Of course it … After the fertilization is successful, the female eggs will be transferred to an incubation tank.

Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to breed a Pictus Catfish in a home aquarium, simply because of the lack of open space that the fish needs to reach its full sexual maturity. Pictus Catfish do not have scales. Provide a filter for the tank that will ensure there is a strong current flow. To ensure you have a peaceful tank and avoid any accidental snacking, it’s best to stock other soft water fish that the pictus can’t prey on. The pellets can then be supplemented by any of the following foods: Live, freeze-dried, and frozen foods are all acceptable and will be readily eaten. The dorsal fin is generally black in its entirety, but as with all fish, there are often some exceptions.

Breeding the pictus catfish is notoriously hard. Just go for a top-notch hang on back filter and the result will be more than satisfactory. The pictus catfish (scientific name: pimelodus pictus) is an extremely popular freshwater fish among aquarists and has been so for quite a while. Such equipment may include: This equipment may be more costly because of its size and the necessary power, wattage, etc., but there are many quality and affordable options available on the market. These are the general advice we can give you about picking tank mates. Water quality is crucial to prevent these illnesses from taking over. It has become very popular amongst most aquarists as it exhibits very interesting characteristics. Signs to watch out for include white fungus looking patches on the skin, loss of appetite, ragged-looking fins, open ulcers and a change in color to the gills. If you vary this too much or even let it warm up or cool down too much, then you also make them more vulnerable to diseases. In the wild, Pictus Catfish are omnivorous by nature, so they will eat pretty much anything that comes their way. Like a number of fish, the pictus’ sex is not easy to determine. Your email address will not be published. A hobbyist looking for fish with energetic personality and delightful colors should consider keeping the pictus catfish. The Pictus Catfish is also exceptionally difficult to breed in a home aquarium, similar to other freshwater fish we’ve talked about. Yes, it’s almost impossible to breed pictus catfish in home aquariums, and there are several factors behind this. Chances are, though, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’re just not sure of much about this fish, so, our goal is to detail as much as we can in this Pictus catfish care sheet. We have been keeping Pictus Catfish for several years, and we still can’t identify what sex they are. Larger commercial setups, such as aquariums, may have more success. The ‘whiskers’ that are found on all species of catfish are actually called barbels, and they are what the catfish use for navigating in muddy waters, as well as feeling around for any spare food that they can get a hold of. In the wild, pictus catfish eat about anything. It is certainly worth the price, as it will provide the water flow your Catfish needs while keeping the water crystal clean.

The only way to avoid complications is to make sure it is the smallest fish in your tank. There are several species of catfish that can be confused with the Pictus catfish, including the Angelicus and the Leiarius pictus.
The rule of the thumb is to pick tank mates that are big enough not to get eaten by them. Place a number of rocks with crevices to allow it to hide at daytime.

You better prevent them for getting sick or otherwise there is a high risk they will just end up dying. To prevent this, only buy healthy fish and make sure to quarantine them before introducing them to the main tank.

Additionally, female fish tend to be slightly more rounded, which is only noticeable when these fish are fully grown. They definitely have some tank mates they can get along with, but popular community fish like neons and guppies aren’t usually them. If aquarists were to observe the pictus catfish mating and breeding, we know that the female would lay eggs that the male would then fertilize. If you learn everything about how to keep them healthy and put it into practice consistently, then you will be more than proud of the result. The size and longevity of pictus heavily depend on the quality of the water and diet it is provided in captivity.

The first is that you just won’t be able to distinguish between male and female catfish, which is the crucial thing when it comes to breeding. They have a large appetite that must be minded.

We recommend keeping them in groups of at least 5, preferably more. Also you will need to add enough sand and some earth to give them a muddy feel. The Pictus Catfish is generally a non-territorial and non-aggressive fish, so you should have no problems keeping them with most other species of fish. If you are interested in breeding these catfish, you need to keep in mind that doing so at home is very hard for numerous reasons. A Silent & Reliable Canister Filter: Which Brand to Trust? Assuming that you consistently apply all the advice we gave you; your Pictus Catfish will be able to live up to 10 years.
This catfish is not recommended for beginners unless such aquarists are dedicated to this species and are prepared to dedicate the necessary time, money, and care to their upkeep. Leaving the tank with waste for long periods may contaminate the tank and the food therein. Choose a natural, but clean, sand for the bottom of the tank. They love to swim in mud in their natural habitat. And that’s how the small pictus catfish babies are produced. Learn how your comment data is processed. We can call the Pictus peaceful, yet still predatory. Even though they are on the smaller side they still need at least a 55 gallon tank or larger to allow for adequate swimming room. We don’t want to say it is impossible to breed Pictus Catfish in a community tank but it is going to be awfully difficult for sure. Both the caudal and pectoral fins are transparent. For this reason, we would not recommend the Pictus Catfish to absolute beginners. Those interested in introducing pictus catfish to their community tank or starting a new enclosure specifically for these catfish should take care to mimic their natural habitats as closely as possible to bring out their true behaviors and brilliant coloring. Live foods are often provided for the baby catfish, which helps them grow better. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to immediately treat the fish and separate it from others before it can spread infection. The other frequent problem is when you put them into an aquarium that is too small.

We’ll talk more about ideal conditions below with this, but this definitely means providing them with a sandy substrate and housing them with other fish that need this same kind of environment. For trial purposes however, stocking a number of them can give one the chance to breed them. After they hatch, the babies will be placed in grow-out tanks where they will be fed and kept under a watchful eye. It has a diet that involves fruits, insects, snails, prawns, and even smaller fish. After all, they naturally live in rivers that flow steadily but smoothly. And though they are non-aggressive and non-territorial in general, Pictus catfish compatibility is still specific, for several reasons. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The easiest way to recognize them is to look for silver-colored skin that is covered with black spots. They have very sharp pectoral fins.

It most likely won’t be anything unusual, just the most common aquarium diseases. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Firstly, it’s because these fish just won’t be able to achieve the size that’s required for them to breed in an aquarium.

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