Chinchillas cages ideally are a good size and have multiple levels to the home like  platforms and ramps. Our Chins have great quality fur and they look great too! Each of our Chins must pass our Healthy Chinchilla health inspection before going to their new homes. [email protected] Very active and totally adorable! (208) 244-1052, ABC Chinchillas (626) 538-5669, Chinchilla Chateau Make sure to change out the bedding often when it is dirty, this prevents sickness and a bad smell. [email protected] Grand Rapids, MI 1 8-month old Standard v/c male $90 Lehigh Valley, PA From safety approved houses and toys to premium dust and pellets, is your one-stop Chinchilla shop. With chinchillas they can be very shy so don't try to rush the bonding process. [email protected] Riverside, California - - Sep 29, 2020, This little boy is gentle and sweet. The chinchillas should be kept in an environment that meets all of the following: Chinchillas are not simple, cheap pets that anybody can just decide to purchase. In this case, we’ve highlighted a reputable rescue where you can adopt a healthy chinchilla. I have several chinchillas available for purchase at this time. by levadaland - They can bond with many different people but usually will be extra close to the caretaker of them. [email protected] Ashley Gajda [email protected], Hawaii Chinchillas Bondurant, IA The other guys may think any old feed, or supplies is alright for your chinchilla. He comes with his cage and all his supplies, for better pictures and more information feel free to call or text 614 7O4 1228. (903) 391-1248, Houston Chinchilla Rescue South China, ME [email protected], NOLA Chinchilla Rescue Do you keep sick/nursing chinchillas separate? (1,989.8 miles) Narcissus Kimball Darling -Female Chinchilla $625. [email protected], [email protected] I have 4 female chinchilla babies for sale. Chinchilla personalities are very unique and each one has very different one just like people. Note: We may earn commissions from the links within this post. Our chinchillas are only produced from the highest quality animals from the best breeders across the US, Europe, Russia, and other areas across the world! [email protected] Las Vegas, NV We make sure they are hand-tame so you don’t need to spend 6-8 months or more taming them yourself. Riverside, CA Our chinchillas are cared for by Healthy Chinchilla Company Trained and Certified care specialists. (951) 776-2882, Chinchilla Amore [email protected] The bark is the most common of their noises and it can mean many different things weather is it happy, annoyed or scared. 6 ft tall x 2 feet wide x 2 feet deep. This is how pet chinchillas are meant to be. I have darling baby chinchilla for sale to good homes. (614) 855-1762, Oregon Chinchilla Rescue Johnson City, TN [email protected] [email protected] Hillsborough, NJ [email protected] [email protected], with CHINCHILLAS as subject Check out our currently available chinchillas, We hand-pick our Chins after researching each parent’s family history (pedigree) to be sure our chinchillas are free of genetic issues and diseases. Healthy, friendly with nice personalities,... American Chinchilla bucks and does, born 3/30/13 and 4/29/13, pedigrees available. Do you provide birth certificates with details about the parents? Sold. (413) 247-5996, J and J Chinchillas (972) 617-8864, Craner Chinchilla Ranches Louisville, OH Because of that, our bottom goal is not to make a sale, but to provide you with the tools to find a forever pet. Paradise Valley Farm located in Cleveland GA has two super sweet and adorable male chinchillas available for adoption, these males were born 7/25/17 and... by minilivestock - Decatur, Georgia ... We have a standard Chinchilla male kit for sale. [email protected] Andrea Kundrotas Ralph and Barbara Shoots Currently available: The sand baths that some stores sell are too abrasive on their fur. Lyn Sedwick Shuster When cared for properly, though, they make excellent pets that are sure to bring you years of fun! He has been raised with love and from parents that have excellent personalities. (pet stores, inexperienced breeders, non-experts). Make sure they have something to exercise with and be able to out all of the their energy. Generally calm chinchillas that don’t act aggressive/nervous when held. [email protected], Chinchillas Oregon Aurora, CO [email protected] (1,906.1 miles) [email protected], Vegas Valley Chinchillas Standard grey male $150 Standard grey female $175 Black velvet male $200 Black velvet female $250 Light ebony male $150 Dec 14, 2019, Ready for loving homes. The average life span of a healthy chinchilla is 15-20 years so... Born May 2011. This is due to their genetic make up, our pairings, and our specialized care. He was born October 7th, … Owning a pet chinchilla from Healthy Chinchilla Company means you are buying a responsibly bred chinchilla that is healthy, tame and free from the common illnesses and genetic defects you find in other chinchillas. I have a young four year old male chinchilla for sale, he is very active & playful! Hatfield, MA Tamara Mitchell White, Standard, Beige, Sapphire, Violet and Ebony. © 2020 Beyond The Treat | Amazon Associates Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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