Macaws are the Ultimate birds to own because of their humourous, Macaw 9 months old - 11 year old mature proven male, pics 1-2 are of him. Report Ad. I have a pair of Hyacinth Macaws for adoption. They are 4 years old. Excellent feather & health. Awesome companion and playmate. They are healthy, strong and most of all super friendly! Hyacinth macaw for sale is a majestic beauty. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. she is 2yrs old she is a very lovely . We have hand raised and tamed Macaws for sale, Every hand fed baby is weaned on to a high variety diet. 1 year old, was hatched and has been hand raised and socialized to serve as a... Two years old blue and gold Macaw parrot for sale. He has been around other birds/pets. Awesome companion and playmate. Mimics just about everything they hear. This extrmely durable cage is deal for macaws of any size, cockatoos, amazons, eclectus and other like-sized birds. Very sweet guy, already talking. They are just adorable, beautiful parrots. Do not feed macaws avocados. The elongated body of the Hyacinth reaches about 37″ (95 cm) in length and it has an impressive wingspan up to about 42″ across, which is the most expansive parrot in the world. Playful, healthy and... Princess parrots are delightful and inquisitive pets. They are weaned onto fruits and veggies, a soak and sprout mix we make here in the store, high variety seed that we also make here in the store, and naturally colored pellet. I am looking for a serious... She is a cute little green wing Macaw parrot looking for a caring home to adopt her and give her the love and care... We have 2 Hyacinth Macaw parrots for sale. Raised around family and given... >> Click here to search for more - Pets and Animals in New South Wales. Call or message PPC R&B on Email, Chestnut-fronted Macaw (Ara severus) You can feed to your macaw the following: Nuts, such as pears, apples, plums, cherries, grapes, papayas, mangoes, oranges, bananas, and berries. Item Description Sliding bottom tray and base for easy cleaning But the Hyacinth is not all that hefty, it only weighs up to about 3.7 lb (1.7 kg). Pets Please putting pets first They need space to be able to behave naturally with a variety of branches, swings and hanging toys, as with all parrots it’s always a good idea to put some branches in the cage with leaves a few times a week (making sure they are not poisonous). Macaws are very social and bond strongly to their humans. Will make great breeders or aviary pets. 2 timber perches We take pri. They also need fresh fruit and vegetables such as berries, mango, apple, papaya, citrus, figs, sweet potato, carrots, turnips, grapes and pomegranate. Good home Before purchasing a macaw, do your research to select the breed that’s right for your home and lifestyle. Playful, healthy and... Hand reared Hyacinth Macaw parrots available now. Weaned male and female. Macaws are very intelligent and can learn to talk as early as 7 months, after they are a year old talking is usually a common occurence. $4900 (SOLD) - 5 year old mature male, pics 3-5 of him. They adapt well to captivity and will readily bond with their owners., It’s essential to spend lots of time caring for it and bonding with it. Great bird and regretful sale. They are intelligent, beautiful, and affectionate birds. Comes with cage. Both 2 years old now and available adoption. Contact me if you are interested no time wasters, Hand raised tame female Hahns Macaw with stand. If you believe that any medical or behavioral issues have developed, you should take your macaw to an avian vet immediately. Make sure you provide plenty of chew toys and chewing opportunities for your macaw. Filter & Refine. All birds are in ideal feather and health. Thursday to 8pm. You can have the divider in the middle to make 2 cages... Hyacinth Macaw Parrot for re-homing. PPC R&B is an Australian Government approved a, Blue &Gold Macaw (Ara ararauna) Parent raised Male, Pre-order for the coming season. she is 2yrs old she is a very lovely birds. They still love to chew and need to so they keep their beak in shape and feel happy. The other 20% can be made up of fruits and veggies. They won’t tear up furniture or shoes or destroy everything in their paths. Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am to 5.30pm. Free classified listings. This may make them a better fit for some bird owners. Always ensure that they have a source of fresh, clean, chlorine-free water available for drinking. They come from big healthy gorgeous priam parents and all of our baby parrots are parents reared up to 3 weeks of age to ensure they get all the nutrients, calcium and vitamins they need! Their water dishes should be cleaned daily. They are so beautiful and full of sweetness. Copyright © 2005-2020, LLC. Buy direct from the breeder. We found 10 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Can come with large cage if required, Wanting to buy a hand raised bird to keep inside as a companion she is 2yrs old she is a very lovely birds. - 11 year old mature proven male, pics 1-2 are of him. Do you have birds that you can’t keep anymore I know these are hard times and peoples circumstances have changed due to COVID or other issues if you are now unable to keep your feathered babies then message me no questions asked. #africangrey #macaw #amazon #parrot Macaws are not aggresive without warning, so understanding bird body language is very important – this is the case with any parrot with a large beak. Asking price is 500$... Two years old blue and gold Macaw parrot for adoption. All birds are Microchipped, DNA sexed, and have MTR's (the federal Australian government Movement Transaction Record). … I work extra hours and am... We have a Hyacinth Macaw that I need to re-home. Nothing too big that could cause a lot