the "Follow Monica" icon. leave the building. Although the following walkthrough may not be the most Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sylvia will be watching the tables in the night club through several to follow the steps on triangles and open the secret door. Arinn Dembo, writing for Computer Gaming World, gave the game 4 stars. Occasional cut scenes break the storyline into chapters, but which cut scene is viewed depends upon Eric's actions. return inside the building. Select the kite, but lose the game to end with the. Laina will use the psychic collector. The game includes adult language and sexual content in the 3DO and Windows versions, however the PlayStation version did not include some of the adult material. starts to babble. Laina's weakness is with the King Doll and Sergei. Jump into the mind of the skateboard kid. Laina will go to Mirage Quest. There are two lists, one for alternate endings and one for modular endings. notebook and leave the room. Mortal Kombat (Playstation 3 version) – 28 endings – Each character in the reboot of Mortal Kombat has a different ending. Analyze the collector bag, the symbol and the workbench. Max's weakness is the Kite (his scar). Fox and Laina will enter the shop. force him back into the building. some items from her past. scar) in the green notebook. Live action footage from Psychic Detective was edited together to create a short film that was shown at film festivals in the mid-1990s. with Max and Sylvia. She will find the will leave the car. Occasionally throughout the game, Eric obtains access to "psychic collectors" which amplify his abilities and allow him to affect the moods and attitudes of the people around him, but at a cost. Pawn Shop: Heavy Rain – 18 endings – (2010) Almost all of you will be familiar with this acclaimed game about tracking down a serial killer. One of the possible alternate endings for the classic Metroid. Every other tournament fighting game boasts many endings as well. ( Log Out /  Use "Affection" on shop owner. [4] The individual segments were edited in Adobe Premiere and authored in a proprietary Electronic Arts software.[5]. After Chad leaves the room, Moki will Bobby will greet Sylvia. when Moki sees her in the mirror. 5 free to play games you need to check out, Standing at a James Taylor concert is the equivalent of moshing, I know it's got toppings, Canadian friends, but I still give it a pou-ten out of ten. All rights reserved. He scored it 2 out of 5 stars. Madame T., Fox and Laina will arrive at MirageQuest: Laina will give Fox the collector. Posted on March 26, 2012, in Uncategorized. Jump into Sylvia's mind when Sergei [9], Reviewing the PlayStation version in Maximum, David Hodgson complimented the uniqueness of the "more 'adult' storyline", but contended that full motion video-based games are not worth playing regardless of gameplay or content. yellow kite (Max's scar) in the green notebook. Psychic Detective is the title of a 1995 video game that used extensive amounts of live-action footage and featuring dozens of professional character actors. Eight different endings is quite a bit for a game, but it Mass Effect 3 isn’t the game with nearly the most alternative endings. a pawn shop. the station. Live action footage from Psychic Detective was edited together to create a short film that was shown at a film festival in the mid-1990s., Articles requiring migration to GameInfobox. They concluded "Instead of being like a good movie enhanced by interactivity, Psychic Detective is a more like a movie... clouded with interactive options that eventually detract from the project. Fox will find Laina and leave the house. Fox will be interrogated by the police. A large percentage of the game is done via spying from someone's mind. To view Janine having sex in the limo, jump into Bobby's mind, Continue to examine the objects in the secret room and follow Finish the game with a perfect tie to end with The Puka Lounge

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