You are my sunshine that I can never be without. She cried with disappointment when she thought that he only wanted to use her because she heard his grandpa say that.

Xo i dnt continue to feel dis regret for watching it at d first place. They introduced so many characters but failed to deliver on so many counts. His brows still in a frown, Wen Yue replies “They are still kids? Please tell me where I can get the book in English or Vietnamese? And special mention to Hunan Weishi TV station for being a pain in the ass and cutting the episodes so terribly.

And yes, I noticed Yuwen Yue's arrow wound disappearing too, and I'm never meticulous enough to notice movie mistakes which says a lot about how bad the ending was. Also, they killed YueQi. Tell. !I Used to like him…Ooh!I hate him with all my heart now!!! !YUWEN MUST NOT DIE! The worst scene they didn't edit properly was the last episode. Da Xia goes through a bloody civil war as the country is torn apart by the bitter fight for the throne. But then in the next part of the novel, Yue Qi was still alive (even getting married and having babies). In the last scene, we see the flower behind Chu Qiao’s back finally appeared and Chu Qiao’s eye snap open. I was also so confused by CQ saying it was okay if YX killed YWY honorably. Giggling, Xing Xing who is holding the baby in her arms pipes up “Yes, it is really strange…” Bai Tang is too dangerous right now so why aren’t you stopping her?” The emperor of Da Xia finally dies and things quickly go from bad to worse. ��, Me and my mom just finished watching this tonight and we watched this in just 3-4 days I think (like we’ve been watching this for 12-15 hrs a day as far as I remember LOL). The character just drew you in but I do wish I understood Cantonese since though I’m glad they had someone who did English subtitles I’m sure they couldn’t put everything in that was spoken? Sigh… obviously not a satisfying ending at all and one that garnered LOTS of complaints from fans. Funny enough, I believe the actor that plays Cheng Yuan is Yue Qi's trusted bodyguard in there. Many fans are petitioning for them to return for the season 2. I'm just going to ignore what happened in the last episode and revel in the fact that they're alive in the books.

Nice optimistic does give me some hope for a happy ending between YWY and CQ.

Such a weird thing.” Just can’t get enough. I just googled “Princess Agent Novel Translation” and lots of hits came up. Posted on 10/04/2018 by ddmcmc. Rating: 10/10 from 0 ratings. It was just so sad. A list of Zhao Liying's 10 historical dramas!, Check the first trailer of Zhao Liying's new drama [The Story of Ming Lan] in Eng Sub, I AM SO heartbroken!! Through out this series references were made to special cold powers. A guard save YWY by pulling and swimming away with him. Running over to hold her little umbrella over Wen Yue, Chu Qiao frowns and chides “Did you not notice it is raining?” I was so intrigue at the beginning cant imagine it just ended like this. Learn from the lesson of the past they do the season 2 and replacement. I am fairly traumatized. And i am just lost….no closure. Even with the problems in the beginning re CGI and slow -moving plot with irrelevant storylines, I trusted that they knew what they were doing, and would tie the major points up to produce a satisfying and reasonable narrative. On the day of the wedding, Chu Qiao is taken as a prisoner by Wen Yue’s older brother with the threat if Chu Qiao comes quietly then maybe he would consider not killing Wen Yue who apparently has just walked into a trap set up by his own family. Incredibly frustrated with the way they dropped the ball on this story and ran!

Also I wish someone would have hit Chuen'er upside the head with a 2X4 when she was into one of her self indulgent 10 minute poor pitiful me sobbing sessions and put her lame butt out of commission for good. Pouting, Chu Qiao says dejectedly “See! Chu Qiao was known as Agent 005 within the Secret Service’s 11th Division in her former life. At least a hopeful ending. But an ending like this? The author gave him a lot of thoughts, but it's still undeniable that Yuwen Yue is the main male lead. Puzzled when Wen Yue unexpectedly says “Xing Er, I will make it up to you.” Chu Qiao frowns and asks “What are you talking about?” Giving Chu Qiao a smile and a gentle pat on her face, Wen Yue doesn’t bother to explain himself but instead promises “What I owe you I will for sure make it up to you in the future.”. Not a lot of Chinese drama recap/ bloggers out there. My guess is YWY would not kill his friend YX even in war. The worst drama 1 ve ever watched, my 50 hours is wasted,I would never watch Chinese series ever again. The rift between Chu Qiao and Yan Xun widens as it becomes obvious that the hatred in Yan Xun’s heart has become a fuel for his greed for power. Although i have watched it three times i still can't get the ending right. Or any production, really. I’m slowly picking up the recap after a long break since the Chinese new year and a super busy spring. The 13th Prince recounts how their father was the one who started it all and that the people cannot withstand another war. Her face flushed bright red, Chu Qiao belatedly notices that there seems to be quite a crowd standing behind Yue7. This bed is too small.” While I am waiting for season 2, I’m reading bits and pieces of the novel to fulfill my XingYue hunger lol. Bewildered when Wen Yue suddenly wraps her tightly with a blanket and commands in a deep throaty voice “Okay, sleep now.” Chu Qiao instinctively wonders “Sleep?”, Amused, Wen Yue stares at her and asks “Why? Now finish this with all the Episodes to make since. Can you please send me the translated version of princess agents ? thank u for sharing that YWY survives and Yue Qi too.. Quite proud of himself when Chu Qiao meekly agrees to his demand, Wen Yue’s brother dies with shock still in his eyes when Chu Qiao skillfully kills his four guards before finishing him off. It could be debated that maybe Chu Qiao’s feeling for Yan Xun wasn’t really romantic but there was no doubt that she loved him and had planned to spend the rest of her life with him. The ever devoted and sweet Yue Qi! Yan Xun was really bad and she took to long finally finding out how bad he was. come on! The beginning was promising but then I started noticing the flaws, certain scenes didn't make sense or just wasn't cut in properly. point of killing Yuwen Yue while setting up the stage for a possible sequel. Ping An and Jing Jing are just kids.” They would have been hunted down and killed by everyone since they since they would become rebels. Despite being suspicious when a man alleging to be Chu Qiao’s soldier tells him that she is in danger, Wen Yue nonetheless rushes right into the trap Yan Xun has set for him. In the novel YWY survived using his own abilities (or was rescued by somebody) bec CQ had no super powers in the novel. So they stopped midway—- which I just googled. They couldn't even give us a proper ending.

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