Time limit exceeded. Get the Mossberg! That’s Right! At a glance, it appears to be the original items price. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Semper Fi!!! That counts for not only our material goods, but our culture and foreign policy, too. The unions have a lot of influence in DC, so the US auto industry is more protected now than any other US industry. Maryland. I know Pardner had a design change several years ago and switched to the 870-style ejector from a flat ejector (which failed sometimes). This seems to be a great value so it might be good to buy a few, shrink-wrap and bury them to be used when the CCA APC’s start rolling through your neighborhood … It’s a bit late to whine over the fact that they are coming …. Now Serious, the doctorate is real and I have been writing and/or telling my students and other economists (since 1971) that this country’s biggest threat did not come from the then USSR. ‘Population per square yard’! Man …. And by the way , I do like the Shotgun . I want a gun I don’t have to baby when I’m working on my property mowing, cutting wood, or driving to the store. The Hawk and the Pardner Pump are both made by Norinco in China. As far as the holes in my chest and my legs , they`ve long been fixed” thank`s to a BUNCHA Marine” Doctors and Several Surgreys later . Yrs, Gator. This is how you stake a shell latch on a Remington 870, 1100, and it's clones like this NEF Pardner Pump. What give`s You” the right , to tell Me” to Keep Quiet and Listen ? I think most here don’t have a clue. 5 years no driving. Now when he analizes his production cost, he may find that 35% of his costs are in labor & related $$. I had one and it sucked. Steel that isn’t manufactured and submitted to quality control tends to have much lower stress tolerances. Be more concerned about the Hillery/UN treaty also. I’ve put hundreds of rounds through it in the last couple of decades and love it. Each person’s perception is their own reality. This shotgun is simply a Chinese made Remington 870 clone manufactured by Norinco and imported by Interstate Arms. US govt is often more business friendly to foreign companies/countries than they are to US companies. I have my old 870 done in the way we used to fix this, by drilling two larger holes and cutting a slot in the center. If you get one, put some Loctite on the rear sight. Mine has a ten shot extension tube added on and braced, so I might as well drop it and draw my Para GI Expert .45 acp w/o the modification. One exception. When you were playing video games in the house, I spent two tours, right at two years, fighting the gooks. These things are made of STEEL and built like a tank. Do something original and try thinking for yourself. First off-@Kenn, comment #88-right on, brother! However, these crooked politicians are slowly ensuring there is no choice. The Speedfeed forend was very tight fitting, sprayed a little Rem Oil on to get it to go. to the #1 input candy ass. ... Mark Summit told me that, if his recollection was correct, the gun came out of a Louisiana prison. However, have you ever wondered what people are actually buying? If my reality finds this practice distasteful enough, I may take my business elsewhere. What both of you fail to realize is that due to my postings, CTD has since changed the link to a different page with a different distributor from that which was originally linked in the picture. PS: they are now using bullpups in their military. The minimum legal length of a firearm in Canada is 660mm or 25.9843in (http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/faq/index-eng.htm). 11,000,000. Why does china have us in this position? notice.style.display = "block"; how much labor it took to get the raw or partially finished materials out of the ground and to the factory. My 12.5" is already a hoot to shoot, and always a great topic of conversation when you let off a 3in magnum slug indoors and you startle the birthday boy a few lanes down who's shooting the range S&W500. STOP BUYING/SEEING CHINESE MADE PRODUCTS !!!! Twinkies ! FACT! Share in the comments section. The Chinese now want to protect their investment, and they do so buy selling so many goods here. Our nation was hijacked years ago by multinational corporations through opportunistic and greedy politicians. Guess you guys care about selling quantity rather than selling American made products. Where are all the people that want to support american buisness when I’m at the range? 2012 these flares are expected to peak. Nothing at all, out country is going to hell and out politicians are setting back filling their pockets with our money. The steel itself. I did the action bone dry a few times when I first got it and it worked good. They study their competitor’s sites and are fully aware of the different practices. Someone mentioned Gock, versus the beretta. If you could pay even a little more and have Parkerized, and if all the accessories. