Gravity's Rainbow esce negli USA il 28 febbraio 1973, e porta in prima pagina la dedica a Richard Fariña; l'anno successivo vince il National Book Award per la narrativa (pari merito con Isaac Bashevis Singer, Una corona di piume); siccome l'autore è irreperibile, il presidente di Viking Press Tom Guinzberg si accorda con l'attore Irwin Corey (il maggior Esperto Mondiale su Tutto) per il discorso di accettazione alla cerimonia di premiazione il 18 aprile 1974 al Lincoln Center di New York City; Pynchon accetta la provocazione. In August, Pynchon took a bus up the California coast to serve as his friend’s best man. “We talked about what we had been reading lately. As if to burnish his outsider status, the Pulitzer jury chose it for the 1974 fiction prize but the larger committee rejected it as obscene. Wallace agreed, and published Vineland as Thomas Pynchon in 1990 after a long hiatus. During a brief trip back to the United States, he started a relationship with Mary Ann Tharaldsen, which led to the end of her marriage. “Had a kind of sit-down about where he stood with American cultural confusion. In the pocket, there’s an indentation that could be a case for his glasses or a pack of cigarettes. La famiglia di Thomas Pynchon, composta anche dai fratelli minori John e Judith, si trasferisce nella vicina East Norwich, municipalità di Oyster Bay; alla Oyster Bay High School, l'adolescente Tom collabora al giornalino scolastico, The Purple and Gold,[9] sul cui Yearbook è scritto che ama la pizza e detesta gli ipocriti, e come animale da compagnia possiede una macchina da scrivere. I remember one summer afternoon when my father saw me behind the pile of novels and joked, “That’s not literature. Il breve lasso intercorrente tra Contro il giorno e Vizio di forma si riflette anche nella lavorazione del romanzo successivo, per la prima volta ambientato interamente a New York City, nell'Upper West Side; è qui che Pynchon vive senza nascondersi ma senza concedersi al pubblico, con la moglie e il figlio Jackson che nel maggio 2013 si laurea alla Columbia University dopo un anno al Vassar College di Poughkeepsie. In seguito fu ristampato come, Catalogo Vegetti della letteratura fantastica, Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary,, Asteroids named after Thomas Pynchon & Stabia, Thomas Pynchon: scritture ipertestuali dal margine, Gruppo di lettura sulle opere di Thomas Pynchon,, Template Webarchive - collegamenti all'Internet Archive, Errori del modulo citazione - citazioni che usano parametri non supportati, Errori del modulo citazione - template Cita web senza URL, Errori del modulo citazione - citazioni senza titolo, Voci con template Collegamenti esterni e qualificatori sconosciuti, Voci biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. Some people guarantee that Tharaldsen served as the inspiration for Oedipa Maas, the protagonist of The Crying of Lot 49. Rumors that Gaddis was the author spread to the West Coast, where one Tom Hawkins, a postal worker and beat poet living in San Francisco, became convinced of the theory. They might have married, but her parents disapproved of her dating anyone who wasn’t Jewish. I was the last of the Mohicans. Idle dreaming is often of the essence of what we do. Natália Portinari, jornalista, é repórter de economia da Folha de S.Paulo, © 2020 It started back during the Cold War.” The father then assumes a sage-like air, delivering a speech on the origins of the web. Sincerely, and on this I came to agree with the author, Thomas Pynchon is not all that important for understanding Thomas Pynchon. “It’s killing, but worth the effort.”. All rights reserved. I also avoided terms derived from English, which are very recent,” the professor explained to me behind his little round eyeglasses, sitting at a café in Shibuya, Tokyo’s young neighborhood. In the correspondence, Britto asked the novelist to stop communicating by fax. Alcuni personaggi nei suoi primi romanzi sono marinai in servizio oppure appena congedati: Benny Profane in V. per esempio, ma anche il personaggio-feticcio “Pig” Bodine che rimbalza da un testo all'altro. If he’d said ‘I’m reading Tolstoy’ or ‘I’m rereading Cortazar,’ it would have made sense to me, but here he comes up with the name of a science fiction writer.”. During the visit we saw throngs of opera fans waiting for their idol at a theater entrance. The housewife ditches her husband, disc jockey Wendell “Mucho” Maas, and ventures to California chasing leads on an underground organization. The novel’s Pynchon stand-in is Maxine’s on-again-off-again husband, Horst, who confesses at Ikea that his “ideal living space is a not too ratty motel room in the deep Midwest, somewhere up in the badlands.” A wanderer come home to roost, he spends much of the novel watching biopics on Chi Chi Rodriguez and Fatty Arbuckle. Non si deve essere lontano dalla realtà se si prova a immaginare che queste comparse in TV siano un regalo al figlio Jackson, che nel frattempo frequenta un liceo d'élite, la Collegiate School di Manhattan. Like all good agents, Donadio had been the enabler of Pynchon’s life, the most important station on his underground railroad. He called it his “escape money,” and he wanted to make it last—by running again, this time to Mexico. [49] L'arcobaleno del titolo è la curva a parabola percorsa da un missile dal lancio al