It does a lot of damage if you stand inside it. There, he will begin to smash the platform with his fists. Especially during the last Boss fight. Drop your ultimate and burn her down, but make sure the platform doesn’t break early due to an uninterrupted troll. The Maelstrom Arena is one of the Solo Arenas in the Elder Scrolls Online, along with the Vateshran Hollows Arena. Break out of her fear attack immediately. She sometimes casts a s. Her light attacks deal a lot of damage, you want to make sure to have a healing effect on you to mitigate this. Achelir (Round 1): This is the miniboss of round 1, he is a fire mage with low health and low damage fire attacks. On the last platform (the one with both the power and the shield sigil), the last wave of mobs will spawn, again an archer and frost mage. The entrance to the Maelstrom Arena is located physically at the Northeast part of Wrothgar. Tip: You can pick up the axe and shield sigil when the Ash Titan spawns, this will make the fight a lot easier. Dwarven Centurion: These serve as mini-bosses at the end of each round. Im leveling another character now that theres bonus XP again. Kill them fast, if you are slowed down too much you will be unable to hide from the spider swarm or move out of the lightning strikes. Chilled water: The water between the three platforms is deadly. He can also stomp the ground in front of him and stun you. If you are playing with a ranged interrupt such as “Crushing Shock”, make sure to NOT use it on the boss while he is screaming. Don’t run directly in front of them, they have a scream attack which will stun you. Try to avoid the damaging mechanics as much as you can. After that, three additional Dremora appear, once they are dead, the Xivilai Ravager will spawn. Wrecking Bite: if you get close to him and he manages to stun you with his smash attack, he will use this bite. Leimenid Oracles: they have strong ranged attacks. Frost Atronach (Round 3): His light attacks deal a ton of damage. Vale of the Surreal. Attention: Together with the Ogrim, two Narkynaz summoners will spawn at the same time, make sure to kill them both before focusing the Ogrim. You should kill one of those as fast as possible but leave the other alive. If you go back into the Arena immediately you will continue from the start of the specific round you died at, Stage 4 – Round 3 for example. Kite the Clannfear to the glowing stone plate and kill it there. When they get to low health, they will enrage; this means they become immune to damage for a few seconds, grow taller and their attacks will deal increased damage after that. The safe way is to damage them after each other so you don’t have to deal with two enraged trolls at the same time. If you caught all golden ghosts until this point, the synergy should be ready so you can easily focus the Guard down. You can un-web Obelisks by killing a Hoarvor close to it. Make sure to free at least one additional obelisk to ensure you have a glowing pillar ready once the Spider swarm appears. Continue until the Boss is dead. They are mages who cast lightning attacks at you. Beware of his wrecking blow ability, dodge or block it. Avoid his attacks as they hit hard. Taking the shield sigil before the mages spawn is also a bad idea, it will reflect their lightning attacks back to them and this can kill them both at the same time. This is really nasty as you will get stunned and knocked down from the first tick in the water as well. A good tactic is to move beneath the boss, cast your ground AoEs in front of him and continue with single target abilities then. 4 seconds, the second one for 8 seconds and the third one for 3 seconds, the ritual will be fulfilled), a huge Bone Colossus will spawn and you will be in great trouble. This option will take you to the preparation area before the Arena where you can take a breath and repair your equipment. Either dodge this or block it, as it will knock you back and stun you otherwise, probably knocking you into a grey ghost. You should move as far as possible and continue damaging it while also avoiding the fire AOE that is dropping down at you. Xivilai Ravager (Round 3): This enemy can cast a huge ground based fire AoE which deals a lot of damage and also knocks you down. After a little practice however, you will see that this boss has the most choreography-like fight in the whole game, as almost every mechanic is time-based here. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I will explain this fight in three phases: The boss will spawn in the middle of the arena and run to the platform where you are. There is a cooldown of exactly 5 minutes. This one looks like an axe and greatly increases your damage done. A pretty straightforward and easy fight. Icons by Zenimax Online Studios LLC. Noooo... don’t even fool yourself with normal. Because the first run will take more than 3 hrs. They have two AoE attacks; a steam cone which comes from the Centurion’s chest, and a heavy attack where he swirls his arms around himself, this does a lot of damage and needs to be dodged or blocked. Then, a Crematorial Guard will spawn close to the main boss. Again, focus them. After the first wave of mobs is dead, two Dremora Caitiffs will spawn, beware of their melee attacks while still staying close to them so they don’t use their critical rush ability. Kill the first Feral Argonian and Nix-Hound, then you will have to deal with your first Argonian Venomshot archer. They can place a flame AOE on the ground and also heal themselves by pounding their chest. And trust me you will need to repair your gear a lot. They will spawn at the edge of the arena and slowly walk towards the middle, make sure to kill them before they arrive there and don’t let them do their summoning ritual. When you are completing VMA for the first time it is normal to feel overwhelmed because of everything that is happening around you. