mark emoji is quite common in IPhones, google, and Facebook. Can this be done in Google Docs? Internet connected, but only google works. Like the questions in Spanish, the inverted exclamation point is convenient when you start an exclamation sentence.

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