Pass the knowledge test the first time, guaranteed. Make sure the lines and hoses are not tangled or dragging against tractor parts. CDL study guide in both text and audio - listen as you. The drive shaft should not be bent or cracked. An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Vehicle Pre-Trip Checklist Inspection - Kentucky CDL Skills Tests: The Kentucky vehicle inspection test (walk-around) requires the driver to point out vehicle components and explain what you are checking and why to the examiner. Access to CDL videos covering written and skills tests. RELEASE EMERGENCY BRAKE FRONT OF BUS: Approach bus looking for: o Posture of bus o All lens caps in place o No leaks under bus—look and smell for radiator fluid (green), transmission fluid (red) or motor oil. The frame, cross members, box, and floor should be checked for holes, cracks, broken welds or other damage. Covers ALL Eight Kentucky CDL written tests. Check for secure tanks, tight caps, and that the tanks or lines don�t leak. Confirm the vehicle is in �park� and start the engine. Brake linings and pads should not be worn thin. *Anyone needing accessibility assistance with the document, may contact the Pupil Transportation Branch*. Confirm that the temperature gauge is working. On other types of coupling systems the locking mechanism should not have missing or broken parts and should lock securely. The gauges should show the alternator and/or generator charging; otherwise the warning light should be set off. After you make it through the practice test, you’ll finally be ready to go to the DMV and take the real thing. The landing gear must be fully raised. Check that doors are not damaged and that they open, close, and latch properly from the outside. Mirrors should be clean and adjusted properly from the inside. Check for shifted, cracked, broken, or even missing leaf springs. At that point, don’t put it off. If you are not sure if you’ll pass, it is a mistake to go to the DMV and sit for the exam. Battery box and cover/door must be secure. School bus inspectors must have a minimum of two (2) years of experience and complete training by a Certified School Bus Inspector Trainer. It is much better to prepare ahead of time by taking this CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Practice Test. School bus inventory is updated once a year, starting in October and finalized in December. Check for damage to power steering hoses and power steering fluid leaks. You’re now ready to go to the DMV. Learn what precautions you can take about the coronavirus. With the engine running, apply the foot brake and hold for five seconds. Ties, straps, chains, and binders should be secure. Confirm that the shock absorbers are secure and that there are no leaks. If equipped, check the air ride suspension for damage and leaks. One properly charged and rated fire extinguisher. You might not get every answer correct the first time, and that is all right. YOUR CDL MUST BE OBTAINED AND MAINTAINED IN YOUR STATE OF RESIDENCE. Windshield should be clean with no illegal stickers, obstructions, or damage to the glass. b) Removing the radiator cap if the engine is not hot and visually checking the coolant level. You could fail it, and that will make it hard for you to maintain your job. Check for loose or missing mounting brackets, clamps, bolts, or nuts. After the initial drop, the rate of pressure loss should not be more than 2 psi per Check that the wiper arms and blades are not damaged and operate smoothly. Check that it has no missing parts with a non-damaged support frame and that the crank handle is secure. Doors and hinges must open, close, and latch properly from the outside, and should not be damaged. Hinges should be secure with seals intact. View the most recent (2020) official KY CDL Handbook. Check for dents, cracks or holes, and loose or missing bolts. Confirm that there is an adequate power steering fluid level that is above the refill mark. 670 practice Kentucky CDL test questions with actual answers. System should be secure and connected tightly. This CDL practice test is a great place to start if you’re after the KY Pre-Trip Inspection endorsement. You can learn from the answers that you miss. Check system for rust or carbon soot as they are signs of damage or leaks. minute for single vehicles and no more than 3 psi per minute for combination vehicles. All Kentucky school buses are inspected each month by a Kentucky State Certified School Bus Inspector. This will let you know what you need to review. Become a member to unlock our extensive library of 1,000+ exam-like questions and pass the Kentucky CDL exam the first time, guaranteed. . Rapidly depress and release the foot brake to reduce air tank pressure. When you finally get all of the practice test questions right, you’ll know that you are ready for test day. All Kentucky school buses are inspected each month by a Kentucky State Certified School Bus Inspector. Clearance lights (red on rear, amber elsewhere), Red reflectors (on rear) and amber reflectors (elsewhere). Tire condition: Check that tread is evenly worn and without cuts or damage to tread or sidewalls. Start the engine and then slowly release the clutch. Spacers should not be bent, damaged, or rusted through. Pre‐Trip Inspection 1. Release (push in) the parking brake and trailer air supply button (for combination vehicles), and apply pressure to the foot brake. Check to see that batteries are secure, for tight cable connections, and that cell caps are present. Introduction One of the primary reasons for school bus safety is the daily pre trip inspection of the school bus. Check that hub oil/grease seals and axle seals are not leaking. Check that the steering box is mounted securely and is not leaking. School Bus Pre Trip Inspection Under the Hood Diagram ... pre trip inspection and please keep in mind that the video is designed to supplement, not replace the training that your school district provides. Non-power steering vehicles: Play should not exceed 10 degrees (or about two inches on a 20-inch wheel) when you turn the steering wheel back and forth. If equipped with a hydraulic brake reserve system, with the key in the off position, depress the brake pedal and listen for the sound of the reserve system electric motor turning on. If equipped with a release arm, check that it engaged and that the safety latch is in place. parking brake button should pop out when the pressure falls to usually between 20 to 40 psi. Mirrors and mirror brackets should be mounted securely. the rate of pressure loss should be no more than 3 psi per minute for single vehicles and no more than 4 psi per minute for combination vehicles. If equipped, make sure that the release arm is secured and that the locking pins are locked in place. This includes an under the hood engine compartment inspection. Check for any missing lug nuts, cracks, distortions, and for signs of looseness such as rust trails or shiny threads. Not sure which KY CDL Tests you need to pass? Check that connecting links, arms, and rods from the steering box to the wheels are not worn and cracked. While the engine is operating at 1800 RPM, the pressure should rise from 85 to 100 psi within 45 seconds in dual air systems. That will let you know that you need to go back through your KY study materials and review that section before you go to the DMV. Other types of coupling systems should be inspected for missing or broken components. Check the front area of enclosed trailers for cracks, bulges or holes. A school bus pre-trip inspection aims to determine if school buses are secured and operational before departing from the terminal. Tread depth: need a minimum tread depth of 4/32 on steering axle tires, 2/32 on all other tires. The fifth wheel and the slide mounting must be solidly attached. If you know the date of your official knowledge exam, select it here: is a privately owned website that is not affiliated with or operated by any state government agency. Where visible, check that a reasonable amount of brake lining is showing. Indicate the location of the power steering fluid dipstick. It will make it much easier for you to go into the KY DMV and pass with flying colors.

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