Liz ends her idolization of the fictional astronaut after learning of her mother's premarital relationship with Buzz Aldrin (recreated in Liz's fantasy flashback by Fey and Anderson) and discussing the matter with present-day Aldrin in "The Moms". In the episode "The Break-Up", Josh states that his parents raised him as a girl for 10 years. Despite Liz's help with Lynn and Frank's relationship, Lynn hates Liz, and has said that she believes Liz is a "terrible person". Jack was conceived in 1958 during Colleen's affair with Milton Greene. She has been seen putting pocket watches and toy race cars in her mouth and eating flowers. Floyd's first appearance is when he accidentally sends flowers to Liz for Valentine's Day, which he actually intended to send to his girlfriend, Liz Lemler. Indeed, Danny was even in-costume as Wilcox/Baker during one of their assignations. On her self-evaluation, Jenna got a little too real because she “filled it out last night after mixing alcohol with prescription…exhaustion.”. He first appears in the episode "Audition Day" (played by actor/dancer Daniel Genalo). NBC Press Release – Thursday, January 18, 2007. Due to job-related commitments (Jack lives in New York City and C.C. Nancy meets Avery and finds out she is pregnant, which Nancy tells Jack before leaving. Assuming that Danny's real name of Jack is a diminutive of Jon or John, he is in keeping with Liz's tendency to date men who share names with celebrities and fictional characters: Jon Baker, the CHiPs character portrayed by Liz's childhood crush, Larry Wilcox. Diana shares many qualities with her daughter, which makes Jack instantly attracted to her. He works closely with and serves as a trusted friend to Liz, whom, as stated in "Blind Date", he has known for ten years.[4]. They told her she needed to embarrass Lutz too, or he’d feel left out. He frequently uses (fictional) British English phrases, such as "foot cycle" for bicycle and "film pod" for video camera, which annoys Liz. He was a member of the band Loverboy during his teenage years and his father was a member of the United States Congress. Liz's scheme unravels, and Drew is disappointed in her; however, he reads her mail and tells her he feels Liz would have been someone he would have wanted to know. Unfortunately he sells the van to "a really nice young guy on meth", who later steals money from a bank. suggests that she has taken over GE after her father's death. Frank is habitually slovenly and childish; he lives with his mother and is an aficionado of video games, comic books and figurines, and pornography. In "The Tuxedo Begins", Jack hires him after he is mugged. He appears via a flashback to a raunchy TGS sketch with Tracy in the series finale.

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