Also a good portion of the bio mass in the lake will be in the shallower water that has more sunlight. Great job Susie !!! The flies you will want to have in your arsenal include: popcorn beetles and boobies in white, black, chartreuse, red/pink and combos of those colors.The trailing fly has been less specific as all bait fish streamers, clousers, wooly buggers and wooly worms etc. We have been dialing in flies and techniques to target these large fish and we would love to share or knowledge with you. But don’t hesitate or expect every grab to completely suck that bobber under. Streamers and buggers in olive, black and white have all put out. I’d say it worked. We will still be operational in a limited capacity. If it’s cloudy think dark. As we swing into pre season here out at pyramid lake we can only imagine what is to come in the near future. The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 53 cm (21 in) and 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) while females reach approximately 64 cm (25 in) and 2.7 kg (6 lb). These fish will slowly cruise the shelves engulfing midges like a whale eats plankton. You know the old adage, “ You should have been here last week”? PFC Client Ben Rioux “Keepin Em Wet” PC: Morgan Kane. LOL yeah, average. Boobies, beetles, buggers, midges and maybe even a fly....wait for it....presented well on the surface may get eaten. The time is now! Campers flock to the shores of Pyramid, while day trippers often come for the mere sight of the immense lake in its stark desert surroundings. On the calm clear days the bite on float tubes and sinking line will help keep you into fish as they will go into deeper water during the day especially with high visibility. It doesn’t hurt to leave the crowds and find new areas. Don't be afraid to vary depths or retrieve speed as well. Keep an eye out for some proper fish handling clips on our social media outlets and website. This fish was caught on a black midge at Windless Beach. Please be Patient. It’s a bit warmer than usual and they are willing to chase at times. Thank you! #pfcbigfishcontest Junior Division Winner Joseph ! There’s a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy on the lake. When this happens large fish that are fired up and fat from glutinously eating Tui Chub, will start cruising ledges all around the lake. Morning and Evening bites have been fairly consistent everywhere. The morning bite has been worth waking up and fighting the colder morning temps., We have open dates we truly enjoy sharing our knowledge. PFC Client Jordan from CA with the epic fish flop. The cutthroat will still have Tui Chub in the brain so fishing something that has a little more movement should help increase the amount of grabs you get. As we are sliding closer to spring we are seeing the summits push in a bit more frequently. The season is just going to get better and better. Pyramid Lake covers 125,000 acres, making it one of the largest natural lakes in the state of Nevada. Grayson and Frank Linclon from Colorado causing Double Trouble with PFC Guide Casey Anderson. The guy actually fishing. Some days are wide open while others are still just really good fishing. With the Pilot Peak strain in full swing we are seeing larger colored up fish that frequent the shallows. Trevon Jester from San Diego CA still hasn’t stopped smiling. But you sure as hell cant if you never try. Zach landed 2 fish over 10 lbs. Being comfortable is key to being in the water longer, and being in the water longer is key to catching more fish. These aren’t too picky as far as fly colors go. Cruising the shallows filter feeding on most anything that resembles their diet. But with our high water comes fresh water, trout and all the other biomass in the lake are thriving! Client Yana Blantin on the board with her first cutty. Floating line with and without an indicator has been producing it’s fair share of lunkers. Wooly buggers and Streamers in black, white and olive. We are getting colder as we advance through December. Great service and even better people. While the water temps are cold and the fish are a little more lethargic we like to fish bobbers. The lake has risen over 30 vertical feet since then and the food source for the cutthroat has exploded! This opener started off a little slower than normal. We can’t say it enough but time in the water will be crucial to catching these larger fish. The lake elevation has risen to levels that haven’t been seen in years which brings all sorts of new equations to the puzzle. PFC President Casey Anderson connecting with a Tui Chub filled Pilot. There are too many pieces of the puzzle to count but the more pieces you have the more you can understand the fish and the fishery and begin to crack the ever changing codes of lake fishing. Are the 8 weight rods we use enough? "It's Only Getting Better and Better" 2/20/19. We can also now start to turn more towards balanced leeches as well especially in low light or larger wave conditions. After casting the double midge rig you may be converted. Our Lodge is located at Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada, about 40 miles from Reno. Pyramid has been fishing incredibly. Wanting to better your chance at a fish of a lifetime? Client Ed Anderson from ID with his Trusty Coat. Give us a call and we will get you dialed in your journey to the 30 pound club, Need we say more ? We have seen it happen time and time again. It made for a memorable day and again goes to show how healthy the fishery really is becoming. Good news is there is slight incline in air temperature this coming week. Years prior we were seeing the predominant amount of large pilots being caught in spring roughly around March, last year a the big push was February and March. Autumn Harry @numu_wanderer with her first 10 lb Cutthroat. Blue Bird conditions didn’t deter Thad Rosbin of SLC from havng a good time, “just gotta keep fishin”. But are you the one tugging on that monster? So make sure you stocked up and trying out different patterns. Low cloud cover, dark skies, large waves and weather equal game time! Boaters can take to the warm, salty water for great skiing, wake boarding, paddle boarding or tubing. Crosby Lodge Report Pyramid Lake - Sutcliffe, NV (Washoe County) Lahontan Cutthroat. When clients cancel due to wind PFC Guide Morgan Kane had a little fun. Give us a call and let us show you Pyramid Lake the Pyramid Fly Co way. We really appreciate it. There are big fish lurking and putting your time in through next month will be one of your best times to catch your personal best cutthroat. Pay attention, If it looks or feels like a take set the hook. These consistently cooler nights resulted in the bait and trout to spread out. You think we are kidding ? “Frank the Tank”, took the day with this thick female Pilot peak at 13 lbs 7oz. Guided trips and Do it Yourself anglers have had good success rates. This season we have seen last years 6-8lb fish really pack it on! Pyramid Lake covers 125,000 acres, making it one of the largest natural lakes in the state of Nevada. Scott St Clair with an average cutty. We had the Smith crew put from Colorado. These fish are HOT and the fishery hasn’t been this healthy in decades. Real cold with wind and clouds then warm when the sun is out. Early mornings, afternoons and evenings have still been the best time for a good bite. The large Pilot peak strain are starting to feed heavily and frequent the shallows more often throughout the day to pack on more mass as they slide into pre spawn our catching opportunities also start to jump up. And talk about an easy tie. Midges and nymphs in red, wine, and black have been the top producers. Photo: Mario Guel. We have only seen a few cruising fish but plenty of other fish feeding close to the shorelines. For stripping the always essential popcorn beetles and boobies in various colors. There will be others around in the same area at that exact time. Clients Zach Parksons and Sean Solway made the trek from Tahoe. And what fun is that? Casey Anderson with a nice early morning specimen. When there is weather or low light conditions there has been a more consistent bite through the day. Stoke factor “10”. The amount of food available for the fish in the lake allow these fish to pack on the pounds like no other. Boaters can take to the warm, salty water for great water skiing, wake boarding or tubing, while fisherman are drawn to the lake … Less angler pressure because of the colder weather and some of the largest of the year are caught around this time. We have a few spots open so contact us,  get signed up and come on out and learn the tips and tricks that will help you gain confidence with your new retrieving techniques.

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