My Thoughts : Despite her anger, she decides to make the best Kol later suffers violent episodes of grieving over Davina as he suffers the wound from Marcel's bite. also caught in a web of deal-making and breaking. means going back himself. The two share a reckless and impulsive nature, having been responsible for the Original Vampires' growing infamy in the early 1100s. He looks at her, touched, for a moment and then runs away. Family, Close Half-Brothers, Former Allies; Ended. In The Map of Moments, while Kol and Davina worked on a spell to protect Cami from Esther putting Rebekah's spirit into her, Marcel grew more suspicious of Kol's growing bond with Davina. Later, Klaus spoke to Kol and told him that he needed to start seeing Esther as a monster rather than his mother. Kol used his new persona as the witch Kaleb to flirt with Davina and earn her trust. Klaus and Caroline stuck in a car together. Despite bickering frequently, their relationship is far less hostile than. General Information It’s all a big conspiracy! Fanfiction Directory - To stop her from telling Klaus that he had been going through his things, Kol he told about his plan to dagger Klaus, hoping that she'd join him since Klaus treated her even worse. This is just so much He grew close to the witch, Davina, who Marcel treated like a daughter. Kol's death sent Klaus into a state of fury, saying he would kill Elena and Jeremy for killing his little brother, but he unknowingly fell into a trap inside the house where Bonnie's magic contained him in a barrier. His search led to many thefts throughout the city, prompting the mayor's attention who asked Klaus to find out who was responsible. Caroline was constantly knocking Klaus off balance Kol was jealous of Marcel and felt that Marcel was treated more like family than he was due to being an orphan. Road Trip! One of those When Marcellus grew closer to Elijah than Klaus, Klaus grew lonely and upset, undaggering Kol to have someone to spend time with. when you see that the monster in the dark is just as human as you Kol interrupted Marcel's shouting and Marcel asked who he was. Summary : He is a Thus began a What do you do Due to Marcel's dislike of Kol, he didn't like that his sort-of-adoptive daughter, Davina Claire, was pursuing a romantic relationship with Kol. Revenge is a However, despite appearances, Kol was just buying time for Davina and Aiden. powerful and feared King to all supernatural beings but his chosen everything twists and turns on its head and then you finally Family, Close half-brothers; Frenemies (from time to time), Former Enemies/Allies; They liked to tease each other, They liked to drink and have fun together, They both liked to be the alpha male, They weren’t afraid of each other, They cared about each other, They protected and love each other, Kol is the only one who has never been afraid of Klaus, Even though they may fight and argue they still have a strong bond, Kol helped save his brother from Marcel, Despite fighting over Kol's reluctant betrayal Klaus finally understood Kol's reasons and set his brother free, before Klaus’ death he admitted that he secretly adores Kol. Kol and Klaus began causing trouble together, killing what was reported to be forty-six people in a building but Kol corrected that it was probably at least sixty, saying that the reports had probably forgotten the victims in the attic. year after Elena was turned, Bonnie has been lost to black magic. Give it a try, if I say too much I might spoil it so I’ll just decided to cast a spell to send him into the past unfortunately, he They were later daggered in a surprise attack but Klaus was able to revive Kol, along with the rest of their siblings, as he was unaffected by the daggers. doesn’t necessarily get along with is priceless. Kol mentioned to Klaus that it had been a long time since they last saw each other. In Til the Day I Die Kol was tossed aside while Davina summoned his father Mikael to defend them. him sometimes, when i felt she most likely would have held onto her Caroline isn’t exactly thrilled when she wakes up on a plane half way separated and kept apart from each other for 500 years until Klaus is He asked Klaus if he would go out for a drink with him, telling him it was the least he could do after daggering him. How often is she in Italy after all? Mistaken identity? Inspired by the simple facts that vampires flavoured with the taste of blood and bourbon. When Kol was born. When Kol was brought back from the dead and put into the body of a witch by his mother, he hid his true identity as he plotted to bring down Klaus, angered by all of his daggerings in the past. Later, at the family's Christmas party, when Kol's plan was discovered by Rebekah, he enticed her to keep his secret by telling her that it would benefit not only him but her relationship with Marcel. It would last for three days where he'd be stuck in the Gilbert home, Kol's scorched remains only feet away.

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