“The companies would send in shoes for the football players to try out,” Larry Bironas said. He created the Rob Bironas Foundation for Kids.

1 year after his death, Rob Bironas' family remembers son, brother, From the moment 9-pound-2-ounce James Robert Douglas Bironas came into the world, his parents, Larry and Anne Bironas, knew it was going to be the ride of a lifetime.“From as young as I can remember, he would be off somewhere talking to people," Larry Bironas said. "His focus was on children. Growing up on the soccer fields in Louisville, KY, Rob aspired to make his career in soccer. Rob’s son, London Tyler Bironas (8), a ‘spitting image’ of his father, is a witty and kind-spirited budding soccer player who displays a familiar tenacity. Those memories help ease the pain just a little bit, as his family and fans mourn someone who seemed larger than life but never really out of reach. You are our true hero. A typical night at the Bironas home was spent piled with their dogs in front of a movie. Yet he could get to that point where he could go out on the field and, you know, there were times that it locked up and some of the misses were caused by his back locking up, and it was getting worse and worse," Larry Bironas said. Rob and Rachel’s four dogs, Titan, Buster, Bella and Bianca are their beloved four-legged children. Pester them, keep calling them and get in a couple of kicking combines, and that's the only way you're going to be seen,’" Larry Bironas said.Rob Bironas landed a spot on the Tennessee Titans roster in 2005 and didn't look back.He holds a franchise-record 11 game-winning field goals, including a historic 60-yarder with seven seconds left in a game. Rob and Rachel lived a quiet life in Nashville. The second of four children, Rob’s family is a picture of a rare, enviable close-knit, fun-loving, casually competitive unit. The disputed agreement also calls for Rachel to vacate the family residence by May 24 of this year. "That's one thing that we loved most about him was that he loved our kids and nieces and nephews, and so we have our childhood memories, but he was always involved in family, and that's what means a lot to us,” brother Blake Bironas said. Even with a schedule like that, his family said he always made time for them. He was a supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation of Middle Tennessee, granting a Wish by purchasing a pipe organ for one Wish child and sending another to the Grammy’s in 2013. The suit states that "a dispute has arisen among the petitioners regarding the distribution and administration of the assets." The connection between Rob and Rachel was immediate. As a believer in Jesus Christ, Rob has found rest in the arms of The Lord. During his time with the Titans, Rob Bironas became a dad to his son, London. Blake (33) is married to Tracy and they have three children, Alena (6), Lainey (3) and Cohen (2). “Each box probably had, you know, $2,000, $3,000 worth of shoes that he would take the time to gather up, get the box, cart it home and either bring up to Louisville or have me bring to give to the teams. Rob’s son, London Tyler Bironas (8), a ‘spitting image’ of his father, is a witty and kind-spirited budding soccer player who displays a familiar tenacity.

It all started at Trinity High School, in Louisville. Rachel Bradshaw Bironas and the Bironas family ask that you celebrate Rob’s life with gifts to the Rob Bironas Fund through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (www.cfmt.org). While attending the charity event to benefit Breast Cancer research, Rob met Rachel Bradshaw, a Nashville songwriter and the daughter of NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw and Charla Bradshaw, a Dallas attorney. Local and national elections & political news, delivered to your inbox. What fans didn't know was that he did it all injured.“His back would hurt so much that he couldn't get out of bed sometimes. “He's really what you dream of,” Larry Bironas said. Bironas was killed in … Bironas' active professional career began in Arena football. You were a man of principle and truth, and have supported us every step of the way. Pester them, keep calling them and get in a couple of kicking combines, and that's the only way you're going to be seen,’" Larry Bironas said. His technique involved focus, preparation and almost always overcame adverse elements. Greg (35) is married to Lindsey and they have two boys, Luke (6) and William (2).

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