The Phantom Green one has the Thundaga spell while the Midnight Blue has the Blizzaga spell, but they're otherwise essentially just recolors of the Star Seeker. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The shooting stars that comprise the guard are navy blue, with one displaying a blue button and another displaying a blue button, while on the other side displaying a blue button and another displaying a blue button. Check out the weapon review & stats of the Keyblade "Phantom Green" in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3). Let us know! Not changing this sig until Gravity Rush 3 gets announced. Ability It is varying shades of blue with a yellow star in the tip of the blade and the four playstation buttons embedded in its handle. !, lol) to Dawn and that one has Firaza, I believe. I think the Xbox exclusive Keyblade might be slightly better overall because of Thundaga, but they aren't amazing or anything anyway. Midnight Blue - Keyblade Stats & How To Get. For example, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of KH3 have a different Keyblade; Midnight Blue on the PS4 and Phantom Green on Xbox One. I know it will not happen but i can dream, right. Midnight Blue is a palette swap of Star Seeker, another Keyblade familiar to players of … The PlayStation Store has changed the exclusive pre-order Keyblade from Star Seeker variant to Midnight Blue. So those three are just reskins of each other, but yeah; it has nothing really to do with their usefulness - I just like to get all the keyblades in any of these games. Pre-Order Bonus for PS4 Creative Commons license, with attribution. Upload or insert images from URL. Obtained Shotlocks It’s basically the Kingdom Key but with increased Blizzard magic abilities. Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Base stats, abilities, how to get, & Strength / Magic post-upgrade can be found. The Keychain's links are silver, and the token is a yellow moon. Clear editor. Don't throw away an IP with so much potential, Sony!   Your previous content has been restored. Its keychain is a yellow crescent moon. × The Midnight Blue is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III. The Midnight Blue is the keyblade obtained by people who pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts III through the Playstation store. +4 Next up is the PlayStation 4’s Midnight Blue Keyblade with its blue colors and a “O” and “X” on the pommel to mirror the console’s buttons. +4 Grand Chef - Keyblade Stats & How To Get. Paste as plain text instead, × You won’t be using Midnight Blue for very long. Original KH13 content can be shared under the Creative Commons license, with attribution. The blue and green keyblades are digital exclusive preorders and dawn till dusk skin is amazon exclusive so no you won't get it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Wielding Midnight Blue also allows Sora to change into Second Form M which has the same abilities and techniques with Second Form S, Second Form P, and Second Form D. Kingdom Hearts and all official Kingdom Hearts material is © Disney and Square Enix. Set along the tip are three blue crystals, and on the teeth are a silver moon and a yellow star. Its keychain is a yellow crescent moon. You can post now and register later. Midnight Blue is a PlayStation 4-themed palette swap of Star Seeker. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. × Which game do you think had the best selection of Keyblades? I recall one pre-order keyblade being Xbox only... Tis no good to dream or fantasize without ability; I did get the Dusk (why do I keep typing Dusk as Duck? The base of the blade is silver, and the blade is blue with a pattern similar to the night sky. You can help the. Playing GBF, Animal Crossing New Horizons | Reading Jojolion. Strength To redeem your DLC Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 that you might have gotten as a preorder bonus, there are different things you should do. That depends entirely on which Keyblade were talking about. Dawn until Dusk offers Firaza. You can't even get all of them, can you? How would you feel if Keyblades no longer had stats in the next game?   You cannot paste images directly. Classic Tone - How To Get. Form It is varying shades of blue with a yellow star in the tip of the blade and the four playstation buttons embedded in its handle. © 2008-2020 KH13, originally created by Daniel Chiuchiarelli and Aaron McNabb, and contributed to by KH13 staff. How Kingdom Hearts could be the perfect mana game. This section is empty or needs to be expanded. Midnight Blue is a pre-order bonus for PS4 players. Its handle is black with a blue star near the blade and a silver star near the pommel. They have these alternate forms and finishers to those forms, which allow you to switch fighting styles mid combat and I love trying all the weapon's forms. Midnight Blue Information. I bought them because I'm a sucker for extra DLC and weapons, but they are far from life changing or anything. They're reskins with slapped on -ga skills, but I did get them lol. Midnight Blue focuses on allowing Sora to perform ice-based attacks. One was the preorder bonus and i just kinda liked the 7/11 keyblade so why not? There aren't many keyblades in this game and the keyblades are more than just a model with stats this time around. Kingdom Hearts 3 … Fire is pretty OP in this game so having that at the start of your playthrough is pretty dope. Magic The Midnight Blue Keyblade is a pre-order bonus exclusive to the PlayStation Store. King of Hearts, Ragnarok

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