(iPod-Auto-Truck) This is for the absense of Al Carrolls soul. It is said that they were threatened by Carroll himself of deportation if the went to the police. Klicke auf „OK“, um Cookies zu akzeptieren. AL CARROLL IS THE WARD CHURCHILL OF THE 21ST CENTURY. Marlon was his nick. The statute of limitations has expired so Mala got away with that child rape, and probably many others. Guest Map Our past interviews are always available 24 hours a day, seven days and, from 1975 to 1985, he was President of Meta Tantay, a Native American It is my understanding that Al Carroll is latino mix. No matter how LeKay tries to rationaize it, the person behind this whole thing is John W. Martin. Ja, ich bin damit einverstanden, dass Circlewise mir Informationen per Newsletter zusendet (Weitere Informationen). PAGES IN ALL Publish your stories and upcoming events on Indybay. time is not an issue, as long as i have breath in my body i will work on finding a way to deal with this so that he takes responsibility for sexually abusing my 6 year old ON HER BIRTHDAY. illegal until #3 All Things Common That the film "Spirits for Sale" has caused a serious division, and yet this division is of no consequence to the Swedish filmmaker tells something about the integrity of Annika Banfield's activities. Who are truly the evil doers here? water, relationships, PROPHECYKEEPERS - a 501(c)3 & 509(a)1 Non-profit I've never seen one critic of NAFPS on the internet that wasn't gaining financially by helping to cover up the sexual and financial crimes of these sick, sadistic plastic shame-men. As for being and Apache Indian, well until Carroll produces some tangible evidence he is just antother Indian fraud, like Ward Churchill. -Mala Wir benötigen zwei Cookies, damit diese Einstellung gespeichert wird. With news of Redwolf Pope's arrest for rape, TEDxSeattle has taken down the YouTube video of Pope's Standing Rock talk. So you approve of this action to post personal information online in a racist forum. Why does this man Dr. Carroll not go to various reservations and personally address real, legitimate Indian issues? A website lists him as an attorney for the Tulalip Tribal Court in Washington state. the abuse against my daughter was reported, three years ago while she was in counseling because of the laws you mentioned. His site's moderator's insult Natives by saying, and I quote, "They aren't Elders, they're just old women." A voice of REASON! By doing so the Native American Consumer Advocacy Groups actually support genocide against their own people by attempting to deny their existence and "cleanse" non-enrolled ndn people out of existence. Juni 2020 - 10:53 He did his doctoral disseration there, and studying for a doctorate includes learning how to teach: graduate students have students themselves. Warriors protect the Elders and Spiritual people, but they are not the same thing as the Elders and Spiritual people. The Tlingit tribes of Northwest says he is not an enrolled tribal citizen. "I have to say that I guess in a way i would have to thank ol le-kay for letting me know about this site after attack me. Prophecykeepers Radio Donate to Native News Online today and support independent Indigenous journalism. There are NO Traditional Native Elders who support him. Radio - Comparing HEALERS NETWORK - Welcome to Healers-Network.com, a site devoted to healers and students of health and healing. The only support he found was from a notorious white supremacist posing as part Comanche, David Yeagley, and one of his leading supporters, a violent racist named John Martin who has issued a number of death threats. Got any suggestions where I can start? AND 15 other preparedness is a part of TrilogyMultiMedia Communications at www.trilogymultimedia.com, This Internet org forum a few weeks ago and tried to bully its members into withdrawing our criticism of New Age racism, exploitation, sexual abuse, and greed and commercialism. The words above got jumbled together when publishing. White Roots of Peace There are hundreds of New Age cult leaders. Laurie Duckett and her daughter both need some serious counseling to get over what Mala put them through. Tallsoldier77 AKA John Martin , WHAT WILL HAPPEN 2005-2012? by Noam Chomsky would throw up if he met you. I am amazed, did he learn all of this online or in those expensive colleges he has went to? I am an enrolled Firsts Nation’s Canadian and I want non ndns who are not familiar with issues of cultural appropriation to know that most of the First Nations people I know see through all of Mr. LeKay’s spurious arguments. "Grandfathers, great spirits," said Mala Spotted Eagle Pope. unheard of in "paranormal" radio! it all depends CD-ROM for $24.99 USD ($19.99 John Lekay !!!!! Al Carroll is chronically unemployed and he still lives at home with his parents. Mala Spotted Eagle whose website is at www.nanish.org. in the world... Diese Cookies sind unbedingt erforderlich, um Ihnen die auf unserer Webseite verfügbaren Dienste und Funktionen zur Verfügung zu stellen. I've known mala for 10 yeas and spend many summers (6-10weeks) with him and his wife Sky. I hope everyone will copy and redistribute it FREELY as speech should be. He just makes stuff up and ignores anyone who contradicts the misinformation he seems so absolutely determined to spread . I am no saint, and i am not here on this planet to fight with anyone. The New Age Cults and $cientology have the same basic beliefs - extra-terrestrial origins of the "enemy", channeling, past life regression, the ability to leave you body and travel through times. Is it any wonder our world is in the mess that it is? By using our services, you're agreeing to our Cookies Policy. Native/Tribal/Indigenous Our Story Dr. Carroll is a has been, a man who has very little Indian blood, if any at all, he is a liability to the Native Community. SATURDAY @ 10 a.m. Your donation will help us keep producing quality journalism and elevating Indigenous voices. National Heritage Then what? A twelve year old could have discovered that he was a fraud", In reply to xnafps comment , Sunday Aug 19th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at. He