Raymond Yu (born February 5, 1982),[1][2] known professionally as China Mac, is an American rapper, entertainer, activist, and former gang member. You don’t have to go through the search or anything unless they pull you over.

Jin Au-Yeung (Miami, 4 juni 1982) is een Chinees-Amerikaanse rapper.Zijn artiestennaam is MC Jin.Zijn beide ouders zijn Chinese migranten en kwamen vanuit Hongkong naar Miami. [4][11], In 2019, he released the dual EP, Yin and Yang. Technology News. In a recent Instagram post, China Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, posted a picture of himself and fellow rapper MC Jin, also known as Jin Au-Yeung, appearing to shake hands. [3][4], Yu was born and raised in Brooklyn to Chinese immigrants, from Hong Kong.

“I did a lot of stupid shit.
[3] In his teenage years, he would partake in freestyle rap battles with other kids at the juvenile detention center.

So the only way you’re gonna beat this cell search is if he gets up here and raps and I like it.’ So I got up did my rap, and true to his words they left.”. Asian Food Long story short, I got caught that day.”, “When you’re hungry and desperate, there’s no telling what I would have done. Asia Travel NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle.


I did a lot of stuff to cause pain and grief for people that didn’t deserve it. MEDIA.

Asian Lifestyle

I’m glad that I got arrested and glad that I got caught so that I can serve my time and get that shit over with so it’s not looming over my head, and fix what I can fix within.”. Zijn jiaxiang ligt in Hongkong. I did some other things where I hurt people that didn’t deserve it. [3][7][6], Mac returned to prison for an accused parole violation and was later released in 2017. Posted by 1 year ago. “I had a fake passport. My mother had to work two jobs to support us.”. So there’s a set in the Bloods called ‘Mac Ballers’. Wiki & Bio: Family. [16] These events have garnered hundreds to participate. Yu pulled out a gun intending to shoot Louie in the head, but the gun jammed on the first try.
I always had an affinity with [them] because I grew up with a lot of those dudes. For advertising and inquiries: info@nextshark.com. If it hadn’t, the bullet to Louie’s head most likely would have killed him and Yu would’ve spent life in prison.

His father was part of the Flying Dragons, a well-known and extremely violent Chinese American gang that was heavily active in the ‘80s for murders, kidnapping and drug trafficking. Yu was introduced to hip-hop at 8 years old and quickly fell in love with it. His talent once even saved him from a cell drug search: While in prison, Yu received his rap moniker “China Mac” from a gang member inmate. But one of Jin’s associates, fellow rapper Christopher Louie, allegedly rushed in with a knife. China Mac TV 1,327,242 views. China Mac is a Chinese-American, ... MC Jin. Press J to jump to the feed. Prison in a lot of ways saved me, taught me a lot of things that I might have not learned anywhere else.”.

Asia Politics He says that he used the money to start his record label Red Money Record, a recording studio, and a pet store his mom now runs. “I’m a businessman. He was never around; I really didn’t know him like that. A post shared by El CHOPii (@chinamac) on May 30, 2019 at 3:02pm PDT.

Yu admitted that acceptance was the driving force behind his joining the gang: He says that jail officers would routinely bet money on these battles.

You had do whatever they ask you to do. But they’re not doing anything to remove themselves, mentally, outside of prison. He was released on parole in November 2013 and founded the Red Money Records record label and pet store with the money he saved up while in prison. [7][8] Mac later went on the run for over a year and was apprehended in Seattle, Washington when he tried to leave the country with a fake passport.

According to Yu’s account, Jin had “disrespected” the wife of one of his friends who was in prison at the time. During his tenure in Ghost Shadows, Yu dealt drugs and committed robberies in order to make money — among other things required by the gang. I was going to get in the car with all of them, but my mother told me that she went to the Buddhist temple, and the Buddhist temple told her that I have to leave on this day.

But instead of me going to school and doing the right thing, I was like, ‘I’m going to be a gangsta.”. [17][better source needed], His father was a part of the Chinese-American gang, Flying Dragons, that was active in the 1980s.

Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, did not have the typical upbringing. For that I regret it.

On his second try, Yu ended up shooting him in the back. Asian Lifestyle [12] That same year, Mac released a Chinese/Spanish record with Tali Goya. All Rights Reserved. “A lot people when they go to prison, they submerge. For advertising and inquiries: info@nextshark.com, China Mac Reconciles With MC Jin 19 Years After NY Club Shooting. Gift me by Pre Saving THE ARRIVAL", "Meet an Ex-Member of One of the Most Violent Chinese-American Gangs in the U.S.", "China Mac talks to Plugged Soundz about his Lil Pump Beef, career after prison, and his skincare regimen. He tried again but ended up shooting the man in the back. Asian Food

[6] Yu joined the Ghost Shadows gang when he was 12. It’s making me the difference. Archived.

[4], Mac released his album MITM in 2017. Asian Entertainment News In 2000, Yu, then 18, was handed a three-year prison sentence for gang-related crimes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They won’t do anything to educate themselves, to bring themselves outside of that prison. I grew up, and I hated him actually. In 2000 behaalde hij zijn middelbareschooldiploma en een jaar later verhuisde hij met zijn familie naar de Chinese buurt in Flushing in New York. Rappers China Mac and MC Jin have finally buried the hatchet 19 years after a shooting incident at a New York club that landed the former in jail. Now as I’m older, in retrospect, I look back at it with an air of ‘I shouldn’t have did that.’ But you live and you learn.

Technology News. Because I wanted to be accepted, I would always go the extra mile. When I was in jail, they were always trying to get me to be part of those gangs. I had all the subscriptions to the business magazines.”. [3] In prison, he was nicknamed "China Mac" by the Mac Ballers gang. China Mac immediately took out a gun and pointed it towards Louie’s head.

From there, Yu went on the run for over a year until he was apprehended in Seattle, Washington, with a fake passport while attempting to flee to Canada. Close. It’s a gift and a curse. The shooting incident happened in 2003 when Jin allegedly disrespected the wife of one of China Mac’s friends, who was in prison at the time. [14][15], China Mac's activism led him to release the single "They Can't Burn Us All" on October 30, 2020.

While in prison, Yu received his rap moniker “China Mac” from a gang member inmate: “It was given to me by a gang leader. 7.

Yu, now 33, came home from prison with a total of $7,000, which he earned from selling drugs and “hustling” in prison.

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