momento in cui colpisce un bersaglio: il lungo romanzo è infatti incentrato sulla V2 (la cui vera denominazione era A4), il razzo-bomba costruito dalla Germania nazista nell'ultimo anno della seconda guerra mondiale e utilizzato soprattutto per colpire Londra. Taking after his mother, Katherine Frances Bennett, the future novelist adopted Catholicism, the first deviation from his paternal ancestry. In some ways, Dick Fariña did, but he did so because he was willing to perform as a singer, he was willing to write music, was willing to learn to play a guitar. The novel ends on that note, with a plea for the protection of innocent children from “the indexed world.” These untrammeled spaces really aren’t so different from Minstrel Island, that retreat from IBM he sang about at Cornell in 1958. At the time Pynchon was writing his debut novel, V. In the book there’s a Jewish girl, Esther, who gets a nose job. ; è lei a vendere per 150.000 dollari all'editore Little, Brown & Co. l'unica … His sixties friends had retreated into the California woods, the subject-to-be of a novel, Vineland, that he wouldn’t get it together to finish for seventeen years. “As you know, the original book emulates 18th-century English. His work dwelled on individuals on the run from a totalizing government-industrial complex; now, impossible to locate for months at a time, he came to embody his own literary project. Pynchon’s Catholicism manifested itself mainly in his strict habits. Or the Faulkner route, you go to family, and the action is family ambiguity, a kind of repressed sexuality, it’s all the rest that you find within this soap opera of family, small town and gossip, like William Faulkner and later Tom.”, Pynchon reviewed Shetzline’s first book, DeFord, published in 1968: “What makes Shetzline’s voice a truly original and important one is the way he uses these interference-patterns to build his novel, combining an amazing talent for seeing and listening with a yarn-spinner’s native gift for picking you up, keeping you in the spell of the action, the chase, not letting go of you till you’ve said, ‘Yes, I see; yes, this is how it is. He once wrote that ­calculus was “the only class I ever failed,” but he’s always used self-deprecation to deflect inquiries, and professors ­remembered universally good grades. (Friends describe him, in person as on the page, as an incomparable mimic.) Trump Saying ‘Laydee Gah-Gah’ Will Haunt You Long Past the Election, What to Stress-Watch, and How to Watch It, on Election Night. The protagonist, Maxine, is married to a character that spends too much time in front of the TV set and lacks a bit of keen emotional intelligence. In Pynchon-List, Chinese fan Mike Jing calls attention by launching questions about Gravity’s Rainbow on a virtually daily basis with the rest of the fan club. Pynchon himself almost never talked about his parents, especially in his earlier years. “It took about 15 minutes for him to come out of the building,” she told me by e-mail. Stephen Tomaske, a librarian who spent decades tracking his life, found only a couple of old shipmates who’d even known his name. While I was digging into the writer’s career, I realized that knowing more or less about him does not change what I feel when I devour his books. My girlfriend said he didn’t want to read anything anybody else had written because he was afraid he’d write it into his work. He was like an Italian lover, very, very sexy. It took the love of Pynchon’s life to flush him out of the wilderness and back to writing, family, and New York. Keep trying.”. If you Google his name, you’ll find only six photos of him. In one story, a leftist agitator “got acquainted with the business end of a night stick the hard way.” Pynchon later recalled that his first “honest-to-God” story was about World War II—though in his recollection it doubled as a plan for how to navigate the stultifying culture of postwar America. Embedded in it, too, was a far more sophisticated treatment of his American roots—the Pynchons were a long line of surveyors—than his portrait of the decrepit Slothrops. The more than 500 characters are living in the last year of World War II. For much of his life he would flee crowds and cities, dipping a toe into cultures and communities and then leaving and skewering them in turn. (One of the joys of tracking Pynchon is tracing the far-flung interconnections in his work to unlikely real-world experiences—dating an NSA worker; seeing Charles de Gaulle in Mexico; fooling around on a primitive music synthesizer in 1972.). His earliest ancestor in America, William Pynchon, arrived there in 1630, worked as a magistrate and helped found the town of Springfield, Massachusetts. That was how strong this cult of Pynchon was, that we were sort of wary of even asking him a question.” The profile published in the magazine describes the daily routine of a typical New Yorker, a writer who raises his son, interacts with neighborhood issues, and walks a lot. An aura of mystery still hangs over Pynchon today. When she asked why, he told her he’d seen his mother, after drinking,  accidentally puncture his father’s eye with a clothespin. Log in or link your magazine subscription. The translators had promised to deliver the book in four months, but they ended up taking nearly a year.

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