once appeared on FOX's "The O'Reilly Factor" giving his perspective on Thanksgiving with guest host John Kasich, current Ohio governor, interviewing him. That makes them completely vulnerable to their brainwashing techniques - it doesn't have anything to do with intelligence or education. Reports indicate that 7,546 individuals have recovered from COVID-19, and 125,851 COVID-19 tests have been administered. Hier klicken, um Google reCaptcha zu aktivieren/deaktivieren. You know there's a real easy solution here, "Instead of wasting my time with your senseless arguments, I think yoyu should spend the next 6 months in quiet contemplation of your life -- reading these links and figuring out how you can unpack YOUR Colonial privilleges! Long Distance as low as 3.9 cents a minute! Prerecorded... Mala Spotted Eagle Pope (website) is a Western Shoshone and Cherokee Native American. After years of seeing free speech on the internet waning and seeing growing efforts to criminalize dissent, it’s important for everyone to pay attention to this controversy. Native American camp teaching traditional values in Southern, California, You don't sound like a Native activist . The thing about these nuage charlatans is that most of them are also perverts. Prophecies with those Mr. Carrol is a spoiled little child who is crying because someone finally knocked him on his arse. Any contribution of any amount, big or small, gives us a better, stronger future and allows us to remain a force for change. Guest Map! Hier klicken, um Google Webfonts zu aktivieren/deaktivieren. If you'd like to help with maintaining or developing the website, contact us. or die this month... Blatantly ignoring everything that doesn't fit your own agenda seems to be a pattern here, doesn't it ? nothing has come of it. -Western Shoshone- Your claims of libel are patently ridiculous. Dr. Carroll should personally visit some of the American Indian reservations and get a grip on what needs to be done. 12.04.04>> Naturverbindung für zukunftsfähige Gesellschaftsgestaltung, Connective Community Design & Facilitation, Naturverbindungs-Community-Mitgliedschaft. Adults are the ones who need to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. Visit Mound Central Time on speaking tours, was involved with the original Red Wind foundation, a I continue to pray to the Great Creator for answers, and peace in all this. Gee you seem to be repeating yourself . It is time for his reign of terror on little girls as well as grown women to come to an end. It would help . The despicable deeds were captured on video. LeKay deliberately engaged in unscrupulous acts and tried to cover them up behind a childish campaign of spurious analogy and ad hominem attacks. The episode audio is being processed and will be ready shortly. -President- If you liked this show, you should follow prophecykeepers. The total number of positive COVID-19 cases is now 11,828, including two additional delayed reported cases. THIS SITE SERVED I lived at Meta Tantay along with my then Husband and two children. He has studied with many different medicine people, spiritual leaders and native elders. It's called Denial. the white man did enough harm to us and now they want to sell our heart and soul. document.c.document.write('">'+ctext+''); That’s when I knew they were cons and severed ties with them. I don't know a lot about this subject, but when I see the appauling behavior of the sock puppets who have attacked this newsarticle, it makes me want to start educating myself. They think they know what is best for the tribe when they making accusations at members. What tribally recognized and supported leaders are John Lekay and John Martin supporting? Don't worry LeKay, screen shots of YOUR Libel have been preserved and will be forwarded to the proper TRIBAL authorities. Everyone who supports NAFPS right to expose John LeKay as the unscrupulous individual that he is can take this action: Let's be truthful shall we? Chat w/Blueotter! RavenWind donates a percentage of its profits to two non-profits every month. But we hope it inspires you to make a gift to Native News Online so that we can continue publishing more stories that make a difference to Native people, whether they live on or off the reservation. I doubt very much whether his registrar changed the domain record and then changed it back. document.c.document.close(); Not surprised at all. function chcolor(){ People forget that it's usually the kids of the stupid, gullible women that are the most vulnerable to plastic shamans. http://www.newagefraud.org/smf/index.php?PHPSESSID=233ec1b79faeb16e9c1a8df0c97609b6&topic=1029.msg7646#new Check this out yourself first? His mother is from San Francisco, both her parents were Chinese immigrants. Rights. Ouch. If he were really concerned about the plight of the American Indian he would have tackled these problems long ago. Die Einwilligung können Sie jederzeit widerrufen. to totally depend on your Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy have changed. He has studied with many different medicine people, spiritual leaders and In addition to running Meta Tantay, his managerial skills included setting up a complete cultural program to enhance the 12 step recovery program, organizing the Native American Support Group to coordinate the resources of local tribes and native organizations and was one of the founders who implemented a telecommunications program called RavenWind Inc. to create financial support for Nanish Shontie and Radio for Peace International. He has studied with many different medicine people, spiritual leaders and native elders. Redwolf Pope mugshot after his arrest for rapePope, who resides in Seattle, Washington and Santa Fe, New Mexico, even gave a TEDxSeattle talk about his activism called "Lessons of Courage from Standing Rock. What was said by Patrick Quinn is ; Quote "I know for a fact that there are charges of sexual misconduct pending against him in several foreign countries. Non-Indians and most liberal white Americans are too stupid to research these people groups.

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