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If you allow them to do this, they will enter into an invulnerability phase and start throwing strong shock AOE spells at you. This round starts with a Dremora Gandrakyn healer and a Crematorial Guard. The first rounds shouldn’t pose any serious threats to you. Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. Note: Turning off auto-cast in the settings can help you aim the grenade more carefully. At the end of the round you will have to face another Ogrim. Round 1 Boss – Angirgoth : A melee enemy, using strong Dual Wield attacks that will also transform into a Werewolf after a while. After 10 seconds, the platform will break and the troll moves on to the next one. His main attack is a shock ranged attack that slows you down and prepares you for the kill. Strategy : When the boss comes down after you first interrupt his channeled attack then grab the Haste Sigil. I recommend having at least 300 Champion Points before you try out the veteran Maelstrom Arena. Keep an eye out for the trolls though. Their main attack is a frontal cone steam attack and a front swipe that are easy to avoid. Huntsman Frostbiter: Mob using a two-handed weapon. If they manage to cover a pillar, they will immediately go to the next one and continue there, so they really have to be killed as a priority target. After you have dealt with the mobs, continue damaging Matriarch Runa until she reaches 45% health. After this, more Spiderkith Daedra will appear and then a second Flesh Atronach. after completing last round to finish the quest? The first run is the hardest, so it gets only easier from there. It will let you reflect all their attacks back to them and especially the Chillbane frost mages will die quickly from their own attacks. The arena consists of nine stages with several rounds each and has two levels of difficulty, Normal and Veteran . I can't even figure out how to EXIT the arena let alone reset it! Golden ghosts will continue to appear, so as long as you don’t let the boss catch three of them and you make sure to kill the Dremora Narkynaz mages before they summon the Bone Colossus, you can technically play this phase as long as you want to and are able to sustain it. well i finished normal arena and after turning in quest was waiting for quest to pop up again so i could give it another go. This round starts with two healers and a melee add. If I finish a round and don't want to go through to the next zone (take a break, go to work etc etc) what do I need to do short of re logging? Round 1,2 & 4 Boss – Swamp Troll : Relatively easy to deal with. If you want to play it safe, kill those two adds before continuing with damaging the boss. Continue damaging them in turns, pull the lever if you need to or take the healing sigil or the speed sigil if you struggle with resources and healing. Keep moving, they are easy to avoid. Kill the mobs before destroying the intact Warding Stone and turning to the Infernal Destroyer. Unique Mechanic : There are three small islands in the arena with water that gets electrified every now and then. Your goal should be to get three ghosts and use the Spectral Explosion to stun and finish him. Unique Mechanic : There are five obelisks in the arena that can stun every enemy when cleared of webs. Round 4 Boss – Ogrim/Bone Colossus : In round 4 Dremora Narkynaz will attempt to summon a Bone Colossus. If you stand still for a couple moments lava will get shot at you. If you decide to take a break and return another day you will start at the beginning of Stage 4. You won’t see them being used in score runs by top players, as the use of sigils means a lower score, but they can really help you to get through veteran Maelstrom Arena. If you can use the obelisk stun now, do so. Interrupt his smashing attack on the platform he runs to or kill him from range. Focus on killing those summoners fast after their appearance to avoid having to deal with the Colossus. This arena has a lot of fire damage, if you are a stage 4 vampire you should consider using some Double Bloody Mara to reduce your vampirism stage, otherwise the incoming damage can get very high. The Kyngalds are archers who have a “Taking aim” attack that can oneshot you. Strategy to beat her : Damage her until the first adds appear, kill the adds and always kill the Troll Breakers when they spawn. Dremora Kyngald: Dremora fire mages, their most dangerous attack is their “inferno” attack, it’s a flame wheel they are casting above their head which shoots fire balls at you. Giants (Round 4): They have very, very strong AoE attacks. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. To get rid of the bleed, you completely have to avoid taking damage from the blades for eight seconds. You can also take the shield sigil, it will reflect those skulls back at him. Is there any way to do this or do I just have to complete it then start again? After two waves of Dremora, in the third wave you will encounter another Crematorial Guard. Focus them down as soon as possible, because they will cause all poison flowers to explode. During the fourth round Dremora Narkynaz will appear at the edge of the map and start moving toward the center. During the Final Boss fight if you lose one island from the Trolls it is game over since the boss will always break the other two. If one or both archers are still up when the Wamasu appears, take the shield sigil! By collecting three golden ghosts you can use Spectral Explosion. This is a useful strategy you should follow when dealing with strong enemies and of course to beat the final boss. To deal with those Blades there are two Blade Switches at two of the arena’s sides. During the third round, try to get rid of any remaining dwarven sentry so you don’t have to deal with their shock attacks during the boss fight. When his health drops to 30% he will start sending flame waves at you.

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