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0 It was approximately half the size of a typical primary school site with a 20 metre fall across the site.

50000 4.35 Next to the spaceport is a set of garages, where you can go to park or retrieve your vehicle if you desire to travel by ground instead of taking the transit system.[2]. 3.8 The site presented a … 2.96 We are proud to have won the NZIA National Award in Public Architecture, an NZIA Southern Architecture Award in Public Architecture, Southern Region Registered Master Builders Commercial Building of the Year 2011 and a merit award at the Property Council New Zealand Rider Levett Bucknall Property Industry Awards.

microTech > New Babbage Platinum Bay Baijini Point , Everus Harbor , Port Tressler , ARC-L1 , CRU-L1 , CRU-L4 , CRU-L5 , HUR-L1 , HUR-L2 , HUR-L3 , HUR-L4 , HUR-L5 1.69 Our ambition was to create a school that embraced those core values – one that provides a welcoming, caring and inclusive environment serving the needs of the learning community.

Natural contours of the site have been used to create an outside auditorium/performance space embraced by the buildings, which appear to be emerging from the surrounding landscape. 100000 1446.76 Large public spaces are enclosed under domes to protect the inhabitants against the freezing elements of the planet. The school’s Establishment Board had a strong vision for the teaching and values of the school. 138888.9 CitizenCon 2019: microTechnicalities Panel, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Fines & citations payment system, buying / selling commodities or cargo, admin officer (pickup, deliver). Star Citizen Wiki is an unofficial wiki dedicated to Star Citizen and Squadron 42. This section houses several different shops and offices:[3], Promenade is the entertainment area of the domes, where people hang out to have drinks (or consume substances) at Wally's Bar. 1.5 200000, 0

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The landing zone is also a haven for small tech companies. 3500000, 0 156250 New Babbage is major trading hub on microTech and is the home of microTech's flagship store. Large public spaces are enclosed under domes to protect the inhabitants against the freezing elements of the planet. 173611.09 8.9 The Commons is located on the smaller side of the main dome. Dr. Victor Lam 0 156250 3000000, 0 +64 9 379 9980, Matt Harris All rights reserved. 7500. 30000 27.5 7.35 With a stunning setting between Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables, Babbage wanted an architectural form that responded to and was fully integrated with the landscape. 92160 31.01 42534.72 1.71

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The Aspire Grand is the signature skyscraper of New Babbage's skyline and home to Nest Apartments, where Player Habs offer spectacular views of the city and its surrounding environs.[2].

New Babbage is likely named after Charles Babbage, who is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer. solutions@babbage.co.nz

The Design.

Between The Commons and the Promenade is a climbing wall, as well as elevators to the surface garage. 8680.55

Unofficially dubbed "double bubble" due to its exterior looking like two merged domes. This area is likened to a "douchey campus", with recreational space. 18.54


1400 2000000, 0 1200000, 0 The developers have worked to increase the ability for a player to walk through New Babbage's exterior, without the walled-off confines of Lorville. Got some of that quantanium ore on Clio, raced back to New Babbage.


The Domes are the main hub inside the city for players to be in. 150000 5000000, 0 [2] This project was also one of four shortlisted for the 2012 New Zealand Architecture Medal, the highest award in New Zealand for architecture. The space is mainly occupied by a large "yoga field", surrounded by several eateries such as: [3]. The natural tones of the materials used enhance the notion that the buildings are part of the landscape. The site presented a number of challenges for us. New Babbage is major trading hub on microTech and is the home of microTech's flagship store. 1200000, 0 1.3 Searched everywhere except the domes for a sale terminal, there was none at all in the actual port. These domes are made up of 3 separate areas. 3000 62499.99 Landed.

A transit line runs from New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport, over the frozen lake toward the inner city of New Babbage, where it splits for both The Commons and the hub underneath Aspire Grand. An adaptable environment was required that would meet current and future pedagogical needs of the anticipated 460 school roll. 20000000, 0 Calhoun Pass Emergency Shelter  •  Clear View Emergency Shelter  •  MT DataCenter 2UB-RB9-5  •  MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A  •  MT DataCenter 5WQ-R2V-C  •  MT DataCenter 8FK-Q2X-K  •  MT DataCenter D79-ECG-R  •  MT DataCenter E2Q-NSG-Y  •  MT DataCenter QVX-J88-J  •  MT DataCenter TMG-XEV-2  •  MT SecurityCenter DDV-6  •  Nuiqsut Emergency Shelter  •  Outpost 54  •  Point Wain Emergency Shelter  •  Rayari Deltana Research Outpost  •  Rayari Livengood Research Outpost  •  Shubin Mining Facility SM0-10  •  Shubin Mining Facility SM0-13  •  Shubin Mining Facility SM0-18  •  Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22  •  Test Facility Octagon  •  The Necropolis  •, ArcCorp (planet)  •  Crusader  •  Hurston  •  MicroTech (planet)  •, Aberdeen  •  Arial  •  Calliope  •  Cellin  •  Clio  •  Daymar  •  Euterpe  •  Ita  •  Lyria  •  Magda  •  Wala  •  Yela  •, ARC-L1 Wide Forest Station  •  Baijini Point  •  CRU-L1 Ambitious Dream Station  •  CRU-L4 Shallow Fields Station  •  CRU-L5 Beautiful Glen Station  •  Comm Array ST1-02  •  Comm Array ST1-13  •  Comm Array ST1-48  •  Comm Array ST1-61  •  Comm Array ST1-92  •  Comm Array ST2-28  •  Comm Array ST2-47  •  Comm Array ST2-55  •  Comm Array ST2-76  •  Comm Array ST3-18  •  Comm Array ST3-35  •  Comm Array ST3-90  •  Comm Array ST4-22  •  Comm Array ST4-31  •  Comm Array ST4-59  •  Comm Array ST4-64  •  Covalex Hub Gundo  •  Everus Harbor  •  GrimHEX  •  HUR-L1 Green Glade Station  •  HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station  •  HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station  •  HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station  •  HUR-L5 High Course Station  •  ICC ScanHub Stanton  •  MIC-L1 Shallow Frontier Station  •  Port Olisar  •  Port Tressler  •  Security Post Kareah  •, Stanton - Magnus Jump Point  •  Stanton - Pyro Jump Point  •  Stanton - Terra Jump Point  •, Area18  •  Lorville  •  New Babbage  •  Orison  •.

New Babbage Interstellar Spacepor sits outside of New Babbage, on the opposite side of the frozen lake. 40
3200000, 0 5.52 The single biggest challenge, however, was the close proximity to the flight path in and out of Queenstown Airport.

Eddie Parr is located in this area. 10000

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