Of all the BBQ options, I enjoy pulled pork above all the rest and can review it with more authority than I can ribs or chicken.
I had the pleasure of sitting beside some awesome old car as I prepared to dig into my food. What caught my eye most was that not only do they offer many different flavours ofContinue reading “Banh and Boba Review”, Today whilst I was doing some grocery shopping at North Rocks, I came across this sushi bar offering a range of sushi rolls, boxes and salads. ). This place is famous for delicious wine. You will receive the most basic guide to pulled pork preparation that you can use to achieve delicious results!!

Take it from a Philly guy, you gotta try it fir yourself. (To my surprise Afton, located in Nelson County, is also a mecca for wineries, breweries, and distilleries. The success of this place would be impossible without the nice staff. Hello there! Restaurant menu, map for Paulie's Pizza Pub located in 91786, Upland CA, 247 North 2nd Avenue. Need I say more.

But, that’s a post for another non-BBQ day! I wasn’t expecting much from the beans, but I was pleasantly surprised! Steak tasted freezer burnt and extremely salty. Nelson County, is also a mecca for wineries, breweries, and distilleries. I was optimistic that the BBQ taste would match the overall excellence of the smells and ambiance I had experienced up to this point and I readied myself for a feast. Goodwill + Time/Effort = $$$$ I try to avoid the corporate BBQ spots such as Mission BBQ and Famous Dave’s. Out front, the delicious smell of the burning wood wafts from the smokers. Hungry Dad As a child I was a committed seafood hater (which didn’t go over well at the New England family clambakes and lobster boils). We're talking a guy that grew up in south philly, here. Fabulous service is something clients agree upon here. The sign above the counter says, “Enter as Strangers Leave As Friends” and Paulie himself lived up to that slogan as he jotted down our order on old school handwritten forms and thanked us for coming such a long way just to try his BBQ.

Don’t forget that if you have a smoker and are unsure how to prepare your own pulled pork, buy my ebook for a mere 99 cents!! Enjoy the enjoyable atmosphere here. I prefer my pulled pork very smoky…..this meat is not VERY smoky….but underneath the sauce, you get a hint of the smoke that is subtle enough to let you know it’s there without overpowering the whole sandwich. After hearing about Banh and Boba online, I read many good reviews and decided to go and check them out! You are to be pleasantly impressed with average prices at this spot.

(I have had beans sweeter than Boston Baked Beans candy!) The Hungry Paulie team are extremely friendly and always welcoming. The huge selection and vibrant colours of the sushi drew me in and I just had to tryContinue reading “Sushi Bar Review”. Sunday - MD to NC... window.dojoRequire(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"mc.us19.list-manage.com","uuid":"de3b851b1f7ea31b2b22a3b6a","lid":"98ec314b67","uniqueMethods":true}) }). 24×7 Tips on the Most Profitable Items to Flip on eBay! I had a bad slaw moment many years ago…. I grew up EXTREMELY poor in LOWER Alabama. After a few bites of these excellent beans, I moved on to the Macaroni and Cheese. Please join us in our happy food journey. I went outside and picked out one of the many picnic tables available for the customers to enjoy. If it ain’t vinegar based or mustard based, I assume a tomato-based product! I'll be going back for sure!!

Paulie Gee’s menu is lush with creative ‘za, featuring 30 wood-fired pizzas, eight of which are vegan. It was a long drive to Paulie’s Pig-Out and I am thankful that the BBQ, the scenery, and the discovery of distilleries, made the trip enjoyable and a worthy time investment. Entering Paulie’s Pig-Out you immediately know you are in a customer friendly environment.

Garlic butter linguine had no taste and oily, I didn't even eat it. Paulie's is awesome!!!


They offer several flavours of banh mi (Vietnamese pork roll) and also have a wide selection of milk tea. I discovered my new favorite place for spirits, The Silverback Distillery. So, after reviewing the menu, I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, mac-n-cheese, and a MUG Root Beer.

