If the attacker has four or more armies, he throws all three red dice. Each player receives an equal amount of armies based on the number of players: If there are six players, each gets 20 armies.

After all 42 territories are claimed, each player in turn places one additional army onto any territory he or she already occupies. that the probability to win is larger than 50%), and red an advantage to the defender.

Each risk card represents a territory, and players place one army upon each of their territories, and follow normal procedures as in the other variants.

If the highest dice tie, the defender wins. Turns consist of trying to capture enemy territory and defeating your opponent’s armies. Note: The numbers in parentheses represent the number of additional armies granted during the reinforcement stage of a player's turn who controls all of the territories in that continent. Attracting a diverse pool of players. Place one of your armies onto each of the 14 territories shown on the Risk cards in your pile. There is no limit to the total number of additional armies that may be sent in to occupy, providing at least one army remains behind in the original attacking territory. The Allied Army is not entitled to a free move. Setting up the Risk board for play is more involved than in many other games. He must leave at least one army in the territory from which he just attacked. Each player attacks according to the traditional rules. If that player then holds more than 6 cards because of this action, they must immediately play a risk set/sets until they hold 4 or fewer cards and place the armies and then continue their attack phase.

The player who controls the world, occupying each territory on board, wins the game. There are five phases to a player's turn: placing reinforcements, turning in Risk cards, attacking, fortifying, and receiving Risk cards.

The first step in playing Risk is gathering the armies. For example, the eighth set traded in gives you 25 armies. At the end of any turn in which you have captured at least one territory, you will earn one (and only one) RISK card.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'ultraboardgames_com-box-4','ezslot_8',116,'0','0'])); You are trying to collect sets of 3 cards in any of the following combinations: 3 cards of the same design (Infantry, Cavalry, or Artillery), 1 each of 3 designs, or any 2 plus a "wild" card. Shuffle the pack of RISK cards (maybe, remove the Mission cards) and place the cards face down by the side of the board.

The Continental Game.’ The game featured a brightly-colored board and simple, colored wooden shapes, which represented different armies. If any of the territories you occupy are depicted on one of the three cards you will receive an extra 2 armies.

If 6 are playing, each player counts out 20 Infantry. Capital Risk Place the new armies on any territory you already occupy. The board game Risk lets players take control of the world and still be home in time for dinner.

The game then spawned a number of variants and while it built up its popularity over several decades. Whomever rolls the highest number begins by taking one infantry piece and placing it on a country, thereby claiming their territory.

To fortify your position, move as many armies as you would like from one (and only one) of your territories into one (and only one) of your adjacent territories. all three cards have cavalry pictures). 12 Secret Mission cards used only in Secret Mission Risk. The numbers along the bottom or southern edge of the board indicate the number of armies you will receive for a set of cards you trade in. Each player places the armies on the board according to the traditional rules. The game ends when one player loses all his territories. It is played on a stylized, Napoleonic era map of the world.

You may end an attack or attacks at any time. Each turn consists of three parts: placing armies, attacking, and one free move at the end of your turn. Roll one die. Cavalry = 5 Neutral armies never get reinforcements and their defense rolls are played by your opponent. RULES FOR 2-5 PLAYERS AGES 10+ T h e G a m e o f G l o b a l D o m i n aT i o n ® ... good for RISK players who just want a faster game. When you move armies, you must leave at least one behind. Thus, if you trade in the 3rd set in the game, you receive 8 armies, even if itis the first set you have traded in. The objective of attacking is to capture a territory by defeating all its occupying armies. The remaining armies are alternately distributed on the occupied territories. 2 Against 3 goes to the attacker.

A common situation is that the attacker wants to take over a whole region of countries during the same round, by a series of battles. Attacking is optional; a player may decline to attack at all during the turn.

Continents are broken down in this scale: If a player controls all of Asia, he receives seven armies If a player controls all of Europe or North America, he receives five armies If a player controls all of Africa, he receives three armies If a player controls all of South America or Australia, he receives two armies.
Trading in Cards for Armies: Matched sets may be traded in for more armies based on the total number of matches traded in.

Risk requires planning before the game can begins. Welcome to the World of RISK. The first set to be turned is worth 4 reinforcements; the second is worth 6; third 8; fourth 10; fifth 12; sixth 15 and for every additional set thereafter 5 more armies than the previous set turned in. The player to capture all capitals wins. After you are done declaring attacks, if you successfully conquered one territory you may draw one risk card. (Multiple opponents can change the prudence of such a strategy, however.). Customers who viewed this item also viewed. https://risk.fandom.com/wiki/Risk?oldid=3856. The numbers along the bottom (southern) edge of the board indicate the number of armies you will receive for a set of cards you trade in. A Look at Your GameA Look at Your Game The Gameboard The Troops 2 There are 5 armies, each a different color. © 2020 Ultra BoardGames. Defenders use two dice if they have two or more troops, but only one die if they have a single troop.

If a player does not have at least nine territories, he still receives three armies. The object of an attack is to capture a territory by defeating all the opposing armies already on it. Before rolling, both you and your opponent must announce the number of dice you intend to roll, and you both must roll at the same time. Occupied territories: If any of the 3 cards you trade in shows the picture of a territory you occupy, you receive 2 extra armies. Each continent is a depicted with a different color and each contain 4 to 12 territories within its borders. It was first released in France in 1957 by Parker Brothers. If you have succeeded in capturing at least one territory, draw a Risk card from the draw pile. Once a territory is captured, the attacking player must move armies from his attacking territory to the one he just claimed through battle.

Capital Risk often leads to much shorter games. If you have succeeded in capturing at least one territory, draw a Risk card from the draw pile. Then roll the dice against the opponent who occupies the opposing territory.

Territories are selected by dealing all risk cards out after removing the two wild cards from the deck. Some players refer to this as the "free move".

You must trade in your cards if you have more than six, but no fewer than two. Cards: There are 42 Cards, each marked with a territory and a picture of Infantry, Cavalry, or Artillery. Example: Attacker rolls 3, 2, 5 Defender Rolls 2, 5 Result = 5 against 5 goes to the defender. However, if they are not used, the other player may use them to his advantage when he gets the use of the Allied forces. If a player has five cards, he must exchange a three-card set for armies before his next turn. Rules of Attacks: You may only attack territories that touch your own or are connected to it by a dashed line.

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