The remote control is now programmed to operate ST Stryker light #1 and ST Stryker light #2 independently or together at the same time 6. All those devices are using custom code on your picture. After reset the bulbs and tradfri remote But unfortunately I can't figure out how to get the TRADFRI remote control to work with the scenes. I have followed the cc sniffer guidance and bound the switch to a light fitting with three bulbs. How can I use the standard device handler from the new app instead? Now, install the device handler. So I can only switch it on and off and change brightness... Somebody any idea how that can be happen and how to solve it.? (installed “a4refillpad : IKEA Window Blinds” before adding the blinds to smartthings via classic app, after having resetted them). I don't want do use the remote in zigbee2mqtt so I thought that wouldn't be necessary. Once the remote is paried, go ahead and click on it to open it, click the pen icon next to the name, give it a name and click on Rename . I can only see "Rejoin" messages, so it seems that it's re-pairing with a coordinator. @didiht I've did some further investigation but didn't manage to decrypt the network. When I try to manually Add a Thing, and I choose “Shades and Blinds,” I see Lutron and Springs Window Fashions, but not Ikea or my custom DH. Does the coordinator know which bulbs the remote is paired to? It seems there is a (small?) Hopefully i need to reset it to defaul, because earlier was used with conbee (using 1.2.214 firmware). The on/off switch and brightness work flawlessly but the change colour buttons do not change colour temperature like they used to when using the tradfri hub. I feel like I am really close to getting the remote to work, but can't quite figure out what I am still missing. It will flash red and Smartthings will see it… Then you program the button to control the blinds…, Took me about 45 minutes of trial and error to get it work…, These look great but it’s unfortunate that they don’t come in wider sizes, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, This guide will show you how to set up your IKEA Tradfri smart lighting system by connecting your phone or tablet to the gateway and linking the gateway with the steering devices and smart lighting. Yay! For me changing the color temperature via the remote control also started working after I updated the FLOALT panels to the latest firmware. Then I opened the classic app and hit “+” to add a device, and waited for it to auto-add. Hooray! To operate both lights at the same time, press “1-2” button until both LED 1 and LED 2 are both illuminated at the same time. I then purchased the Ikea Tradfri dimming kit (1 bulb + 1 dimmer remote) so I could pair my bulbs. Have done it with the round dimmer before so its verified working but must selecting the OTA file manual for the device and the "converted" file (117C-1101-20022623.zigbee). Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Thanks to Koenkk and all contributors! Should i pair the two devices with the tradfri gateway and then do the same process again? I downloaded same and have verified that it is the same file as I used to program my CC2531. difference of the initial states (reset with powercycle, reset by pairing and removing from IKEA bridge) that leads to the variance of functionality. I have the same issue. Or for 5+ seconds, to factory reset, so they pulsate? Delete those DHs, or edit them at the part where the zigbee fingerprint is written. However: setting the color temperature via IKEA remote control ist not working. Then without stopping the capture, get the remote close to the bulb and press the button until the bulb flashes. The newly discovered bulb was indicated at the upper right corner of the HABmin window. I then purchased the Ikea Tradfri dimming kit (1 bulb + 1 dimmer remote) so I could pair my bulbs. Do you have a step by step guide how and in which order to install the blinds and remotes (best case without the IKEA repeaters) properly? Once I got the SmartThings hub V3 set up, I just follow the instructions to add the Ikea blinds as new device since since it is now stock in the new SmartThings app (not sure about the classic app which I don’t use at this time). Perhaps some extra setup is done, need to do some more sniffing.. You have to install it on Windows, then search for the firmware within the installed directories. In the classic app, when I hit “+”, do I let it auto discover, or manually add? In my environment the IKEA remote control works very well with the IKEA bulbs, inclusive setting of the color temperature. I have not trying downgrading Zigbee 3 devices to LL (firmware version 1.XX) but i think it should also working but no guarantee. But I don't have the Khow How to analyze. You may need the signal repeater - pair it with ST and it should be used by the Mesh and improve the signal strength for all your Zigbee devices. The idea with binding a controller is that it works even if HA/zigbee2mqtt is down. And adding scenes to bulbs / groups of bulbs worked fine. After pressing the Connect button on the gateway, there is no bulb in my OpenHAB inbox. @drzony I dont have a separate sniffer :/. With the 'bind' feature I had no success to set the color_temperature with the IKEA remote previously, but I didin't test this with the current version. privacy statement. Is there any possibility to "force" OTA? -There seem to be an error in the smart things app as the blinds show 100% shade when open and 0% shade when close unless it is just a bug on my side only or with the my blinds only. Thanks! Unfortunatelly i haven't found the network key. This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. zigbee2mqtt version 1.2.1 (commit #e5ca977) We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. I successfully added the gateway as a thing in openhab but not the dimmable light. Fyrtur comes with a repeater; should that be plugged in, or will that just confuse everything? Shall I upload the WS file? I guess, I then have to repair the blinds by resetting them (press both buttons on the blinds >5s) to get them to work with the stock IKEA DH? I then clicked the Add button and configured the bulb. I installed the custom device handler from here: [RELEASE] IKEA FYRTUR Window blinds. LED's on remotes should turn on, then flicker off. I also took the battery out, tried charging it but it was already full, and put it back in. It is worth noting that the Tradfri bulbs will work with the Zigbee binding. I made following test: Delete the lamp from the group of the IKEA remote control -> IKEA remote does not work with the bulb anylonger

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