The updated creative platform, which is in market today, puts customers and technology at the centre of the conversation and emphasizes the view that connected lives shouldn’t be complicated. I'd recommend gaming via a hardwired connection as wireless will always be subject to interference and higher latency simply because of how it works. One or more Pods may have not activated properly. ©2020 Shaw Communications. level 2. I get 550 everywhere in my house know!!!! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, We've fixed a few bugs and added some performance improvements, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Note: You may not need to activate all the Pods in your pack, you can activate one or more Pods. With the Shaw BlueCurve Home app, customers can: The BlueCurve Home app is the latest innovative in-home consumer product that Shaw has brought to market through its partnership with Comcast, and it is available with Shaw’s BlueCurve Gateway modem — the hub of customers’ in-home content and connectivity experience. If you need answers to other common Self Connect questions, our Self Connect FAQ article has you covered. Fibre+ WiFi Pods (Sold and rented individually): Up to six pods per account. Shaw can not return the 6 hours I lost that they could have prevented by honestly and accurately advertising BlueCurve. Pods are only available to customers with a Shaw BlueCurve Gateway modem. If you have received a Self Connect kit from Shaw a return shipping label should be included in that box. Tap BlueCurve Pods. UBNT knows what they're doing in the networking space if you're willing to learn a little about how to set up and configure the hardware. Select Exception and Delivery email notifications to be notified of any unforeseen delivery interruptions. Make sure the Pod is unplugged from power. “Connectivity is the fuel that powers our daily lives but many people struggle to find a balance between living a connected life and spending time offline,” said Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications. Starting April 5, new and existing Shaw customers who have the Shaw BlueCurve Gateway modem can download the Shaw BlueCurve Home app for iOS (10.0 or later) and Android (5 or later) devices. MARKETING REFLECTS STRATEGIC SHIFT. We need to authorize any equipment returns or swaps, so make sure to contact us if you haven't already. Since we unplugged it already, it'll show as offline. You can view and manage your Pods any time in your BlueCurve Home app in the Connect screen. BlueCurve Pods. The Panoramic Wifi app provides you access and control to your wifi experience. Use the “Help Me Fix It” self-troubleshooting in the BlueCurve Home app and follow the prompts. Simply plug in the pod(s) that you want to use, and when activating your Pods via the BlueCurve Home app, select All Pods Ready to Go. Their support page says 50-75 mbps over a Wi-Fi connection in laboratory settings. Incredible architecture and then you're not tied to Shaw. If you have a smart home I would suggest using a second router, a really good one. Not what you're looking for? Shaw New BlueCurve Wi-Fi Pods. Like even the Managers at Shaw realize how counterproductive those choices are. We currently have a grandfathered 600 plan, with a jury-rigged solution to extend the wifi to all corners of our home. Are you able to buy these outright? I have the Blue curve right below the master bedroom and have have a weak signal. Self-install BlueCurve Pods and reset their BlueCurve Gateway modem. The quickest support for activating your equipment is available from 7am-9pm PT, seven days a week. Follow the in-app steps, as illustrated in the following video. With more devices entering Canadian homes, a recent study done in partnership with digital literacy leaders MediaSmarts revealed that individuals and families want more ways to manage connectivity in their homes1. The Wireless division provides wireless voice and LTE data services through an expanding and improving mobile wireless network infrastructure. How To: Manage WiFi Pods on your home network. How long will it take for my WiFi Pods to optimize? Pods can be renamed or removed at any time using BlueCurve Home. Do more with your Orbi WiFi using the NETGEAR Orbi app. This article will tell you how to set up and activate your new Shaw WiFi Pods. Select the Pod you want to remove. If not, how long are you paying $10/m for them? Select the Pod that you'd like to rename. If wired ethernet is not possible, look into powerline networking adapters.

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