here you can find people to play and talk to. People in this group sometimes raid Rats United games. ASLO can I be THE RAT SANTA, hi you cowards cats and foxes make gordom ratsy kill all cats, THIS IS A GROUP WHERE ALL THE RATS OF ROBLOXIA COME TOGETHER TO BE ONE. You will meet other fellow rats. rats . It achieved popularity due to the YouTuber Flamingo. Click RobloxPlayer.exe to run the Roblox installer, which just downloaded via your web browser. If it doesn’t, start the, Please choose whether this site may use cookies as described below. The Red Army is a group for players of the Roblox game called Military Simulator. HE MAKES VERY DELICIOUS FRESH CAT AND CHEESE HERE WE WORSHIP OUR RAT GOD AND KING! Owner were just a bunch of people that like rats! here we worship our rat god and king! ️ ️go to for rats united t shirts and hoodies ️ ️ at our home we have our chef! 0. holder. THIS IS A GROUP WHERE ALL THE RATS OF ROBLOXIA COME TOGETHER TO BE ONE. hi everyone! HE PASSES LAWS AND HE SENDS PEOPLE TO JAIL IF THEY ARE A CAT OR BREAK THE LAW, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. dear powie i sorry for making rat soup now i will stop if you revoke my ban username: amazon#9815, also i am king doge king of the dogs and i am now gonna to make a group called doges united i would be glad if you joined :) and also we will give you free stuff and your role would be the king rat, also heres my roblox user please put me as king doge, rats united, there is a person non-stop killing me, he is at rats crossing and his name is hrhrjhwjskfksks, WHY DID I GET BANNED JUST BC I SAYED I WAS 12 IT WAS A JOKE IM 13, can i pease get un baned powie sir? Very active owner 2. ABOUT RATS UNITED; CONTACT; Remember the rules. Click Run when prompted by your computer to begin the installation process. 燎AT OUR HOME WE HAVE OUR JUDGE! Hacking my GIRLFRIEND'S ROBLOX ACCOUNT... BANNING PEOPLE WITH ROBLOX ADMIN COMMANDS, Welcome Idots to ! These cookies used for improving site performance or understanding site usage. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The Official Dogs UnitedJudge's CourthousePriest's ChurchGordon Ratsey’s KitchenKaden Fumblebottom Join Server Vote. (or anything else, but please no rat hate). Roblox uses cookies to personalize content, provide social media features and analyze the traffic on our site. Their main enemy is Kitties United. We are a small rat enthusiast discord. Anime, gaming, and many other categories are available. JOIN GROUP. Join for helpful players and game news! After installation, click Play below to join the action! we play games like roblox n stuff...make new friends or something idk but read the rules first please! Your Rat King would like you to wear your Rats United gear while respecting the rats! This only applies to TheRealRatPriest. Creation Date Rats United we're a small community of people who would love for you to join! we play among us, valorant, roblox and more! WE HAVE OUR JUDGE! come to get tortured, and if you leave right after you join then your just a clown . ✨Vibe and talk to other members of our beloved kingdom!✨ The more active you are the more exclusive things you'll have and be sure to enjoy! Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities. Join this Server. Little bit people {because it is new} 5. This is a fun and safe environment with a friendly community! HE IS THE LEADER OUR MASSES AND LEADS THE PRAYER AT OUR FEASTS For further information, including information on how to withdraw consent and how to manage the use of cookies on Roblox, please refer to our, The Roblox installer should download shortly. Sorrry for naming this official rats united discord server i meant unnoficial Also this is a server with rats and we will kill cats is a satirical group owned by CatQUEEN_Missy involving cats. ❗️❗️GO TO RATSUNITED.COM FOR RATS UNITED T SHIRTS AND HOODIES❗️❗️ 9 hours ago . he passes laws and he sends people to jail if they are a cat or break the law come on down to rats united. It achieved popularity because of Rats United. he makes very delicious fresh cat and cheese we have our priest! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. be nice pls! Unofficail Rats United. 1. NO MAKING RAT SOUP!! here we worship our rat god and king! ️ ️go to for rats united t shirts and hoodies ️ ️ at our home we have our chef! We have:1. Rats United is a Roblox group founded and own by Powie616 on April 11, 2020. this is a remake of a rodent server that died, so we're starting over. ❗️❗️GO TO RATSUNITED.COM FOR RATS UNITED T SHIRTS AND HOODIES❗️❗️ Collect Souls, XP, and … Music 6. need people to help make server better… NO WASTING YOUR CHEESE AND CAT SOUP!! He is causing a lot of trouble in the game so we would be thankful for banning him (username: DeadpossesdCat), I love RATS!!!!! WE HAVE OUR JUDGE! Priest. 