A genuinely friendly and very down to earth guy — as indeed they all are. They introduced Niall to Fergal, also a drummer. Had I not had that TCSU experience I’d probably have been favorite to step into the job and would most likely have dived headlong into a job I was not cut out for. And I thought getting my hands on a copy of “Nothing Left At All” would be hard! That shot was taken on Dec 23rd 1992 — the coldest day of that year here in Ireland and just The Hitchers’ luck to have pre-booked a photo shoot for that morning. That’s the calibre of wankers you’re dealing with. Copyright © The band booked January 7th, 1990 at Xeric Studios and recorded their first and only demo, titled “Anything,” the title being an alluding tribute to the English guitar band Ride. They’ve never heard of Dolores O’Riordan nor she of them. *laugh*, ZG: Mummbz asks, “Do you still live in Limerick or have you moved elsewhere?”. I reckoned if I’m going to feel ludicrous I may as well look ludicrous so I’d tie my hair up in pig-tails, borrow a school uniform off one of the lads girlfriends and wear that onstage. NQ: I’ve heard this said before too and if it’s so I only wish they’d used more of it as it would‘ve entitled me to a bite of a very sweet plum indeed. Despite being quiet he’d a quick wit and I’d say if he were in the army he’d be singled out as leadership material early on. But, to these guys a band like The Cranberries were easy meat because they kept their musical arrangements minimal, as were The Hitchers, because all our songs were power-chord bashing three chord tricks. ZG: Why the name Pennywhores? At the same time I was in TCSU, The Hitchers would’ve been selling demos of ‘The Streaking Chicken From Mercury Who Exposed Himself To Everything EP.’ Now there was a song on that called ‘Which Leg of A Chicken is More Tender?’ and we got pigeon holed by people who’s attitude would be, “Oh you guys sing songs with titles like ‘Which Leg of A Chicken is More Tender?’ therefore you’re wacky, you’re not earnest, You’re a comedy band, you don’t take this seriously, therefore we’re not going to take you seriously — in fact we’re going to ignore you ‘til you go away.” Despite the fact that if they’d bother to listen they’d find that ‘Which Leg of A Chicken is More Tender?’ is about something very real.

My new band The Pennywhores haven’t played live yet but it’s going to be my first time fronting a band since TCSU. That’d be the best way to find out about The Hitchers because otherwise there’s just too much to tell. The sequence was A-E-G-D. Now if you modulate A-E-G-D to play it in the key of D it becomes D-A-C-G, which happens to be the chord sequence of ‘Linger’. Niall Quinn said the FAI were "sold a pup by UEFA and by the testing in Bratislava" before absolving the FAI over the withdrawal of two players prior to their Euro 2020 playoff. / Rachael aren’t you just a penny whore?”, ZG: LittleHoss asks, “Your lyrics to early material have been described as ‘quirky’. I’ll get her phone number for you tomorrow.’ And that’s how, one Sunday afternoon, I ended up phoning a girl called Dolores — out of the blue — to see if she’d be interested in singing with my old band.” Dolores O’Riordan was interested. From their early stuff I’ve always thought ‘Uncertain’ was a beautiful song.

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