Reyna had never been sure what to think of soulmates, especially due to the fact that any pain you felt would be broadcasted to them, and vice verse. Zoë decided that Percy deserved an extra reward. His head rested against the left-most headrest, while his legs hung off the right-most seat. "Just shut up and fuck me already," Zoë said. Reyna's waiting for love that she thinks will never come. How will he use his newfound power and when a new prophecy is given to him, will he destroy the people he once fought to protect. Sally nodded. Instead, she said, "Plenty of the Huntresses are not virgins. Without her saliva as lubricant, it would have been next to impossible to fit all the way inside her. "Perseus Jackson. Work Search: Percy Jackson, two time saviour of Olympus was betrayed by the love of his life; Annabeth Chase. They become her family, and she would die for them. Every Protogenoi except Spes, Protogonus, And Chaos walked through the portal. He looked at her like she had grown a second head. You have claimed the power of Lord Kronos. Me, my brother, The Nice Tartarus, The Good Gaea, And Pan,” Selene stated. Now it was her turn. Luke lay dying, speaking in hushed tones to Annabeth. As soon as Caelus saw Percy he transformed into Ouranos and yelled “YOU! Zoë shouted. She was tight, tighter than he had imagined possible, but he was able to slide in relatively easy. He played with her firm tits, squeezing the hardened nipples and running them between his fingers. The third fate continued to speak, "whenever you ejaculate in a females vaginia they will gain a tatoo on there spine right above there asses. Instead he found himself in a open clearing in front of the 3 fates. Gaea and Tartarus turned into their Roman forms, Terra and Tartaros. "Is there a way the mind can be affected too?" They flashed away as Sage awoke. Then Zoë let his cock out of her mouth as it spewed onto her face. Protogonus walked up to Percy “Thank you for bringing my sister back youngling. All she knew was that she was kissing him passionately between his legs in the darkness of the night. The silence and lack of any motion was disconcerting for a moment before a bright light shined before me and I saw the Fates sitting there, knitting someone's life like a crappy blanket. She loved his oral ministrations on her and when his tongue and mouth left her asshole, he went back to her juicy pink pussy and sucked and lapped until she squirted her juices. “Pray tell, why not?” Reyna could hear the woman's almost mocking tone. Despite her regal appearance and tendency to speak in borderline Old English, Zoë had returned to cursing up a storm as Percy's throbbing dick drove into her bowels. The first responded. As he rammed into her again and again, Percy traced his fingers around her body. The Second Titan War had concluded nearly a full decade ago, and those that survived were determined to never let what happened to them happen again. Her ass jiggled against his groin as he slapped it. “Too bad you two aren’t engaged you’re perfect for each other. He kept silent so they could finish though. The war the prophecy. But once her soulmate dies, Reyna doesn't care about the pain anymore. Will it work on any female? A peacebringer. You will have not only Kronos' manipulation over time, but his power over people as well. He sat in the front seat and gently closed the door. Percy smirked “Me and Athena are going to have a daughter.” Everyone looked shocked and looked at Athena who was fuming. He sighed to himself. Percy Jackson was made from the hearth, Vesta and Neptune had to keep him a secret so they sent him away to keep him safe. A small amount ran out the side of her mouth but she swallowed a little and quickly licked it up. He was lying on his side, so his cock stuck out at her. Shot after shot filling her mouth. The first fate said. She quickly switched and began to lick his heavy, taut scrotum. Everyone let out a sigh of relief and a few chuckles getting the joke including Artemis herself oddly enough. Then a flash of light clouded the room and someone ran up and tackled Artemis. Zoë kept screaming out expletives and encouragements to keep fucking her, to which he gladly obliged. Zoë rolled her eyes at his stupefied look, already beginning to regret this. Zoë climbed onto him and positioned her face by his crotch, and her own groin by his face. 'Use the gift wisely.

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