[citation needed], Since their meeting in the Underdark, Jarlaxle has sometimes shown an attraction to Catti-brie. [37] He chose to aid Catti-brie after she was afflicted by the Spellplague, and he even continued to search for her at Drizzt Do'Urden's request. For enough money, Jarlaxle and his band might ally with Gromph Baenre and Jalynfein the Spider Mage to set about changing Menzoberranzan's Lolth and female-dominated society and to squeeze as much adventure and pleasure from life as he possibly can. [51], In 1491 DR, Jarlaxle aided Gromph Baenre and the Companions of the Hall in the reconstruction of the Host Tower of the Arcane.
He spoke Common perfectly fluently,[20] as well as his native Drow, Abyssal, Goblin,[55] Svirfneblin, and Halfling tongues. He is (sometimes) an ally of House Baenre, although you can see on several occasions that his band's services are available to the highest bidder or to whoever suits him. Another staple item is his wide-brimmed hat, plumed with a diatryma feather. He often shifts the patch from eye to eye to keep others guessing as to its powers. Jarlaxle also took a scrimshaw piece from Regis that depicted Drizzt and Guenhwyvar, rather than taking the valuable ruby pendant. Two jewel skulls, artifacts obtained from relics of the lich. Class A small silver cone to create an area of amplified sensibilities enabling him to overhear the conversation of his subjects from a long distance. Sex [citation needed], He speaks common, drow, as well as the goblin,[7]svirfneblin, and halfling tongue[8]. [24] He had an "insatiable curiosity and a desire to know—everything. [93] Jarlaxle, who always felt there was something wrong with Menzoberranzan and drow society, truly admired him,[20] though he feared that Drizzt was forgetting his principles. Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri end up meeting once more though it is not on the best of terms. Velvet Feathered Hat (Rare) His control over Luskan aided in transportation of goods and workers to the site.[52].

They joined a party of adventurers, battled the dracolich Urshula, and invaded a replica fortress of Castle Perilous.

A knave's eye patch was a magic eye patch that granted its wearer a number of benefits. A ring that created illusionary copies of the bearer. Get an AWESOME boost to your power with a full set of rare items and an exclusive Golden Epic for Jarlaxle! Retailer of designer sunglasses, eyeglasses and optical prescriptions. [27], Jarlaxle preferred to avoid killing someone as long as that person could be manipulated to serve his interests, no matter how small his or her role might be. [citation needed], When forced into combat, Jarlaxle will throw a seemingly unlimited supply of magical daggers conferred to him by his bracers[9]. [29], Jarlaxle was born to Yvonnel Baenre, the matron mother of House Baenre, the first house of Menzoberranzan. He was one of a small number of male drow who actually had significant power in a Lolth-worshiping city,[18] although he increasingly spent little time in the city itself as he adventured on the surface. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [8][34], At some point after they split ways, Jarlaxle was forced, against his will, to betray Artemis in Baldur's Gate to the Netherese, who were seeking to recover the Charon's Claw sword. More than anything, Jarlaxle is an opportunist.

[citation needed] Of course, Jarlaxle also possessed the typical drow weapon: a hand crossbow adorned with bolts dipped in sleeping poison. 2nd Edition Statistics[15] He flirted with them; Ilnezhara in particular found him very charming. https://tsukino.fandom.com/wiki/Jarlaxle?oldid=4310. [97] He informed the king about their true identity as dragons then infiltrated their shops as a street waif. Doquaio was killed instead. 3e A pair of belted daggers that could be extended into swords with the flick of a wrist. [citation needed], He and Entreri started working for Ilnezhara and Tazmikella, the copper dragon sisters of Heliogabalus, who wanted them to investigate the appearance of Zhengyian constructs in Vaasa. Enhanced Eye Patch Enhanced Eye Patch (Shiny) Enhanced Eye Patch (Golden) File:Jarlaxle 2 3sh.png File:Jarlaxle 2 3g.png I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve. Mix & match this face accessory with other items to create an avatar that is unique to you! Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. One in every three or so daggers is an illusion, but can still be fatal if it is believed to be real. Captain of the Guard (House Do'Urden)[1] There they joined a party of adventurers and invaded a replica fortress of Castle Perilous and battled the dracolich Urshula. After, the two took the castle and claimed it for themselves causing a team of heroes to invade and do battle. Slender, handsome, and tightly muscled, Jarlaxle was the dandy of Menzoberranzan. Knaves Eye Patch (Golden Epic) These adventures are detailed in the Promise of the Witch-King and in Road of the Patriarch. Thanks for reporting your concern.

The eye patch also made it easier for creatures that were overly sensitive to sunlight―such as drow, driders, duergar, kobolds, kuo-toa, and troglodytes―to withstand it.

Basic Information He commonly wore high boots and bracelets that could be made to clack loudly or be silent at his discretion. 5th Edition Statistics[11] Authentic & Authorized Retailer Get an AWESOME boost to your power with a full set of rare items and an exclusive Golden Epic for Jarlaxle!

Tsukino Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Increases the damage of Jarlaxle by Template:Damage shinyuncommon. A pair of boots that could be noisy or silenced at will.

He was one of the most powerful males, if not individuals, in the city and the surrounding Underdark.

Jarlaxle and Artemis also worked together in Calimport, taking over many guilds in the city. Kimmuriel knows and understands more about Jarlaxle than any other being. He was recognized for his mastery of strategy and tactics and his strength was in the non-physical aspects of fighting, although he was a skilled swordsman as well. Jarlaxle made an agreement with Kimmuriel for co-leadership of Bregan D'aerthe while Jarlaxle went traveling around the surface. In the city of Menzoberranzan, intrigue and double-dealing were a way of life, and no one played them better than Jarlaxle did. Jarlaxle Baenre is a drow mercenary and leader of the Bregan D'aerthe mercenary company. [37] In Calimport, Artemis rescued Jarlaxle—claiming he needed the drow for protection—and escaped the wrath of Rai-Guy and Kimmuriel during the Bregan D'aerthe takeover. [44][45], When the reincarnated Regis passed through Luskan in 1483 DR, he stayed at One-Eyed Jax, an inn and tavern on the northern bank that was named for and owned by Jarlaxle (through Ship Kurth). In 1462 DR, Jarlaxle, Athrogate, and Dahlia once again joined up together and recruited Drizzt Do'Urden and Bruenor Battlehammer in an attempt to right this wrong. Several extra-dimensional devices, including a button on his waistcoat that turns into a bag designed to shield the magical emanations of its contents, A black cloth in the shape of a small bat that turns into a living creature which can serve as a scout, A palm-sized ornament in the form of a silvery rearing dragon, with wings and jaws spread wide, a gift from the dragon, A tablecloth that can magically provide a feast, Jarlaxle also possesses a variety of slender. [1], The drow mercenary Jarlaxle Baenre wore a knave's eye patch as part of his extensive magic item collection.[3].

[7] However, despite his proficiency with blades, Jarlaxle tended to prefer to use his many magic trinkets as a first resort. By 1462 DR, the two considered each other friends. [93] Many years after Catti-brie's death, however, Jarlaxle worried that Drizzt was forgetting himself and crossing the line of honor he had always held himself to. Parent(s)

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