I am a mac-n-cheese snob. ( I know this sentiment may offend a few! Authentic philly steaks!! First I tried this assorted sushi box whichContinue reading “Zaku Zaku Sushi Review”, As I’m always looking for a good sushi place to try, I was very excited when I found Sushi Bar in Chatswood’s Westfield. Whatever the base, the combination of meat, sauce, and smoke melded together to deliver one helluva pulled pork experience. Now that we have tasted and approved the sides, it was time to meet the star of the show, the pulled pork sandwich. I am anti cole slaw no matter the delivery option. This restaurant is rated on Google 4.6 by its visitors. Sushi Bar offers a wide range of sushi rolls, Inari, Sushi Burritos and boxes. 916 Walnut St REAR, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA. HUNGRY PAULIE – EASTWOOD.

Are *YOU* lookin at *ME?!?!?!?! The boxes looked especially good with a wide variety for a reasonable price so I decided to give it a try.

Paulie's is the kind of restaurant every neighborhood needs—comfortable and casual, serving great food at reasonable prices. One of the worst insults was someone saying your momma got your clothes at Goodwill. They weren’t bland and they weren’t too sweet with excessive brown sugar. I am not usually a fan of this dish, but I wanted to get a full BBQ experience and baked beans are a staple of any afternoon BBQ. So, we hit the road for Afton, Virginia, and hoped for the best. Good Times at the Goodwill The sauce seems to be a tomato-based sauce, but I am no sauce scientist.

We are the Happy Food Life team and we will be reviewing food within Sydney from snacks to local restrurants focusing on affordable and delicious eats. Paulie’s smokers, the heart of any BBQ business, are two hot and sleek oil tanks converted into BBQ producing machines! Hungry Paulie is a Taiwanese restaurant specializing in Taiwanese street foods from snacks such as the traditional scallion pancake, fried you tiao and filing meals such as bentos and a wide variety of handmade noodle soup. Of all the BBQ options, I enjoy pulled pork above all the rest and can review it with more authority than I can ribs or chicken. After a brief wait and quick conversation with Paulie, I gathered my order and went outside to eat and enjoy the beautiful Afton afternoon. So, I dug into the mac-n-cheese and am very happy to report that it passed the test! Restaurant menu, map for Paulie's Pizza and Wings located in 07670, Tenafly NJ, 11 Washington St. I contemplated the ribs, but I always revert to old habits and order pulled pork.

That it succeeds is not a surprise, given the …

I wrote about saucing meat in my ebook and although I prefer to be given the meat un-sauced and then sauce as I see fit, I am not 100% opposed if a pit boss wants to serve the meat thoroughly sauced and on the bun. Earn Hundreds Per Day Following this Step by Step Email Marketing Course! When I opened the sandwich, I noticed the massive size in comparison to the sandwiches I am usually purchasing.

This was a definite plus because I love to eat! Thank you to Paulie and his wife from some down home hospitality!!! They had a “tangy” taste to them that I couldn’t identify, but it was delicious. I will delve into this more in a future post, but trust me, you’ve never tasted better. Join Now to Access the “Products for Profit” Chat Room. Once the visual inspection of the sandwich passed the smell test, it was time to finally taste the BBQ. Even though it’s four hours away from my house, I made a trip to Paulie’s Pig-Out, in Afton, VA., to experience some BBQ that wasn’t my own and wasn’t from one of my normal spots.

Paulie’s menu offers everything I require from a quality BBQ spot: Pork, Chicken, Sides, and Drinks. I... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paulie’s menu offers everything I require from a quality BBQ spot: Pork, Chicken, Sides, and Drinks. So, whenever I try a new mac-n-cheese, I am forced to temper my palate and remember that although I’ve had the best, I need to judge each mac-n-cheese on its own merits. When I ordered my sandwich I had to decline the cole slaw. It was warm and very cheesy and baked to just the right degree of doneness….not too crunchy or burnt on the bottom, which is frowned upon in my mac-n-cheese world! I contemplated the ribs, but I always revert to old habits and order pulled pork. The next thing I noticed was that the meat was pre-sauced.

No offense to these places, but I am looking for the remote, mom and pop places that could be a hidden gem…or could be a total disappointment!
This restaurant serves Italian cuisine. A rustic building houses the business.

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