result-driven outcome to challenge the Washington status quo and divisive partisan Presidential administrations are responsible for both foreign and domestic policy priorities. Vote YES to continue the CIRM, a state agency that has distributed a significant source of funding to scientific research programs and enterprises across the state, both nonprofit and for-profit. State senators represent and advocate for the needs of their district at the California State Capitol. If all that B. Prokey describes is true, then it seems the story here is why didn’t a public safety officer file an incident report for the alleged hit-and-run collision? In the current cash bail system, judges can use their discretion to set cash bail at any number with no requirement to make any findings public, which effectively detains an individual with no judicial accountability. He currently serves on the House Armed Services Committee, House Budget Committee, and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. She has been criticized for failing to institute comprehensive police accountability measures, for not establishing meaningful prison reform, and for taking a hands-off approach to cases related to police misconduct. Alastair Mactaggart, a real estate developer from San Francisco, donated the majority of the total funds for the support campaign entirely by himself, with a total of $4,892,400. *Rishi Kumar, a progressive Incumbent Anna Eshoo and Rishi Kumar are running in the general election for U.S. House California District 18 on November 3, 2020. Those elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years total across both the State Senate and Assembly. Most of the accusations came to light as part of the #MeToo movement, and related to invasions of personal space that included the touching of shoulders, caressing of hair, and close whispering. A president has the power to make diplomatic, executive, and judicial appointments, and can sign into law or veto legislation. View original content to download multimedia: While Prop 19 does eliminate a $1 million property tax exemption for parent-to-child transfers and could potentially generate state revenue that would be distributed to fire protection agencies and schools, this amendment is being paired with the primary tax break for longtime homeowners to make it more appealing. Closing the corporate tax loophole will restore billions to underfunded public schools that serve low income and communities of color. There is no notable misinformation about Proposition 14. Rep. Lofgren’s priorities for CA-19 this year include protecting Dreamers, ending gun violence, and promoting clean elections. According to campaign materials, he is running for re-election because he wants to work to expand state efforts against climate change, guarantee universal health-care coverage, develop affordable housing, and protect the public education system. Rep. Khanna has taken the pledge to refuse corporate PAC and fossil fuel money, but has yet to pledge to refuse police money. Prop 14 is an extension of Prop 71, which created the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) in 2004. Rishi Kumar DEMOCRATIC. Voting has changed in Santa Clara County this year. Prior to his election to the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Cortese ran a large family agriculture and real estate business, and served as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Valley Transportation Authority, and as a trustee for the East Side Union High School District. We are confident that he will co-govern in the interests of all Californians and actively fight for anti-racist legislation. Proposition 21 asks voters to amend state law in order to allow (not require) local governments at the city and county levels to establish and regulate rent control on residential properties. To better inform our readership for the upcoming elections, we reached out to U.S. House of Representatives Candidates, Anna Eshoo and Rishi Kumar. Republicans held this district until the 2008 election, when Democratic incumbent Bill Monning won and flipped SD-17 from red to blue. Cruz has also not pledged to refuse corporate PAC, fossil fuel, or police money. California's 28th Assembly District includes parts of Santa Clara County and parts of the cities of Cupertino and San Jose. I don’t know your level of experience in journalism but a fundamental ethical issue has to do with the balance of “being first with the scoop” and being correct, objective and fair. These states recognize the importance of allowing 18-year-olds to vote, to help form their voting habits and amplify their voices. Your email address will not be published. Because counties include both incorporated cities, which are administered by their own city councils and unincorporated areas, which are directly administered by the county, ordinances may or may not apply in different areas of the county. Nearly two-thirds of the jail population—nearly 48,000 people—are incarcerated pretrial, and California’s average bail is $50,000, more than five times the national average. Arnold has been sued for a judge’s use of PSA resulting in a murder by the released suspect. More is needed to determine if he did anything to try to avoid ID or culpability. 4050, Los Angeles, CA 90017. It’s wonderful that Democratic incumbents are being primaried and I’m excited to see legitimate candidates with a real shot take on Rep. Anna Eshoo. This eliminates this tax for nearly all small businesses. "It taxes working families" -- FALSE. If no incident report, on what basis is this story “news” and not yet another smear campaign against an individual who challenges a long-established politician for their “right” to remain in office? During the 2020 primary, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris, both Black candidates running for President, were outward in their critique of what they viewed as Vice President Biden’s defense of the reputations and decency of these segregationists. The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act prohibits rent control on residential properties built after February 1, 1995. However, the threat of Republican challenger and strong Trump supporter Lancaster’s potential policies greatly outweighs Kalra’s police backing and financing. I bring a for 100 years. He is the incumbent, having served in this position since 2017. recipient of Pharma money ($1.8M) in She fought the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the NSA surveillance of Americans, and recently introduced the Online Privacy Act. -- FALSE. Both InstaCart and Postmates have contributed $27 and $11 million each respectively, for a grand total of over $187 million in support of Prop 22. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, United Food & Commercial Workers International Union, Service Employees International Union, United Food & Commercial Workers Local 770, and SEIU-UWH Political Issues Committee have contributed a total of $5.5 million in opposition to Prop 22. Democrats typically hold this district. Ten days before Election Day in 2016, Secretary Hillary Clinton held an average 4.9% polling lead over Donald Trump. They can also keep that break if they move to a more expensive property. The place of the accident (street, parking lot etc. According to our analysis, Rep. Low is the strongest choice for equitable and representative leadership in office. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. his explanation doesn’t even make any sense since he somehow thinks the other driver ‘waved him off’. On transportation, Rep. Eshoo discussed bringing the When reached for comment, Kumar was forthcoming about what happened. It is time that California follows the other 42 states that have taken gender, race, ethnicity, and national origin into account for college admissions and hiring in government and public agencies. Those elected in or after 2012 are allowed to serve 12 years total across both the State Senate or Assembly. In each of these roles, Cortese worked to build funding for capital projects intended to support local communities. Supervisors are typically ‎limited to three terms, or 12 years in office total. The CIRM ran out of the original Prop 71 funds in 2019 and has not been funding new projects since then. Are you even interested., Inc. Couldn’t there be other reasons? What did he do at the scene? Cohen’s campaign has not committed to refusing corporate PAC, fossil fuel, or police money, and has not made any FEC filings. View original content to download -- FALSE AB 1482 only affects residential properties built after 2005, and according to Zillow’s analysis, only 7 percent of renters would have benefited from AB 1482’s rent cap in 2018. Ravel’s campaign has not made any campaign finance filings. Thank you for speaking-up here. Folks will see right through this. Sen. Harris has sponsored legislation on climate and environmental protections, rental and housing protections, women’s health, and pandemic relief. After supporting the 1994 Crime Bill and aligning with the racist ‘tough on crime’ approach of that era, his current platform supports criminal justice reform, abolishing private prisons, and decriminalizing marijuana. Representatives are elected to the Senate for a four-year term. According to campaign materials, he is running to continue serving his home community and working toward equitable solutions for his constituents. One of the first policies he would champion as a state legislator in the 2021 session is regarding social housing, a. time-tested housing solution in Europe and Asia wherein the public sector is responsible for building affordable housing, not for-profit developers.

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