The move Uproar wakes up all sleeping Pokémon on the field when used, and in Generation III and IV, wakes up sleeping Pokémon on the field at the end of each turn or when they would use a move. Exeggutor could always pick Sleep Powder again though, but it would almost never be able to take Chansey down on its own. For example, if your lead is Exeggutor and your opponent sends a Gengar lead, there are two options. Just try not to pick the same lead so that you don't get too predictable. Pokémon with the Comatose Ability will act like they are asleep, without actually being asleep, and the Ability prevents them from being put to sleep. There is also a chance for sleeping Pokémon to wake up when they are attacked or at the start of their turn. It can also, however, cause Poisoning or Paralysis. While Electric Terrain or Misty Terrain is present, grounded Pokémon cannot fall asleep (including self-inflicted sleep from Rest). A sleeping Pokémon will eventually wake up on its own, after the required number of turns has elapsed. If its target is sleeping, Wake-Up Slap will wake it up in addition to becoming more powerful. However, if the coin lands on tails, the Pokémon is still asleep. The first is Asleep, where the Pokémon cannot act for 3 to 6 turns (Its randomly changes). Sie kommen sehr selten vor und sind bei vielen Spielern sehr begehrt. Rest in Mystery Dungeon is turned into a move that causes a variety of Asleep on the user, named Napping. Sleeping is a status condition that has been present since the early days of the anime. Schillernde Pokémon (von Fans auch als Shiny-Pokémon oder kurz Shinys bezeichnet) existieren seit der zweiten Generation und sind im Grunde normale Pokémon, welche aber durch eine andere, besondere Farbe auffallen. In Talk About Timing, Treecko, Wally's Roselia put Treecko to sleep with Grass Whistle. Snore and Sleep Talk increment the regular sleep counter. In Generation V, Sleep lasts 1 to 3 turns. A Pokémon targeted by this move can use Mirror Move to copy it. Sleep Clause prevents another Pokemon from being put to sleep, so in some cases the sleeping Pokemon can be as useful as any other Pokemon. In You Bet Your Wife, Ash's Bulbasaur put Rudy's Exeggutor to sleep with Sleep Powder. When it discovered that its "audience" slept through it song, the balloon Pokémon doodled on the sleeping Pokémon, and people, before leaving in a huff. In The Indigo Finals, Ritchie's Happy put Ash's Squirtle to sleep with Sleep Powder just as it got knocked out by Squirtle's Skull Bash, resulting in a double knockout. In this case, Exeggutor has a much better chance to take Chansey out, as Chansey will be relying on Sleep Powder misses. Sleep now lasts 2-5 turns. Something you will have to keep in mind and grasp is that sleep in RBY doesn't quite work like in future generations. 10, up to 16 with PP Up Target Selected Pokémon Effect chance n/a Priority 0 (normal) Flags. In the Mystery Dungeon series, there are many versions of Sleeping. In Surprised by Sneasel, Silver's Gyarados put himself to sleep with Rest in order heal himself while battling against Sird's Banette. To sum everything up, apart from the mechanics, there are two key differences between sleep in RBY and in future generations: in RBY, sleep is a lot more prevalent, but, on the other hand, it's also more predictable and easier to handle. In Play Misty for Me, Ash's newly evolved Butterfree put Misty's Gyarados to sleep with Sleep Powder. When it is asleep, the card is turned counterclockwise. After each turn, if a player's Pokémon is Asleep, the player must flip a coin: if heads, the Asleep Pokémon "wakes up" and is no longer affected by the Special Condition. This was soon countered by Shaymin using Worry Seed on the sleeping Pokémon, changing their Abilities to Insomnia and thus causing them to immediately wake up. Paralysis cannot be removed after a certain number of turns. The very first thing to know about sleep in RBY is that a sleeping Pokemon doesn't attack the turn it wakes up. Source answered Nov 13, 2014 by ~Crimson~ But then, when and how is a Pokemon that has been put to sleep useful? If the target has Sleep, Nightmare or Napping status conditions, the move's damage is doubled and the target is cured of its status.. Pokémon Conquest The sleeping Pokémon can use Snore and Sleep Talk, and is vulnerable to Dream Eater and Bad Dreams. The Fortress Of Steel! In League Unleashed!, Nando's Kricketune used Sing to put Ash's Heracross to sleep. If this situation had been applied to any of the future generations, had you known Exeggutor was waking up that turn, you would've probably switched Tauros out; in RBY, however, you will always be safe in this kind of scenario, because you'll be able to switch back to another Pokemon if the foe wakes up, thus preventing your active Pokemon from being hit.

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