Truthstream Media Solar Activity In total, Gokh believes that there are around 39 pyramidal structures and monolithic buildings in the entire Crimean peninsula. Recently I started to investigate a story about some mysterious pyramids and it led me to a much bigger mystery:  The Kola Peninsula of Russia. Alaska Urgent News Lemuria Architecture The scientist in charge of this discovery suggests that the Kola Peninsula might be the home of the most ancient civilization on Earth. The same can be said about the pyramids that were raised in Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, and all other places where we encounter ancient pyramidal structures. Credit: Public Domain. Technology Fraud Life And Health Government Fracking Barchenko’s theory was that humans emerged from the northern regions during the Golden Age, about 12 thousand years ago. Dna Between 1500 and 1530 the most sophisticated and refined miniature wood carvings were created in the Netherlands and Flanders. The Flood caused the Aryan tribes living there to leave the Kola Peninsula and move south. April 2011 Bashenko was executed in Moscow during the Great Purge on April 25, 1938. Animals Daily News November 2015 There are still others who think they are astronomical/astrological aids. 2018 Artificial Intelligence Apple Possibly the Kola Peninsula was exposed long enough to become inhabited. May 2014 Let’s hope that at some point we find out the truth. Chemtrails Another expedition was on its way to the Kola Peninsula, and it wasn’t an easy task for it. Rare 16th Century Gothic Carvings Are So Small Researchers Used X-Ray To Unravel Their Mystery. “During the expedition, we took a special instrument, the most modern geophysical equipment - the Oko georadar,” one of the researchers said. September 2014 The biggest mystery of these pyramids is that so far it has not been possible to find out who built these huge pyramids. Wonders such as the Grand Canyon or the Victoria Falls, Time traveler, a survivor of the famous Philadelphia Experiment reveals details about time-travel programs. The result stunned the entire scientific community. They have always been considered that—natural parts of the landscape. Two of the most interested scientific parties died years ago before they could complete their quests of examining the pyramids. According to archaeologists, these pyramids are at least two times older than the ones from Egypt. Kola pyramids. Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola peninsula prove the existence of an ancient civilization in Russia, yet another global pyramid connection as we have seen before on Volcano There are only, A company called Capsula Mundi has succeeded in inventing an innovative method for burial. The riddle of the Russian Pyramids is an archeological-mystery-in- progress. Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola peninsula prove the existence of an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia. Cambridge Analytica New Years Al Bialek was born in 1927 and worked. Hot Headlines Hecataeus of Miletus  (550 B.C - 476 B.C), the first known Greek historian came to believe the holy place of the Hyperboreans lay “on an island in the ocean…beyond the land of the Celts.”. Pyramids discovered in Russia twice as old as Egyptian. There are voids and unknown chambers inside the pyramids. ISV Columbus Barchenko became convinced the Kola pyramids were constructed by the lost civilization of Hyperborea, a mythical island according to ancient Greeks. Those stone slabs in the Russian pyramids are estimated to be between 9,000 and 40,000 years old. Just For Laughs Pyramids Mark Zuckerberg Shishak (Sheshonq I): Egyptian King Who Invaded Judah And United Egypt, Draken Harald Hårfagre – World’s Largest Viking Ship On Its Way To U.S And Canada, Thousands Magnificent Jade Artifacts Discovered In Han Dynasty Tombs – China’s Golden Age In New Light, Glorious And Scary Orava Castle – Realms Of Nosferatu And A Historical Landmark Of Slovakia, Biblical Tefach: Amazing ‘Common Constant’ Found Among Ancient Storage Jars In Israel. A group of archeologists recently uncovered a new Sphinx in Egypt but sadly enough they couldn’t, The fact of the matter is that we know that the tools that were used to, If you’re interested in finding out more about the history of the ancient Anunnaki but you’re, Back in 1969, a rather strange discovery was made by a team of construction workers from. The step pyramids, similar to the ones in Central and South America, are twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt! Cannabis July 2015 Disclosure Researchers believe that pyramids are a way of observing the sky and being able to study it, even more, they have a shape very similar to Mount Meru, a mountain that is very often mentioned in separate mythologies or religious texts. July 2011 While on, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China was temporarily closed due to an extremely bizarre event. February 2012 After having studied Masonic literature, the late Russian scientist became convinced the Hyperboreans were a very advanced civilization that mastered atomic energy, levitation and flight. Credit: Zizu Hotel Russia, In this island, there is a magnificent grove of Apollo, and a remarkable temple, of a round form, adorned with many consecrated gifts. Conspiracy September 2011 The first know study of the Kola pyramids took place in the early 1920s when Russian researcher Alexander Vasilyevich Barchenko (1881 – 1938) traveled with a scientific team to investigate the mysterious, unknown ancient structures. 2017 Documentary Bermuda Triangle Transhumanism Nullification Water 4.0 The Kola Peninsula is located in the northernmost region of European Russia. On a preliminary assessment, these pyramids are at least twice as old as the Great Pyramids of Giza. August 2012 Close by are hand-crafted stone walls and the foundation and walls of a water reservoir. Speaking of experts in Kola, they were not easy since the locals never wanted to guide the scientists and the road was extremely difficult, even if they had help, for them. May 2018 Please click HERE to find the novel on Amazon. Social Credit December 2019 May 2011 Credit: Zizu Hotel Russia. Fluoride Hyperborea has never been found but it doesn’t necessarily mean the place never existed.

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