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However, it was not able to take the challenge from new engine versions which appeared from 2005 to 2006.

B30 pistons are completely different in shape then ones of B25. High strength, dual-layer cast aluminum alloy ESS intake manifold with integrated high capacity Laminova based liquid intercooling system. Phil.

BMW 2.5L M54B25 Engine Classic Series Rods More economically priced but without compromising quality and performance.

The shape is optimized depending on the model, some come in an H-Beam shape and others in I-beam shape. Combine this stroker kit with our Super Sport or Race cylinder head for some impressive power numbers! $1,650.00 If you’re ready to add some substantial horsepower to your M20 engine, this is the only logical choice. © 2017 ZRP.

Since my mileage just passed 200k km and have to top up engine oil in between service, i have been persuade to do complete overhaul as well. Long intake manifold has been replaced with a shorter one (-10 mm).

It creates a higher boost-pressure at lower engine rpm, thus significantly increasing bottom and mid range torque.

Combine this stroker kit with our Super Sport or Race cylinder head for some impressive power numbers! We believe we've produced the most well thought out solution for gaining 4mm of stroke while keeping this engine reliable. Warranty is non-transferable and only covers original purchaser. This kit is available in a variety of options. My E39 with M54B25 is showing sign require at least top overhaul.

If you want to continue with M54B25 3.0 Stroker modification and receive even more horse power, you need to purchase Schrick sports camshafts (duration 264/248 deg, lift 10.5/10 mm). After changed, expansion tank, radiator and water pump, I get cylinders misfire during cold start and top hose hardened. That is why the easiest way to upgrade this motor is converting M54B25 to M54B30. The liquid intercooler coolant is pumped via a high capacity marine-grade circulation pump through a high capacity front mount heat exchanger.

The patented liquid intercooling system consists of 3x500mm Laminova cores integrated into a high strength cast aluminium ESS intake manifold system covering all 6 cylinders resulting in flow-matched air distribution and optimal cylinder balance along with ultra-efficient cooling capacity for up to 550HP. Suspected water seep in already. The software also features a 6800RPM rev limit and removed top speed governor.Power development is 100% smooth and the car behaves just like stock until you demand raw power.

The entire ESS TS system consumes less than 2hp during cruising and it is very energy efficient.The overall system efficiency, torque delivery, power production, cooling capacity, and room for higher power stages is considerably higher than that of any competitor. They are the same as M52TU has in the majority of cases. At the same time you will also need cold air intake and performance exhaust system. Discussion in 'Engine Tech' started by zidee, Oct 1, 2013.

At the same time all drawbacks are also the same as the older M54B30 version has.

Depending on the application and if it is turbo or N/A use the design is customized for weight and rigidity.

Uni-belt SC drive system with additional OEM quality idler pulleys, Throttle body style butterfly bypass system for superior fuel economy during cruising and optimal throttle response under all conditions, Perfectly optimized, dyno tweaked MS43/MS45 ECU software, Cast aluminium SC intake system with crankcase fume reduction system designed for boost, High temperature, custom made silicone hoses with clamps, Detailed, step-by-step installation manual, All required installation hardware included. However compression test does not really indicate water gushing out from spark plug housing when cranked.

Also emission levels at high speed and boost are lower than with other turbo and supercharging systems.The redesigned ESS MS43/45 engine control software is perfectly calibrated for the TS supercharged engine providing optimum ignition timing under all conditions, recalibrated EGas for quicker throttle response, recalibrated VANOS control and perfectly optimized fuel delivery supplied by 6 larger Bosch fuel injectors also included with the kit.

It firstly appeared in BMW production line in 2000 and turned out to be a great alternative to M52TUB25. All Rights Reserved | Created by Afternet. They are the same as M52TU has in the majority of cases. Stock pistons and connecting rods are able to handle with up to 400 HP. Quote ; Share this post. Motor also has electronic throttle control and Siemens MS43/Siemens MS45/Siemens MS45.1 electronic control unit. There are multiple OEM options to choose from such as: M20B25, M52B28, S50B30, S52B32, and M54B30. Link to post Share on other sites.

The twin screw principle is also highly energy efficient, which contributes to the extreme power and torque output of the ESS TS Series systems. Cheers.

The Twin Screw supercharger is the only product on the market today to combine both a positive displacement design for maximum low-end torque and highly efficient top-end horsepower output. You can install this kit on yours stock M54 engine without any additional modifications.

ESS supercharger kit (Lysholm) can turn out to be a perfect but more expensive alternative to all above mentioned methods of engine upgrade. If you want to increase the level of HP, you will need. Edited April 26, 2011 by Charvez. However, it was not able to take the challenge from new engine versions which appeared from 2005 to 2006.

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