I called my mechanic out as I thought it could be a battery issue. Required fields are marked *. ” Zoom Zoom” my butt, should be” Zoom Zoom Clatter Clunk Bang” !! Wow, as expected then. Which models have a belt/chain? Your email address will not be published. When I took it for a service, the mechanic told me there was a rattling noise and it was an £800 job to resolve. My 2014 mazda 6 2.2d 175ps is pretty much worthless with only 30k on the clock, this despite a full mazda service history and additional oil and filter changes every 4k miles.. problems occur with leaking injector seals letting blow by gasses contaminate your oil, this tars the entire lube system up, which usually kills your turbo, just before killing the rest of the lump! I’m considering buying a petrol version of the same Mazda 6, hopefully they won’t be able to have the same issue. After battling to get the car started, I give in and call breakdown cover. This car had 80K, so was definitely in the bracket for needing the chain changed, or the tensions tightened. Hi.Yes the petrol engine is ok in the Mazda 6.Better for short runs. Have you got a Mazda 2.2L Diesel? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2002 - 2007: From 2002 to 2007, cars with the Mazda Z engine have a timing chain and the rest with the Ford engines are belt driven.
I have a dead Mazda 2.2 diesel, caused by drive chain slack.

we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance. I was shocked when they informed me that the car could be a write-off. He couldn’t pick up anything in the diagnostics and so referred me to an electric specialist in case it was the immobiliser. This involves taking the side of the engine off to inspect any potential damage. I had the car towed to the garage where a compression test confirmed the situation. Thank you for subscribing, this will be awesome! If the warning light comes up, they will charge £800+ to replace it.

Please share with us your experience with the car in the comments below. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to get the LATEST articles PLUS videos before anyone else. as expected? This happens on most Mazda 2.2L Diesel engines (pre-2013) after 30K Miles. Has this happened to you?

That is great news Was that recently? Either way, I parked up the car, it didn’t start the next morning, no signs of anything wrong. If it is a dead Mazda and won’t start like mine, check the value of your car before you have the work started. Mazda diesel engines are dogs just waiting to bite huge chunks out of your wallet, major design issues really, and mazda dont want to know when it all goes bang!! In my mind, if it had been rattling for a while and I hadn’t noticed, it would probably last a little longer.

Here is a link to the Mazda forum where other people have suffered the same issue: Mazda Forum. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This can happen as early as 30k miles on the clock.

It is a common issue in particular with the Mazda 2.2L diesel engines, the Drive chain (yes chain, not belt) seems to start stretching over time. This can happen as early as 30k miles on the clock. This car had 80K, so was definitely in the bracket for needing the chain changed, or the tensions tightened. Never, Ever, even consider buying one of their diesels, its a disaster and you,ll get nothing out of Mazda but a big bill……, we have now repaired this car.www.freelancemazda.co.uk. What was the issue in the end?

When the electrical specialist couldn’t detect any faults, after further investigation there didn’t appear to be any compression in the engine. Gutted it happened.. but glad you were able to fix it and it has gone to a good home.

EGR valves get coked up too, as does the sump oil strainer, causing low oil pressure issues which this engine simply does not forgive! However, this particular issue was a bigger problem then I realised. Dead Mazda 2.2L Diesel: Don’t let this happen to you! 1996 - 2002: For the 1996 to 2002 models, Mazda 2 cars with the B3 and B5 engines have a belt. I phoned around several garages at its a 10 hour job. Mazda are fully aware of the problems this engine causes, but rather than accept the problems and deal with them they prefer instead to blame the driver, stating that its the users “driving style” at fault etc blah blah, guess its more lucrative to screw owners for £6-9k for a new engine than accept liability eh !? Hi.No we repaired the car within 2 months of buying the car.The timing chain had stretched so much that the chain had jumped and broken the valve rockers.£1400 in parts plus our own labour to fix it.I liked the car so much that I have kept it for myself and are still using it every day.It has been very good.Must be a couple of years now?. I bought the car in January 2017, it was running fine and passed the MOT in May.

It was my own fault I didn’t pay attention to what he said. However, the news was worse than expected. It is a common issue in particular with the Mazda 2.2L diesel engines, the Drive chain (yes chain, not belt) seems to start stretching over time.

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Yeah, that must have been about 2 years ago now. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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