Last week he told the Courier Mail he felt “embarrassed” by the ordeal. “All the boys put their efforts and we went out there every week and we did everything we could. “This recording is derogatory of more than just the victim.”. She was granted bail on her own undertaking.

His family were all wearing Broncos gear as they watched from the crowd, and shared hugs with Kotoni after he came off the field. However, Staggs insists that he still has room to improve following his stellar 2020 campaign. After viewing a picture sent by Robinson, Stags asks ‘Is that her?’, referring to the offer of a threesome.

The pair never met in person again following their first meeting on June 15. The court heard the video gathered “domestic and international attention” and caused Mr Staggs “personal and professional embarrassment” and “ongoing harassment”. She arrived at court early on Friday morning wearing a bright floral mini dress and dark black sunglasses, flanked by her legal team, Staggs alleges Robinson, who describes herself as a ‘holistic wellness coach,’ repeatedly called and messaged him following their rendezvous.
He was born on the year 1998. Despite the embarrassment for the up-and-coming Bronco, Staggs was cleared of any wrongdoing by the NRL’s integrity unit after the video was released. Lawyers for the teen previously said she never intended to share the video and deeply regretted its release. Defence lawyer Jason Jacobson previously insisted the teenager never meant for the video to circulate on social media. And he celebrates his birthday on every 29th day of October. Kotoni Staggs is 21 years old as of 2020. Kotoni Staggs' family drove 10 hours to watch him debut for the Brisbane Broncos. Robinson’s series of messages included a photo of herself holding a sex toy and a proposal to “come f***”. Kotoni Staggs is a famous Rugby player who is currently known for a leaked video of him with some girl doing sexual stuff. There’s a lot of hard work to be put in to be right for next year,” he said. By August 4, it had been distributed to other sport clubs and across several social media platforms, the court heard. Ms Robinson denies it was her idea to film their encounter, but accepted that she did make the recording and that it was on her phone. “She has learned a harsh lesson that these things are not to be distributed at all,” he said. The electric outside back suffered the injury in the Broncos’ round 20 loss to the Cowboys. The Brisbane Magistrates Court heard wild details surrounding the relationship between Staggs and Robinson before the 18-year-old was on Friday fined after pleading guilty to one count of distributing prohibited visual recordings. Your complete guide, Vienna shooting: Suspect on the run after three killed and 15 injured in ‘terror attack' in Austria, Bayer takes more than $10 billion writedown, flags higher Roundup settlement bill, Louisiana man sentenced to 25 years for setting fire to Black churches, Expert wants West Australians to wear masks. I was surprised by how well they took it and that made me feel a bit better.’. The woman from Brisbane's Newstead suburb allegedly shared the recording of Mr Staggs between June 14 and August 5 without his consent, according to court documents. Victoria records 21 new cases. Robinson's case was adjourned for mention on September 30.

‘Why do you think?’ Robinson said, followed by ‘yuck so off you now’. Two weeks later Robinson offered the footballer to participate in group sex with her and a friend. He plays as the centre and second-row forward in the National Rugby League (NRL) team Broncos. Before he was signed by the Brisbane Broncos, he used to play the junior football for the Wellington Cowboys. Staggs’ absence from the beginning of the 2021 season will cause a headache for incoming coach Kevin Walters, as he looks to build on Brisbane’s abysmal 2020 campaign.

Anthony Seibold says Staggs “has done nothing wrong”. You learn from your mistakes.” 'It has caused embarrassment to him, his family and the club and he is hoping to put this behind him now and leave it with the authorities. They had my back through it all. However, on Wednesday the court was told she would plead guilty. But while the 2020 season will go down as one to forget, Staggs stellar performances were one of few highlights for the Broncos. Kotoni Staggs is a professional athlete from New South Wales, Australia. She took into account her early plea of guilty, her age and lack of criminal history.

Get your 14-day free trial & start streaming instantly >. Staggs’ lawyer Dave Garratt previously said his client praised Queensland Police for their handling of the matter, The magistrate also agreed there is no evidence that proved Ms Robinson knew Staggs was a high profile footballer when she first initiated a conversation with him, When she last appeared in court, a lawyer for Ms Robinson, who now uses the alias McKenziana Skye on social media, vowed to explain how the sex tape was leaked at a later court appearance, Her defence lawyer, Jason Jacobson, previously insisted the teenager never meant for the video to circulate on social media. Staggs alleges Robinson, who describes herself as a ‘holistic wellness coach,’ repeatedly called and messaged him following their rendezvous. After the pair filmed an act of consensual sex during the meeting, Robinson was charged with distributing the illegal footage when it began to spread across the internet in August.

NSW coach Brad Fittler has a host of other talented outside backs at his disposal, however, with Stephen Crichton, Zac Lomax, Nick Cotric and Jack Wighton all possible inclusions in the side. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); The teenager at the centre of a sex tape scandal involving Broncos star Kotoni Staggs has dodged a conviction for leaking the explicit video of the athlete. The person who received the footage was somebody that Ms Robinson had ‘trusted’, the magistrate heard. Staggs' lawyer Dave Garratt previously told the Courier Mail his client praised Queensland Police for their handling of the mater. Robinson describes herself as a ‘holistic wellness coach’. “He has cooperated fully with the investigation by Queensland police and the NRL integrity unit, both of which have cleared him of any wrongdoing. Full name: Kotoni Staggs: Born 29 October 1998 … I was surprised by how well they took it and that made me feel a bit better. ️ #NRL Mr Staggs’s lawyer Dave Garratt said Ms Robinson’s actions had caused “a great deal of shame” to his client and he wanted to put the incident “behind him”.

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