JavaScript is disabled. For a slight drop just cut a quarter coil. thanks for the input guys, im probably going to get a set of coil overs and stagger the tires, now i just gotta save up some money, does anyone have their srt suspension for sale and if so what is the going price for a used srt suspension. That's not a bad thing in itself, but when the idea is taken to its maximum effect, uh, the wheels disappear.

Remove Advertisements. Find Out if You Need APR Tuning for Your Car, 8 Tips on How to Keep Your Car Smelling New. The cause: Having a low-sounding exhaust is one thing, but having a low-hanging exhaust is both a pain in the rear (literally) and an eyesore. As a muscle car owner, you've already paid the high price of admission—so why look like a doofus? For towing, they will hold you and your trailer straight and true. If you insist on doing your part for evolution, by all means, thin the heard. I count "Stinkbug," "Gasser," "Slamma," "Low Exhaust," and "Wide Track" among my past indiscretions. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Thus, you can soften them up for driving on the road but crank them up when you need some superior performance handling for a weekend of autocross racing. These shocks have the ability to adjust to road conditions on the fly. KYB’s best shocks and struts for vehicles that see different driving conditions is their Gasajust line. Last edited: Jul 25, 2015. When is it OK? You see the wheel as it looked in the photo studio against a white background, but not on your car. If you've got a front-wheel-drive hot rod that's traction-limited up front.

No good on two counts. '70 Chevelle SS396 on a mean rake Saved by Martin Naumow Hot Rods Cars Vintage Muscle Cars Chevelle Chevy Muscle Cars Cool Cars Unique Cars Classic Cars Muscle Cars Chevy

702-853-2060 People do it all the time but it is best to buy new.JMO. The cure: Get the AirRide with adjustable ride height. RELATED: Ranked: 10 Cheapest Muscle Cars. Driving around with a laid frame, however, will result in undercarriage damage, and front suspension geometry that's out of its proper camber curve. well ive always thought that the srt suspension has always made our cars look more like muscle cars but if anything, id say drop the front end only?? Review, Pricing, and Specs By 1992 though, the Firebird’s sales figures started falling and GM discontinued the nameplate. They’re not for aggressive driving but they are still an upgrade that will outlast stock options, will give you slightly better handling, and increase your comfort. People will marvel how you did it. Shocks and struts come in every shape and size making it hard to navigate through all of the options. (Project X, in fact, has a C6 Corvette front suspension, and high-positive—offset custom wheels.) You live in a world with glass-smooth roads and really tall people. The shock stiffness will become higher as the number value on the shock goes up. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Advertisement. This is clearly a case of going crazy with the JC Whitney catalog—over-tall Chinese springs, a shackle kit, over-inflated airbags, maybe even some spring spacers get thrown in the mix. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The aggressive styling of the front of the car, combined with a forward rake, and a huge scoop on the hood combine to give the car the appearance of a shark. Please share your favorite examples, past or present, your own car or someone else's. The theory is, when you're swiping stuff, you can't be picky on the size because time is of the essence (super small wheels on lowriders fit the bill too). PH. SOLD 2007 Inferno Red R/T, Dynomax exhaust, Reso delete, 4.5" tips, 20% tint, body color cross-hairs and honeycomb grille, R/T grille emblem, 20" Chrome clads wearing 295/40's and 275/40's, MoPower Chin Spoiler, Molding delete, Ram head and CHARGER delete. Keep in mind that if you've got a motion ratio of 2:1, a 1-inch cut to the compressed spring height will produce a 2-inch drop. Violation: Wheel center/spokes too thin for visual mass of car. When is it OK? We get the look, but isn't the idea of spending big on wheels that people actually see them? Need something that can handle your off road abuse? Post some pics of your ride so we can get a better idea of just what we are working with, I know it's a chevelle just need to see how it sits now. However, if you just need something for your daily driver, you will want something that provides a more comfortable ride and not something that will jar your teeth every time you hit a less than perfect piece of pavement. They are available with a standard or a reservoir body depending on what you need. You will have to sacrifice some comfort in exchange for a higher level of safety, but for off-roaders, it is worth the exchange. With such a variety of tastes and build styles out there, you'd think there wouldn't be a lot in common between them, but there are a few nearly universal traits that will cause any car to fall short in the visual appeal department. You'll have stealth, but the shape of the wheel will seduce rather than confound the admirer. keep it limited in back). Don't be afraid to supplement this with modest, incremental cutting of the spring coil. This Wicker Bill style spoiler from Drake Muscle Cars is the race inspired add-on your S550 Mustang has been begging for.

Short of being picked up by an infrared sensor, these hoops are flyin' under the radar. Project X is a good example here.

Swapping in a narrowed rearend that's too small for the car can also result in disaster. It comes off the trailer (good luck with that! 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 454cu 540HP Pro-touring 1967 Chevrolet Camaro 454cu 540HP Pro-touring. They have valved these at a ten percent stiffer than stock value so that they balance out the wear and tear your suspension has been inflicted with allowing it to smooth back out to its factory feel. ChargerForums to connect with the Dodge Charger community to discuss SRT, Hellcat models, maintenance, mods and more. If your Mustang came optioned with a factory spoiler, installation is a snap as this piece mounts (using supplied hardware) in the factory mounting locations. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

If you don't mind a really expensive car that looks like a half-breed bastard. Unfortunately, some of those teenagers grew up and made it big in the contracting business, and are now dropping six figures on custom-built hot rods that look "jess like the one I wrapped around a tree the night of the REO Speedwagon concert back in 1978.". Made from lightweight blow-molded ABS plastic, this spoiler will help give your car the traction it needs without adding a bunch of unnecessary weight. Muscle cars listed for sale on include all of the above makes and models in their classic 20th century variations, as well as the modern iterations, some of which even hark back to those days of bold power, poor turning radius, and killer attitude. Another problem is that tire manufacturers often wimp out when it comes to building larger tires—especially for the rear.

When is it OK? Mopars can crank down on the torsion bars for free. This violation is most often committed in pro-built ground-up projects where the "pro" part is more wishful thinking than reality. Violation: Painting your wheels so black, they disappear.

Fake rake happens when the builder only looks at the rocker molding; when the front is closer to the ground than the rear, he's done setting his stance. Alan is considered one of the top muscle car and hot rod builders on the planet (he's built both Ridler and Street Machine of the Year winners), so with his permission, we took the Charger's "rake" apart with a fine-tooth comb for analysis. These are the best shocks and struts for those who need a little of both worlds.

The best way to lift the rear is with springs - new springs or having your old spring re arched. Before diving in, please check your pride at the door, load up on some levity, and keep an open mind.

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