of damage to furniture We also have breeder birds and pet birds for sale. All babies are closed banded, and DNA sexing is included. Very tame and can learn tricks Ph 02 9629 3282. Fresh and fertile parrots eggs for sale. They are gentle, playful, affectionate and highly intelligent... Home raised female Hyacinth Macaw parrot for sale. I have a pair of Hyacinths for sale. The divider is removable so you can keep two birds separate, together, or allow one bird to live in a double wide all its own! Fruits and vegetables should make up 20% of the bird’s diet will give your macaw additional nutrients. Priam Psittaculture Centre, Research and Breeding (PPC R&B) is an Australian Government app, Have now edited my post. Birds leave PPC R&B weaned physically and psychologically. Birds (4) Location Sydney Region. Make sure that you are committed to a lifelong pet. very tame & playful. This is very sweet, tame parrot. I have this cute Hyacinth Macaw parrot for rehoming. Mature male $7,000 waiting for DNA results. In addition to parrot feed, provide fresh fruits and vegetables each day. We have a Hyacinth Macaw parrot for sale. She is less than a year old, doesn’t bite, says a few words such as hello and goodnight but not on command just when she feels like it. Get notified when new items are posted. weaned but was hand fed. They test their boundaries often and will test their owners to see what they can get away with. $4,500ono In light of this I know many have had to move due to financial changes and sometimes pets aren't permitted.I also know life throws us many curveballs so I thought I would post an add extending a hand to anyone in need can pet sit or will happily adopt any birds I HAVE 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE I AM NO BEGINNER !!! I have this cute Hyacinth Macaw parrot for re homing. 1 - 2 of 2 Results. Comes with the cage which you need to dismantle and the stand. Please no offers the price is final, Two mature African Grey males for sale. has classifieds in SYDNEY, New South Wales for dogs and cats. They will be coming with their... We have well tamed Hyacinth Macaws for sale. Harness trained You mostly hear... We have a Hyacinth Macaw parrot for sale. List your bird for sale, or browse hundreds of birds for sale in Australia on Loves to be outside the cage. We are specialize with Blue and Gold Macaws , Hyacinth Macaws,Green Winged Macaws for sale Our Macaws birds are quite distinguished looking, They are easy to recognize with their large heads, strong curved beak, and they have an elegant long tail. Call PPC R&B on or email This is very important as they can develop behavoural issues such as feather plucking, excessive squaking, and aggression once started it is very hard to stop.As Macaw’s are extremely intelligent it is best to have a cage with a difficult lock to open as they are well known for being able to open their cages. Does upup and very happy bird. I have a breeding pair of Blue & Gold Macaw for sale. Non-toxic and durable powder coated finish My parrot is very healthy and have all health papers. She is so beautiful and full of sweetness. List. She is weaned and fully feathered. Located near newcastle, open to other suggestions must be tame, Pre-order Illigers Macaws (Primolius maracana) Unrelated pair. They are extremely intelligent and will use that to try and outsmart their humans. Macaw Bird Classifieds by, part of the, LLC group of websites. Close banded. Caring for the Macaw. I'm looking for birds to handrear. Grid. $4900 (SOLD) - 5 year old mature male, pics 3-5 of him. Macaws are large, loud, and social birds that can make excellent pets. Very beautiful and healthy bird. If you would, Yellow-collared macaw (Primolius auricollis), Mature Male $4,000ono I'm interested in eclectus, cockatoos, macaws and other similar sized birds. Playful, healthy... Home raised female Hyacinth Macaw parrot for sale. L:arge Male Greenwing, Proven. Military Macaw, Large Bolivian, Proven Breeder * not a pet. She can speak sometimes I have this cute Hyacinth Macaw parrot for rehoming. Much loved member of family. My parrot... We have a Blue and Gold Macaw that I need to re-home. Healthy female Hyacinth Macaw available for adoption. Wanted: Willing to adopt any and all birds!!! Ingleburn, New South Wales. The birds sold at Priam Psittaculture Centre's Research & Breeding (PPC R&B) Facility are bred, reared and managed sustainably at PPC R&B. The most common species of Macaw is the Blue and Gold. This includes providing a healthy diet and a spacious habitat. Blue and gold macaw five years old 2500 with cage. She is so beautiful and full of sweetness. 4 Results: macaws for sale in Sydney Region, NSW. $ 300 Lovely Hyacinth Macaws Parrots for Sale. Man made obstacle play station Buy your next bird from This macaw says many words. These... Will come along with all their health documents, current on all immunizations and will make excellent talking... 12 months old, was hatched and has been hand raised and socialized to serve as a wonderful pet bird companion. Pets. Luckily there are specifically produced pellets to meet macaw dietry requirements. The bird is healthy and well-behaved. She was handfed starting at 4 weeks of age. Macaws want to be with you and your family all the time. And many more Getting a macaw is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Blue and gold macaws hand raised baby parrots for sale, Blue and gold macaws amazing parrots unbelievably tame and will be ready for there forever home in Late December 2020 All birds are sexed. Macaws For Sale in Sydney. However, they are also loud, stubborn, and need a lot of space. 8 mths old. Find many different types of Macaws for sale. Our Macaws are well socialized and trained to step up.

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