I had a cat which was gone for months. We currently have two dogs and a cat that just had a litter three days ago.

Well, my son and one of my daughters put their money together and actually bought the cat! Thank you all for your great comments! I hope Soda Pop returns home soon. Smart is Good, that stinks that you couldn't keep the kitten, but it's awesome that you made sure it was safe. I sure hope that Soda Pop returns....those kitties; know how to break hearts. Pets 558 Words | 3 Pages. It is an important topic because there are not much people know about pets life. @Lucky Cats: Thanks for the awesome comments and well wishes. I checked out your Hubs Victoria Lynn.

One of my cats behaves like a dog. Supposedly, they were OK with it. @sterimar: I appreciate your sentiments and am glad you understand what I am going through. His meow is very weak and it makes you laugh just to hear it! I am sorry you have lost one of them..my heart hurts for you..I am so attached to all of our animals that each time we lost one mostly old age..it broke my heart.

Hopefully, when he returns (WHEN!!!) Thank you for the comment and kind words jujubees! That can be annoying and smells so bad, don't you think? This is feature allows you to search the site. Pets love us and give us the company.

Growing up however I am happy to admire, but don't want to own any of them. She is the most energetic and playful dog I’ve ever seen and as sweet as a cupcake (but I don’t want to eat her… even though I’d really enjoy a cupcake right now). and now a dog too. It has been a long time. I don't know what that means, but I am sure that you'll figure it out. No, I did not name my cats, my children did! My cats are funny they love the sun BUT love the air conditioner on too, but they are pure black which might be why they like the AC. I am also a dog lover just don't have the space right now. Unlike Geeko, Soda Pop has not been "fixed", which I regret. haha Enjoyed your hub and plan to follow you and read more! Some Both of them would be so happy, Jess would laugh lusciously, and Comet would bark with happiness. Voted Awesome, Interesting Funny and Up, This was such a sweet hub and the picture is priceless..They are beautiful..I am not really a cat person but we did have two until they passed of old age.

Then get pets!

Sorry to hear that, but you never know....he might turn up one day. OK, I admit it. But lo and behold, a few months later he showed up. I don't think Soda Pop will ever come home. You know I do! Other families tattoo their dogs, “Over 71 million American households [about 62%] have a pet, with most people considering their pets as members of the family (Cadciotti and Zuckerman)”.

My cats bring me a lot of joy, and as you can see, I love to "dress" them up and take photos of them. You can find them in your library. I do hope to get a dog someday. Now I know what your thinking. I never thought I'd see him again. They become a part of our family because of the sheer comfort we get from them. Growing up however I am happy to admire, but don't want to own any of them. Really hope soda pop shows up soon.Someone could have befriended him.

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. I just hope that he is safe and comfortable. Loved reading your hub.

I love cats, and dogs too. They all definitely have personalities. I appreciate your support. If only cats could speak! Check your local Police or Fire Department for more on Safe Havens. Love them both.

It is not advisable to give them oily foods or foods with high spice content. Update: As of early August 2011, Soda-Pop got out again, and never came home. Vote up, up and up! Question 2. I never would have imagined I would end up so crazy about a cat! I'm a cat person.

10 Lines Essay on My Pet Animal in English. That tends to be the nature of cats; even if meant to be temporary, they always become part of the family! Our friends may turn faithless.

Every time I try to tie my shoe laces, he is rubbing up against me.

Some people also leave their pets with their friends and relatives.

I like both cats and dogs. Answer: Pets are usually very protective of babies and do not harm them.

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