N.T. 15,000 Videos - HP Tube    Childrens JESUS They are vainly hoping that they will find some better way to heaven than the old-fashioned way of the cross. All Rights Reserved. But what they knew they knew well. We need inward peace. Children's OT Studies    Praise &    Submit Lyrics, Sermons To each and all of these sayings, one common remark applies.    Christian They will have to turn at last, if they love life, like many before them, to the brazen serpent. To the architect He is the Chief Corner Stone. This Person is tall and elegantly shaped; His aspect is amiable and reverent; His hair flows into those beautiful shades which no united color can match, falling into graceful curves below His ears, agreeably couching upon His shoulders, and parting on His head like the head of a Nazarite. To the newspaper man He is the Good Tidings of Great Joy. Love her services.    Christmas Chords, Lyrics Research Tools I answer these questions without hesitation.    Midi Files 1GodTube.com It ought not to be so. Let all men see that, as the poet says, "this example has a magnet force," and that we love to follow Him whom we profess to love. Commit thyself wholly to this death. A monastic religion will never do. Let us beware of this error in these latter days. PraiseLyrics.com You'll write powerful and fresh messages every week with our preparation tools on a number of sermon topics, including expository preaching.    Tsunami Videos Photos They have been men who lived "Looking unto Jesus." To the student He is the Incarnate Truth. (Rom. vii.    They are to be found in his directions for the visitation of the sick. www.christianchordlyrics.com (Acts i. (1 John ii. Wrap thyself wholly in this death. Film    Noah, Sodom, Sinai, Ark I ask my younger readers especially to remember THAT. ChristianChordLyrics (Rom. If "looking unto Jesus" is the real secret of a healthy, vigorous Christianity, what does the phrase mean?   It seems almost impossible to do our duty in that place of life to which God has called us, and not to be absorbed in it and forget our souls. The early Christians lacked many privileges and advantages that we enjoy. xi; 1). They want something that they can carry with them into that world. They worshipped God in dens and caves and upper chambers, had few and simple ecclesiastical garments, and often received the Lord's Supper in vessels of wood, and not of silver or gold. ), For ever let us keep to this old path of peace, and never be ashamed of it. But after all, there is something deep down in the heart of hearts of most men, which must be satisfied. Hebrews, Chapter 12.    Bible The barbarians esteem Him as a prophet, but His own followers adore Him as the immediate offspring of the immortal God. I believe the great Scriptural remedy for all who feel such helplessness as I have faintly described, is to look upward to Christ in heaven, and to keep steadily before our eyes His intercession at the right hand of God. The poet's friend was a believer in the Lord Jesus, and sought as opportunities offered to testify for Him. www.praiselyrics.org It is a religion which a man can carry with him wherever he goes, and never need leave behind him.    One day a cart drove up to the door of the accomodation house, being driven by a Maori woman who was taking an invalid son to the hospital some forty miles away.    2895 It may exist; but it will never strike deep root, and satisfy souls. Questions Let us consider for a moment what a beautifier and marvellous portrait the four Gospels hold up to our eyes of the Man Jesus Christ. as George Herbert loved to say. But once let conscience open its eyes, and shake itself, and rise, and move, and it will make the stoutest child of Adam feel ill at ease. Gospel For Kids Movie www.onegodtube..com, NEW ChristianLyrics.org    Passion Of The Christ Beware, if you love life, beware of a Christless religion. It is from an ancient manuscript: "There lives a man of singular character, whose name is Jesus Christ, in Jud2ea. I. viii. To the florist He is the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. II. The continuance of evils of every kind, physical, moral, and social,�the constantly recurring revolutions, and wars, and famines, and pestilences,�the never-ending growth of superstition, scepticism, and unbelief,�the bitter strife of political parties,�the divisions and controversies of Christians,�the overflowing of intemperance and immorality,�the boundless luxury and extravagance of some classes, and the grinding poverty of others,�the strikes of workmen,�the conflict of labour and capital,�the shiftless helplessness of statesmen to devise remedies,�the commercial dishonesty,�the utter failure of mere secular knowledge to regenerate mankind,�the comparative deadness of Churches,�the apparently small results of missions at home and abroad,�the universal "distress of nations with perplexity," and dread of something terrible coming,�these strange phenomena and symptoms, what do they all mean? So long as our conscience is asleep, deadened by indulged sin, or dulled and stupefied by incessant pursuit of the things of this world, so long can man get on tolerably well without peace with God. How many secret sorrows known only to God! If Christians, during the last eighteen centuries, had been more like Christ, the Church would certainly have been far more beautiful, and would probably have done far more good to the world. And if He shall say unto thee that thou art a sinner, say, 'I place the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between me and my sins.' PowerPoint Lyrics Christ hungered as man, and fed the hungry as God. And he that does not give Christ His rightful place and office in the beginning of his religion, must not be surprised if he never knows anything of joy and peace in believing, and goes cheerless and comfortless on his