1006 Words 5 Pages. The 13 Colonies Essay One of the main reasons for the founding of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies was for religious freedom. They... ...From the establishment of the colonies, starting with the founding of Jamestown, until the beginning of the Revolutionary War, different regions of the eastern coast were marked by distinct attributes. The lower house was a bicameral legislature and was elected by property holders who met voting qualifications. Retrieved October 8, 2020, from https://newyorkessays.com/essay-middle-and-southern-colonies/, Save Time On Research and Writing. One of the main reasons for the founding of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies was for religious freedom. Quakers, also called the Religious Society of Friends, greatly differed to New England’s religious beliefs. The colonialists found Jamestown, where they later established settlements. Later, The Virginia Company was developed, it was a joint-stock company. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? You will discover the challenges they 500 people are scheduled to set sail This essay on New England, Southern and Middle Colonies’ Comparison was written and submitted by your fellow student. This group, the Middle colonies, was a halfway point between the New England and Southern colonies – and not just geographically. It was an ideal trading location due to the fact that water was easily accessible, and merchants could ship things quickly. Through All of these colonies supported different ideas. Part I – Knowledge Acquisition – For each of the following write 1-3 paragraph response – be sure that you define, describe and identify the material as well as analyze and explain its historical significance. Your task is to create an informative report in the form of a newsletter, “Assess the validity of this statement. Although the New England Colonies were extremely intolerant of religions, they governed fairly similarly. There was fertile soil and the land was suitable for farming, which made the Middle Colonies an ideal place for farmers to grow crops and sell the surplus for money. issues. Governors then chose a council and colonist elected representatives to an assembly. Pennsylvania, which contained the largest city in all the, Exploring Iago's Possible Motives in Shakespeare's Othello Essay. 123Helpme.com. The variety of religious view in the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies helped evolve the differences between them. The New England Colonies’ based their government strictly around religion. The New England Colonies, however, were a Theocracy, which meant that the church controlled the government. Each of these had These connections, New England, Southern, and Middle Colonies The thirteen colonies were initially diversified by being placed into three different groups according to their location. The colonies were located in three different geographical areas. The colonists had their similarities such as that they were ruled by England, though their government was the majority self-governed, they were mostly Protestants who did not agree with the Roman Catholic Church, they had the same culture, and there was some religious tolerance. The Northern colonies thrived through lumber and fishing, and the Middle colonies thrived harvesting their crops. The Middle colonies, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware all shared the benefit of flat land and rich soil, while the New England Colonies were left with a rocky landscape that made farming difficult. For one, a number of English Puritans, in an organization called the Massachusetts Bay Company, decided to migrate, After Jamestown, the first colony, thousands of people migrated to the New World to find religious and political freedom. In the Southern colonies, which consisted of Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina…, Effects of Land on Colonial Culture: New Jersey progressed, more and more colonies sprung from the untested North American soil. Additionally, New York and Philadelphia were two great areas that served the purpose of trading via all the harbors to import and export goods, including crops like wheat and grains. Odyssey ware – Essay; Jamestown A Comparative Research on the Three Sections of the Thirteen Colonies: the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies The Middle Colonies In this type of colony the king of England would grant a charter to a joint-stock company that would ensure settlers the same rights as Englishmen. This type of colony was directly controlled by the king. They developed a large shipbuilding industry, and due to the abundance of fish such as cod, their fishing industry grew as well. These colonies were founded by different people which resulted in creating very diverse olonies.The most important colony from the Middle Colonies by far was Pennsylvania. The middle colonies were extremely diverse in their demographics. To begin, the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies developed a different way of life because of differences, it is separated into states, but back then the states were part of colonies. Words: 1213, Paragraphs: 10, Pages: 5. The American Colonies had many similarities and differences ranging from the religion they practiced, to their economies and all the way to what kind of people settled there. Although there were fundamental and cultural differences between the early colonies it is important to note that these differences were to be put aside when they were faced with a common foe.

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