She worked for the guy,” said one former executive. Join Facebook to connect with Jen Barrett and others you may know. This person described Berrent as "world class at what she does. Gunningham rose through the company’s ranks to run its Latin American division, based in Miami, before leaving to join Apple Inc. That place is WeWork.”, Jen Berrent, WeWork Anyone with a household income under $50,000 isn’t even on the marketing radar of bigger banks. Berrent’s sometimes ruthless work ethic can be seen in corporate documents she helped write. I'm a reporter at Forbes and the author of What Next? Berrent took her work seriously and felt women needed to work ten times as hard as men to reach the top, one person familiar with her thinking said. People close to Neumann say, despite being the CEO, he never thoroughly read it. Subscriber “She had responsibility for major parts of the company and was one of Adam’s most trusted managers and advisors.”.

as well as other partner offers and accept our, Photo by Jackal Pan/Visual China Group via Getty Images. They just don’t have a clear way to monetize those customers so historically, they’ve gone largely ignored.”. Jen Berrent, WeWork’s co-president and chief legal officer, is the only senior woman at WeWork and the company’s top legal executive. When one executive, the rising star and Berrent direct report Will Potter, fell out of favor with Neumann's wife, Rebekah, over his opposition to one of her fads, Neumann called on Berrent to dismiss him, according to a former colleague. He’s “gregarious,” the person said, while remaining “very numbers- and operations-oriented,” making him a “solid person” to counterbalance Neumann’s ephemeral persona. One of Berrent’s jobs in her early days was formalizing employee roles and responsibilities. WeWork has focused its attention on Asia since 2016 with the opening of its first facility in Shanghai amid booming demand for flexible work spaces. Multiple employees also told stories of coming to her with ideas about improving WeWork’s diversity hiring, after she had urged them to do so in her speeches, only to feel brushed off with a demeanor some described as cold, a potentially sexist label often attached to high powered women. On the other hand, Neumann’s departure signals a fresh beginning. since. As an accountant, he worked at Ernst & Young before starting work in the media industry. Bridges also alleged that Berrent told her that “men are paid more than women because, for example, men take risks and women don’t and women are `second earners,'” according to the complaint. The campaign to get Neumann to step aside came on the heels of reports of self-dealing and other governance issues that caused public investors to spurn the company, sending its expected valuation tumbling by billions of dollars. The filing said the stake was worth $58.8 million as of June 2019.

One person described her role as one who handles everyday issues so that her boss doesn't have to and, in that sense, said she was "Adam Neumann's Michael Cohen.

Despite Minson’s numbers-heavy background, he still has “the salesman capability,” said one person who knows Minson but who asked not to be identified speaking about private interactions. SoftBank also accelerated an existing commitment to fund $1.5 billion. Berrent would play a key role in negotiating WeWork’s later fundraising rounds. In the early days, Berrent and Neumann bonded during one-on-one meetings they held while walking around New York. As WeWork's board forced Neumann to tender his resignation, he focused his anger and blame, as he had on Berrent and other executives many times before, full force on his top lawyer, according to one person familiar with the matter.

“He’s the adult in the room.”. She's smart. Forbes estimates that Neumann walked away a billionaire.

Accept Read More, WeWork Jen Berrent: Career of the most senior woman under Adam Neumann. She claimed she was dismissed after disagreeing with the company’s decision not to fire the alleged perpetrators and for raising concerns about the pay disparity. Berrent’s LinkedIn profile stands frozen from that time, listing her as COO, but there’s also reason to believe that she maneuvered a way to keep the role. If I go days without meditating, people will feel it in the office for sure.

Bridges alleged massive differences in pay between men and women at the company, particularly when it came to equity grants, and said Berrent cut her out of key meetings after she raised concerns. [email protected], @2020 - Elexonic. There, he helped the company break into corporate computing. Miguel McKelvey, co-founder of WeWork, will take over as chief culture officer; he was formerly the chief creative officer. He earned an undergraduate degree in math from Stanford University in 1985 and in 1989, he joined Oracle. The company then gave Berrent and Minson bonuses in the exact amount of their outstanding loans, which they used to pay off their debt, according to the S-1 filing. She was someone expressly focused on getting things done, who felt it was her job to orchestrate his wishes when the board approved them in ways that protected him and the company. The claim alleges that Neumann repeatedly referred to Bardhi’s maternity leave as “retirement” and a “vacation.” “Indeed, during and after both leaves, Ms. Bardhi paid the price in her position and earning power at the Company, by having her role drastically and materially reduced, being demoted, and having male employees elevated over and replacing her,” it says. Alexandra Taussig. In the early days, she used those non-traditional traits to appeal to a workforce that considered itself part of a cause larger than just leasing out coworking space. Amazon veteran Gunningham represents the technical chops of the new executive team. No Thanks! "She just had this attitude that you suck it up and work harder," one former employee said, "and you will get there.". Two former WeWork execs told Business Insider they saw examples of gender pay imbalances, while two female ex-employees said they felt underpaid. She told employees she felt that WeWork was a place where she could be her authentic self. […], “More access and education has opened up financial opportunity to women and so many other groups. “With strong feelings of loss, I boarded an airplane for Japan to lead the most important negotiation of my career. "It was hard for her.". He also ran a company called Peace Software that specialized in managing billing for utilities, and sold it to First Data Corp. in 2006.

“It is an incredible honor to lead WeWork during this important moment in the company’s history,” the two men said in a joint statement. Wall Street is no exception, where women have forayed, found success and flourished. While her formal title remained co-president and CLO, her new work contract called her Co-President, Chief Legal Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of the company. TechCrunch ist Teil von Verizon Media. "Before the all-hands meetings, it was clear that she'd have to spend all night at Adam's apartment while he was drinking tequila and dictating things," one person close to both executives said. As WeWork grew, so did her stature within the company — Berrent worked long hours wearing many hats, including chief operating officer, that saw her act as WeWork's chief fundraising negotiator, lawsuit handler, and Neumann confidante. In August, as the march towards the planned IPO picked up, Berrent signed a new employment contract. Gunningham would ask for business proposals presented as written narratives, and could drill into the details. Instead, he made her chief legal officer and co-president. Berrent had defended the clauses in 2017 by explaining “Our people are our soul.” But in September 2018, Underwood forced WeWork to scale them back because she saw them as too restrictive.

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