Hotch: (as his phone vibrates in the background) That's my team. He later manipulated the BAU into compiling a list of DID patients, which Brian delivered to Peter, therefore giving him the personal information of a large pool of potential victims. Raoul Whalen | Jonathan Ray Covey | Hotchner realizes that Peter testified against his father. Don Black | Beaumont Unsub | Birth Date During the manhunt, the Fugitive Task Force team can't get a positive identification on Cullen during his crimes, so Alvez's partner Phil Brooks (Corey Reynolds) goes undercover to lure him out. As the car drives away, Peter looks over his shoulder to take one last look at Hotch. John Nelson | Reid deduces from the code used to hack into the Quantico database that the unsub works for the NSA. Rhett Walden | For his part, Reid's hallucinations finally allow him to confront his many traumas in a quest for closure showrunner Erica Messer said has roots all the way back in season two. Soon afterward he drugged Hotch and held him hostage with a knife and the latter's FBI-issued sidearms. He would later have Hotch use one of these sidearms in an attempt to kill Rossi and Reid. These drugs caused them to hallucinate about Mr. Scratch and lash out violently at the person next to them, which would always be a loved one living in the same house. Immediately following the events in Arizona, Peter began stalking Hotch's son Jack. Dylan Kohler | As usual, Reid endures tragedy after tragedy. Peter then targets Bill Kinderman and attempts to make him kill his son, but Bill's paternal instinct overrides his hypnosis and he commits suicide instead. Patrick Butler | Peter: You can talk now. His victims, the people implicated in murders, say they were attacked by a “clawed shadow monster” at the moment each crime took place. Benjamin Cyrus | Hayes Cullinan | Peter: Oh, that was good. In the hospital, JJ reveals that she meant what she said when she confessed her love for Reid at gunpoint in the previous season. Peter Harper | The depraved man wants to meet his father, who inspired him to abuse women, but finds that his mother, who pretended to help law enforcement in order to be released on parole, has already brutally killed him. The most unlikely killer of the season is, shockingly enough, Reid, who is accused of a murder in Mexico. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. “He invades your dreams, and preys on … Ian Doyle | Amber Canardo | However, Rossi noted that if Peter was behind it, he would have gone after Stephen's family and not his former colleague, since he always went after families. Ahh! Peter's parents ran a home that took in kids waiting to find a foster family. While training with the Task Force, he studied Calvin Shaw (Harold Perrineau), a disgraced former FBI agent convicted of murdering his confidential informant. The prison break in the season 11 finale includes Peter Lewis, the serial killer known as Mr. Scratch, who tormented the BAU and drugged Hotch in season 10. Kevin Peck | Occupation Peter was later officially ruled out when the true unsub was identified. Brian commits several crimes while in that induced state and eventually escapes from a hospital with a list of DID patients from across the country, which the BAU acquired as part of the investigation. That was so impressive. Richard Gerace | (Peter forces a gas mask onto Gabriel Lewis's face, then shows his face to the camera). Such a scenario is undocumented in DID literature but is possible with the right balance of drugs and torture. Steven Fitzgerald | After this he was hired by the NSA. Juliette Weaver | When they do, he surrenders immediately, satisfied that he had gotten into Hotch's head. Owen Porter | This experience strengthens their relationship, laying the groundwork for Reid's pain when she eventually fakes her death two seasons later. Johnson | Reid deduces from the code used to hack into the Quantico database that the unsub works for the NSA. Upon graduating, he was immediately hired by the National Security Agency, which would always hire math geniuses because it was too dangerous for them to work anywhere else. When his victims are drugged they would hallucinate a "Monster" called "Mr. Scratch". The Central Park Ripper | Desi Gutierrez | Peter then targets Bill Kinderman and attempts to make him kill his son, but Bill's paternal instinct overrides his hypnosis and he commits suicide instead. His parents ran a group home that took in several children who were waiting for adoption. He then makes him commit many crimes and steals a page of DID patients around the country. Hugh Rollins | “He invades your dreams, and preys on … Arthur Rykov | Peter was officially exonerated of Nadie's murder by the BAU when Lindsey Vaughn and Cat Adams were identified as the only ones behind it and the framing of Reid. Paul Silvano | He later escaped along with twelve other serial killers in Season Eleven and targeted the BAU throughout Season Twelve before his death in Season Thirteen.

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