2. They have currently have 514,855 members and have increasing popularity. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. Check Always open links for URL: Roblox Protocol and click Open URL: Roblox Protocol in the dialog box above to join games faster in the future! in not 12 im 13 jordyinabag #6083, i got banned for no reason pls unban me my discord is raffykingeeeeee#5881. Counting channel4. he is the leader our masses and leads the prayer at our feasts we have our judge! Roblox, the Roblox logo and Powering Imagination are among our registered and unregistered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. So I got ban because I got confused someone that was named FATrat in the discord server said that he could eat better then anyone, and I was going to mention his message but I tapped on the wrong message somehow and I was told by someone that I was being mean and that I called them fat and I thought they read what I said to FATrat so I tried to tell them that I never called you fat I tired to tell them that I was talking to FATrat and then an admin came in and said "I read the chat" or something like that and then I got ban I want to get unban to tell that person I'm sorry and that I got confused. These cookies are required to provide the functionality on the site, such as for user authentication, securing the system or saving cookie preferences. We also got memes and a place for suggestions. Adult SFW Community. Group members usually wear genuine avatars or cat avatars having items related to cats (Example: Kitty Ears, Grey Cat Tail). This only applies to ratsunited_holder. You can discuss pet care, ask for advice, share cute pictures of your pets, talk to other pet lovers, and so much more! This is the list: A perfect example of a group that is against Rats United. we don't really have a topic. Active 3. Open link in new tab; Open link in new window; Copy link address; Home Blog; Discord Bots ; Join Our Discord; Add Your Server; Advertise; Login; Rats united. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rats United is a Roblox groupfounded and own by Powie616 on April 11, 2020. Roblox uses cookies to offer you a better experience. CatQUEEN_Missy Roblox Discord Servers. Powie616 NO FARTING!! Accurate as of Jun 29, 2020 Smelly cats aren't allowed. It’s still a WIP, so if you want to help, dm one of the owners. we are a open server with great moderators and epic co-owners! Allies Sinful 18+ Among Us. A server to not only obsess over rats, but also worship the rat lord and savior, Damien Lee. Many experienced players play together on Rats of Tarkov and despite our name, we're not only "rats" come join us to play Tarkov the right way. Calling All Rats. Currently showing all Roblox servers. Please enable Javascript to use all the features on this site. WE HAVE OUR PRIEST! The Rats of Tarkov Discord Server A discord were players of Escape from Tarkov can team up. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO INSULTING THE RAT KING OR OUR GOD!! Rats United is a group where the "rats" of Robloxia will come together to "be one" and worship their Rat God and King. 1. If anyone is hating on cats, they would usually start drama. Around 65,000 Owner Kitties United! This group was created on April 11, 2020. Welcome to Rat Ranch! You can learn more about how this site uses cookies and related technologies by reading our. its a great server and we are all friendly so please join, If you join this server you’re automatically a rat :3 you can make friends and everyone in this server is friendly, join our rat family :))) ik it says english but we also have spanish support too lol...squeak squeak . DISBOARD was made to make everyone enjoy Discord more. To learn about how we use cookies and how you can. Do YOU want to join our server? HE MAKES VERY DELICIOUS FRESH CAT AND CHEESE Rats United this is a group where all the rats of robloxia come together to be one. HE IS THE LEADER OUR MASSES AND LEADS THE PRAYER AT OUR FEASTS Votes Members 8 142 members 17 emotes Roblox Community. So why not join? welcome to our server! Members you don't really have to follow rules, just be a respectful person. Incredibly cozy and welcoming rat sewers that are full of friendly people! If there is a rat in their "home" game, they would insult them. AT OUR HOME WE HAVE OUR CHEF! Hello, join this server. we have lots of them3. Number of Roles Kitties United let us know if you need anything . Click Ok once you've successfully installed Roblox.! April 11, 2020 We have a lot of interesting and quite unique channels and plenty of bots to play with.

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