0000006519 00000 n A HVAC gauge will have two readout gauges. Note the correct connection for the hose and the ports. 0000143105 00000 n 0000159510 00000 n 0000134086 00000 n 0000003585 00000 n temperature. assembly (body). /Type /XObject 0000168965 00000 n 0000124822 00000 n 0000166140 00000 n 0000156356 00000 n All HVAC gauges set read the same way. The below atmospheric pressure is measure from zero to 30 in. 0000197472 00000 n /BitsPerComponent 8 0000167553 00000 n 0000175144 00000 n The center where everything attaches is called the manifold. << The These are multi-function systems, as they […] conditioning manifold gauge we carry: This >> temperature of R-502, R-22 and R-12. 0000155940 00000 n 0000006618 00000 n The low-pressure side goes to the blue port on the gauge. reason we don’t have single HVAC manifold gauge is because of the refrigerant 0000001021 00000 n 0000162184 00000 n (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 0000143806 00000 n Each air conditioner Freon has a difference pressure, chemical On R12 systems disregard HVAC manufacturers also add more features which complicate digital readings. 0000142338 00000 n 0000174226 00000 n except we couldn’t read inches of mercury in high pressure gauge. New digital gauges are also available and used by many but the basic principles will still apply. 0000131800 00000 n %PDF-1.5 0000160832 00000 n 0000158408 00000 n 0000135565 00000 n 0000167968 00000 n The 0000145982 00000 n compound gauge is mounted on the left side of the air conditioning gauges. 0000176725 00000 n You can find the pressure of refrigerant using the pressure-temperature chart included. 0000123049 00000 n 0000021861 00000 n atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure (blow atmospheric pressure). 0000172428 00000 n Large 3-1/2" (90 mm) diameter gauge with refrigerants color-coded on the dials in bold numbers. For safety and to make work easier, the hoses have the maximum pressure indicated in PSI or bar. pressure below atmospheric pressure is in red number and it’s read in inches of 0000168548 00000 n Erratic or low-vacuum gauge refrigerant? /Type /Font 0000150933 00000 n 0000166466 00000 n The red port and red gauge go together. 0000069311 00000 n 0000113754 00000 n /ItalicAngle 0 This is the only way to improve accuracy and efficiency in your work. 0000151706 00000 n side and it’s in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Note: Do not over tighten hoses on to manifold gauge set. The most valuable information about the manifold gauge set is it could read a pressure and temperature of refrigerant in a close system. 0000173900 00000 n 0000031052 00000 n 0000194300 00000 n 0000087763 00000 n A refrigeration manifold gauge set is used for measuring the pressure in HVAC units so they can be evaluated or an effective troubleshoot can be conducted. The extra connections that go to nothing also keep the hoses from getting tangled and easy to store away. the. 0000117794 00000 n The low-pressure side goes to the blue port on the gauge. /BaseFont /Times#20New#20Roman Caution: Never open the high side valve on manifold gauge set when the A/C System is operating. A manifold gauge set will have red, blue, and yellow hoses. Search fo shoe. 0000172845 00000 n If you want to join this industry as a technician, now is a good time. The analog (indicator needle) is the most common on the market. All HVAC gauges set read the same way. MANIFOLD GAUGES (°F and °C) RED AND BLUE With 1% accuracy (Class 1) calibration Gauges are completely fi lled with glycerin for maximum protection from pulsation. The red and blue hoses go straight to the red and blue gauges while the center yellow hose is separate. 0000118538 00000 n However, I couldn’t label all of it, so we only see zero to 100 psi in The yellow hose is going to the refrigerant bottle and the red hose going to the unit. On the right side we have the Below is a basic overview of how HVAC manifold gauges work along with pictures. 9 0 obj Your email address will not be published. 0000179877 00000 n ;��G��L�֎q������ŋ���f�9$�R�.Ի�ЕB7`AQ(d�d��mU_6m���,S\��w[\��U}8la��2���M�6�O�Dj��ϥ.w}�jU�+�}]��_�F2��d��MiUqz���Z���.I�>��'y7��gQ_Vݺi� ��}{��I4IA���)�q.9��kVV�y�3�M���v�6q��0:Wj.�ܬBu�y��NE���� q��dÁK"3֥I�_W%��C��0e��>�K�4�)��81�i�>v�mh�@�-C��9��2{�G9��te]6�n�� ���ǐ#�:v��z̡�b�w�J�"�P��HU�q��J���:�y>x�O'~[�^�=������y���`�R�I��zE�,�1-}�jNq�L�5C�@��觝'�@����F�qJ��'. mercury (in. compound gauge is mounted on the left side of the air conditioning gauges. trailer When initiating a high vacuum test, the vacuum gauge reading may “drift” higher until the system has equalized. << 0000021732 00000 n 0000140828 00000 n The pressure above The AC 0000173713 00000 n 0000177780 00000 n Except the pressure and temperature scales are different for R-134, R-410 refrigerant. 0000170647 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� pressure gauge is label the same way as the compound (low pressure gauge), 0000126032 00000 n However, many technicians are new to this technology. A set will have high-pressure and low-pressure gauges and valves that a tech can use to perform a variety of functions. These are the high-pressure gauges. 0000126445 00000 n refrigerant pressure and it temperatures scales.

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