Besides small optical details, there were big differences especially in the technical parts used. Then, however, several fatal accidents with Group B vehicles led to a general rethink and finally to a ban of this category for the following year by the FIA.

Not much else is known about the 222D prototypes since the project was obviously cancelled at the same time of Group S’ official demise at the hands of the FISA. The Engineer Behind Ford's RS200 Rally Car Gave It The Future The Factory Never Could, There Would Be No Audi Quattro Without The Dakar-Winning Volkswagen Iltis. Much more wasn’t known, but nevertheless some manufacturers like Audi and Lancia went directly to work and interpreted these statements in their own way.

So we’re not going to blow this one up.”, “All the electronics are thirty years old too, so when you don’t run it after it’s been standing in the museum for so long, they have a habit of going wrong. In addition, the normal MR2 “pop-up” headlamps were replaced by more reliable fixed units, easier to replace and more lightweight, paired with rally spotlights, everything covered with a polycarbonate screen for better aerodynamics. I Found The Rarest Toyota MR2 ever (222D) at this FREE Tokyo Museum! Instead, there is a tubular frame under the plastic outer skin.

Furthermore, two drivetrain versions of the rally car were originally developed for testing; one featuring rear-wheel drive for tarmac rallies, and one featuring Xtrac four-wheel drive (of rallycross fame) for all other types of rallies. In the 1980s, Group B in the World Rally Championship developed into the wildest category of motorsport. “There are certain bits missing… such as the pop-off valve. Tipping the scales at just 750kg, it used a lightweight tubular frame, while the separate rear luggage and engine compartments were replaced with a single clamshell design to improve access. 93% original 86 MR2. Someone in Japan did the same thing with another transverse car, so today there are a grand total of three 222Ds in existence. In 1986, the World Rally Championship's sanctioning body canceled the infamous Group B regulations, and Group S, the class the 222D was specifically designed for. The rear-wheel drive car had a simpler configuration, so it had a longitudinally mounted engine with the gearbox hanging out of the back, the giant turbo pipes looped around the sides. All Group B had was power and downforce. The flame-spitting contingent having long since written their names into racing folklore. With an experimental 2.1-liter engine and turbocharging, more than 600 hp and around 640 newtonmeters of torque were available. The other major issue with the development of the 222D was that no one really knew exactly what the new rules were going to be when Group S became the new game.

I took it to Goodwood a couple of years ago and was on the start line for the first run when the mechanical fuel pump decided to go bonkers and pumped petrol through the engine into the oil tank until there was a puddle under the car. Toyota’s first attempt at making a competitive Group B car for the World Rally Championship (WRC) came in 1983 with the Toyota Celica TwinCam Turbo. 1 in Japan (white) and 1 in Germany (black). When interest in such unique cars began again a few years ago, this car was quietly brought out of its decades-old resting place before John set about getting it running again. Only 10 road-going examples would be required for homologation, compared to 200 in Group B, an attempt to encourage innovation and outside-the-box design. (For example it's really though to do engine changes) Now it's time for a new and more extreme project. A Four-Cylinder BMW E30 Led To My New Year's Resolution, 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: January 19th Edition, This Was Volkswagen's First (And Second) Twin-Engined Volkswagen Golf To Take On Pikes Peak, GALLERY: Go Behind The Scenes On Our 1971 Rally-Spec BMW 2002 Film Shoot, This Lancia Fulvia Is An Italian Classic Living In The African Dust. Fitting a similar powertrain to an MR2 shouldn't be especially difficult, as tuning shops have already shoved these turbo engines into AW11 MR2s on many occasions. MR2 222D AWD. The front section features a traditional opening bonnet (hood) which also includes an extractor for the radiator. Toyota stated a total weight of only 750 kilograms. It just does what it wants to do. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. An AWD MkII MR2 would be a huge one-off effort. With no official regulations or even basic guidelines published for some time, it was only unconfirmed secondhand news and rumors coming to the teams from people close to FISA, and as such there were very different cars being made in anticipation.

Engine rebuilt at around 68k miles (I have the paper work for that) 75k original miles total so about 7k miles put on rebuild. Group B was ditched in the summer of ’86, so with another 18 months of development the 222D would have undoubtedly been a match for its rivals, especially with drivers of the calibre of Kankkunen and Waldegård working on it. Tipping the scales at just 750kg, it … This new…. If you enjoy the website then please donate so that it can remain online, free to all. Eleven prototypes were rumoured to have been built before the project’s demise, with many reportedly destroyed in crash tests, leaving three known existing examples; two blacks, one white. In its highest state of derestricted tune, this was capable of 600hp and 472lb ft of torque, outputs which could be sent to either all-four wheels or the rears only by a switch in the cabin. If any more go I will have to replace them with something else.”.

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