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. However, Willard Mitt Romney and I see no reason not to invest in Chinese. The short answer is that it is brilliant. Great article. Go to high end stores, and you’ll see off shore items, often Chinese. You’d be amazed what it picks up in my belt holster after mowing a couple of acres. I needed something that wouldn't break the bank and was tough as nails. A car that doesn’t work. Break something on a clone, and you may have a tougher time of it. Chinese steel is not as pure as American, as it is not held to the manufacturing/quality control standards as that in the US is. Blame your government for selling and allowing the sales of American land to the same nations that own our debt. is BUILT into his bill to the company making the product. banging. under communism people expect the government to take care of them and there is no sense in working very hard because you get paid the same. In my view you are buying American when you buy from American dealers. Semper Fi, my friend! I sentout mailings to all my friends. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now” That said, if yall want comm yourself`s down and be a little more respectful to other`s on here , I can do that Too”. Where is that American ingenuity? I teach both types. Made in China…so F-ing what? I’m more than happy to buy American when the price/quality is right but if we don’t have the best product then I’ll be going elsewhere, as should everybody else. You might figuer it out later on down the road . Course when everything that runs off a processor could also be fried, I guess, no lights would be no big deal. I would just like to say it is a pity they aer made in China, is there anyway in the near future we could have them made in the US or Canada? Immelt also just moved GE’s ENTIRE X-ray division to China in a joint venture with the Chinese. It does a great job of doing exactly what the manufacturer intended it to do, which is to be a rugged home defense gun. It is also stamped “Hawk Industries” on the receiver and is (unfortunately) made in China. There are a couple drawbacks though. . and Interstate is the distributor. Please bear with me here because this next part gets complicated. So to the whiners about where American’s firearms come from, lol, don’t sweat our business. How does a US company compete with a $2 shirt made in Bangladesh? #83, I am an Economist. And great for training others. The Pardner Pump is what it is. Enough of the $$ crap, I love the gun. still have the scar on my nose to show for it !!!! Likewise Retired 57th, who had a number of comments earlier. The post expressing suprise at buying a Mossberg, only to find that the barrel was made in China. While I also buy American whenever possible I think its pretty silly to use that as a main argument against buying one of these shotguns, considering the performance and value. Not a militant, not an anarchist, just a survivor who likes to train the Good Guys how to live and survive, and have a group that I am willing to take in in exchange for special skills for the better good of us all. Break something on an 870, and it's a breeze to get replacements. And yes most big factories still run 24/7. Yes they worship Allah but at least they don’t have nukes pointed at us. But, not wanting to wear down my collectors, I got the excellent Mossberg Special Purpose model 500,7+1,12 gauge pump that is also parkerized. Regarding what started all this, ie: buying a low-cost shotgun, don’t they have gun shows where you folks live? This is a fatal quality flaw. I love Glocks and new Rugers for theor simplicity. Be assured someone will get rich and give you a hearty thank you. Sorry…..dont buy into those cheap chinese copyied firearms anymore !!!! But it is not safe to walk alone and unarmed in South Phoenix once sun goes down. These materials than made into something in the US. There are other options if you want cheap, reliable, and made in the good ol usa, get a mossberg maverick 88. cheap reliable guns always have a place or should in our country. I’m 64 and a Vietnam WAR navy seal vet, so I don’t want to others crying about THEIR service!!! As long as a comparable item that is made in the US is available, so there is a choice, I have no problem. A buddy of mine passed these on to me, so I guess I'll have to build a few new clones....damn, lol! It cycles 2 3/4", 3" and 3 1/2" 12-gauge rounds interchangeably and features full Mossy Oak® Shadow Grass Blades® camo. Since we no longer manuf them, we have to import them. Think about! Would make a difference with sabot rounds. I was commenting on CTD misleading people on the there Web Page about the subject , in a round about way they were doing just like G-ManX was talking about , and You” want be a Jurk” and tell me I can`t spell , and Keep Quite” . From the start, in order to survive, it had to produce more and more of its own essentials to replace imports. Judy Glovier (Post#11) did not call me out on anything. Sweat shops, etc., but when a union worker in the US is guaranteed $40 per Hour, and the Chinese worker is paid $2.98 per Day. Can’t help but wonder, I know that at least one time that the Mossberg Maverick was made,purportedly, in Mexico, back in my gun shop manager days, and that at least the riot barrel replacements for the Remington 870’s were made by Mossberg. Isn't it held in place by the trigger assembly/bolt when assembled?

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