way to heaven, with "all the voyage of life bound in shallows and in misery.". PowerPoint Lyrics In the face of such evidence as this, I have a right to say that our "look" to Jesus is very imperfect, if we do not look at His example, and strive to follow it. To the sculptor He is the Living Stone. SONGS, POPULAR While others go back, and barely conceal their contempt for the so-called blood theology, let us boldly go forward, "looking unto Jesus," and saying daily to Him, "Lord, I have sinned; but Thou hast suffered in my stead; I take Thee at Thy word, and rest my soul on Thee.". And I doubt whether there ever was an era when it was so useful to keep the second advent of Christ steadily in view as it is just now. He is very temperate, modest and wise, and in short, whatever this phenomenon may turn out in the end, He seems at present from His excellent bearing and Divine perfection, in every way surpassing the children of men. At last he burst out with the question, "Who is this Man about whom I have been reading, this Jesus? Lyrics And Chrords We need peace. The cares and business and occupations of life appear to drink up all our thoughts, and swallow up all our attention. He rebukes with majesty, commands with mildness, and invites with the most tender and persuasive language; His whole address, indeed or word being elegantly graceful and characteristic of so exalted a being.    Power Point Lyrics The wisdom of these latter days entirely fails to find a better way of peace than the old path of "looking" to the vicarious death of Christ. Holy fathers and holy school-men, holy reformers on both sides of the Channel and both sides of the Tweed, holy Nonconformists and holy Episcopalians in our own land,�all have agreed on one point, at least, in their respective creeds. Bold and outspoken in opposing hypocrisy and self-righteousness, tender and compassionate in receiving the chief of sinners; profoundly wise in arguing before the Sanhedrin; simple, so that a child might understand Him, in teaching the poor; patient towards His weak disciples; unruffled in temper by the keenest provocation; considerate for all around Him; sympathizing, self-denying, prayerful, overflowing with love and compassion, utterly unselfish, always about His Father's business, ever going about doing good, continually ministering to others, and never expecting others to minister to Him,�what person born of woman ever walked on earth like Jesus of Nazareth? The world's Love (John 3:16).—Selected. It is a portrait which, even to this day, is one of the cardinal difficulties of infidelity, for there never lived the infidel who could face the question, "Tell us, if you refuse to believe the Divine origin of Christianity, tell us who and what Christ was?" We are such poor, weak creatures, that we cannot do two things at once. They clung tenaciously to the old promise, "This same Jesus shall come in like manner as ye have seen Him go." (5 of 15), How to Stay Together While the World Falls Apart, CCPA - Do Not Sell My Personal Information.    Prophecy Contend for her prosperity. Yes: the older we grow, and the nearer we draw to the light of perfect day, the more we see our own great darkness and multitudinous defilements, and the more disposed we feel to cry, "Unclean! www.praiselyrics.com This sermon shows the value of looking unto Jesus for savlation, it only take one look. Midis The Christianity which the world requires, and the Word of God reveals, is of a very different stamp. (1 Kings xix. Guest Outlines They had no printed books. If He shall say unto thee that thou hast deserved damnation, say, 'Lord, I put the death of our Lord Jesus Christ between Thee and all my sins: and I offer His merits for my own, which I should have, and have not.' Songs Update. In the phrase "looking unto Jesus," it is useful and interesting to remember that the Greek word which, in our English Bible, we render "looking," is only found here in the New Testament. Chistian Videos THROW AWAY THE HINDERANCE –Vs 1. The expression of the text is one of those pithy golden sayings which stand out here and there on the face of the New Testament, and demand special attention. He who is the Water of Life ended His ministry thirsting. Then, and then only, we shall not be disappointed. Pausing for a moment in their conversation, he took the poet by the arm and quietly asked, "What do you think of Jesus Christ?" 98 Children's 3.    Complete Talking Bible    Bible Study Software 6). He paid tribute, and yet He is the King. To the biologist He is the Life. Labour for her peace. And next to a Christless religion, beware of a religion in which Christ is not the first, foremost, chief, principal object,�the very Alpha in the alphabet of your faith. Persecutors and oppressors would soon be swept away, and the great Shepherd of the sheep would gather them into a fold of safety. Engine This, again, is what he meant when he gave that confident challenge, "Who is he that condemneth ? No other religion will ever receive much heart-felt attention from mankind. (John xiii. This, surely, was the mind of St. Paul, when he said, "Being reconciled to God by the death of His Son, we shall be saved by His life." "Let me go and do likewise.". ii. But I cannot understand it when I read the Epistle to the Hebrews, and see that we have a great High Priest in heaven, who can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, and who bids us pour out our hearts before Him, and come to Him for grace to help in time of need. They are rich in thought and food for reflection. And who, again, can look round his own private circle, whether great or small, and fail to see many things which are most painful and distressing; things which, like a watcher by a dying pillow, he can only look on and feel deeply, but cannot mend?

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